Friday, 18 August 2017

Happy Birthday Penelope

Dear Penelope, 

Today you turn 7.  It's hard to believe that seven years has passed since we welcomed you into the world and made our family complete.  From the moment you were born, you were destined to do things your way and that hasn't much changed today.  

You love to dress up and wearing a fancy christmas dress to go shopping is second nature to you.  You love to do your hair, wear as much bling as you can and much prefer to wear dresses over anything other piece of clothing.  

Wearing prints and colours of all varieties doesn't phase you.  The more colour and pattern you have on the happier you are - especially when you are forced to wear shorts.  You love the water but aren't really into swimming.  You prefer to go with your own flow rather then joining in with whatever everybody else is doing.  This is really what you do in all aspects of life not just swimming.  You are a very unique child with a wild personality full of colour.  You are fierce and bold and possess such tremendous leadership skills that I am sure you are going to make a massive difference in this world.  You see people for who they really are and don't care that they might look a little different then you.  You have a sweet sensitive soul that tries to soften you up a little bit each day.

You like being outdoors a lot.  You love to roast marshmallows and consider yourself the roasting marshmallow expert.  You are a better hike then me (by a lot) and you even love backpacking and this summer carried a bit more then you did last summer.  You are obsessed with the game of soccer and love to play.  You love being aggressive and scoring as many goals as you can.  The fact that you are always the tiniest on your team or in the league as never once bothered you.  You like riding your bike and playing at the park and eating ice cream.  

You still love Boston Pizza but also love the butterscotch toffee pudding from Ten Foot Henry.  You love fancy milkshakes from re:grub and peanut butter and jam sandwiches.  You don't really like hot dogs but for some reason requested them for your family birthday dinner last night.  You love eating apples and bananas and have loved every single thing I have ever baked regardless of what it was or what was in it.  I can't say the same for the meals I have cooked.  You love to help clean around the house and manage to keep a very clean bedroom most of the time.  You also generously help your sister clean hers before you guys start fighting and screaming.  You two tend to do that a lot.  One day that will change but for now, I accept it as the norm.  

You love to make people laugh and always have nice things to say about everybody.  One of our punishments when you do say something mean to your sister is to make you say 10 nice things about her.  You do really well at listing off so many nice things some that aren't really nice but you say them with such endearment that it is kinda funny.  Finley could learn a thing or two about that from you.

You love the structure and routing of going to school and you love to learn.  Math is your favourite but you seem to excel at all school subjects.  You read chapter books far above your grade level and love to read anything but prefer books about animals.  You also love your Guiness Book of World Records 2017 book that you got for Christmas last year and it is never too far from you.  You do talk too much but somehow you still manage to get all your work done right and on time.  You want to dominate the world of soccer but also have dreams of becoming a teacher and the next Taylor Swift. 

You keep us entertained on a daily basis and although somedays your fierce, stubborn and spirited personality drive me beyond crazy, I deal with it because I know that one day that you will change the world and I will stand by proudly watching you do it.  The future is yours. 


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