Monday, 7 August 2017

July By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

You never know how much "sweat" you will get in when you have a 2 week vacation in a month but I am pretty happy with my results this month!

106.1km: amount I ran in July
657.04km: amount I have ran in 2017 thus far
700km: my goal for km ran in 2017
42.96km: how much more until I beat this goal!!

1: province ran in
2: states ran in
13: days ran in the month of July

1: marathon I ran by
27,000: amount of participants
2: half marathons they had in 1 race!!
10: the km I ran that morning by these racers
2: amount of times I have now ran in San Francisco

22: km I ran for my last long run before the sea wheeze
6: am the time I started to beat the heat. 

3: the number of bootcamp classes I attended with the girls
7: amount of classes missed because of vacation

13: times I foam rolled this month
14: times I stretched this month 
7: times I did strength training this month

4: bike rides this month including one across the golden gate bridge
2: core workouts done this month 

All in all not a bad month for me.  What did you do this month??

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