Friday, 4 August 2017

Summer Vacation Part 2: All Things Redwood

Five years ago we did the Oregon Coast and Redwoods but our girls have almost no recollection of that trip at all so it was nice to do it parts of that trip again so they could see things like it was almost the first time.  

After we left Crater Lake, we headed to Crescent City, CA and stayed in the Del Norte State Campground and it was pretty awesome.

Last time we were there, we loved the balcony sites and this time we were lucky enough to get one.  One of the perks of tent camping and not in a rv haha.  The stairs were how we got from the car to our site.  This was great except for taking the bikes up and down it haha. 

Our huge site once we got to the top.  It was full of ferns and redwoods and oh so big and private.  It was weird being up there because it was so secluded.  You almost forgot there were other campers.  Behind the picnic table you can see the bear bins and every site has them.  We stored our food and stuff in there instead of having to lug it up and down all of the time.  It worked out well.  

This is a tree growing on top of another tree.  This was really cool to me. 

A rare photo of me with the girls at Simpson Reed Grove Trail. 

The bark on redwood trees is so thick that they can't be burnt down in by fire.  The only thing that does damage them significantly is lightning strikes.  At best, fires just burn the bark but that is it. 

Redwood trees are endangered and this area in California is the only place that these trees grow.  There is a redwood tree in China but it doesn't even come close to these ones in size.  They thrive off the rainy misty seasons that is nearly year round in this area.  It never gets warmer then 18 degrees celsius.  

Doing the limbo under this cool tree. 

Finley at the base of one of the redwood trees that is no longer standing.  It is impossible to grasp the size of the trees without seeing them first hand. 

Penelope in front of what is considered a small redwood tree. 

This was taken at Lady Bird Johnson Grove which is named after the first lady.  She opened this national park in 1968 and they gave her this grove in 1969.  Greg called this the natural tree slide.

Who can resist a good photo opp in this cool weather damaged tree?? Not these 3.

We spent 2 nights a Del Norte before heading to the Humboldt State Park campground.  Not sure if that is the official name of where we were but it is close to that.  This was a really nice campground even if there was very little privacy.  They had 2 black bears who lived in the area and hung out in front of the campground regularly.  We did not get to see them though.  

Across from our site was this cool creek area.  The girls loved hanging out there and spent some time exploring it with Greg.  

I slipped on a rock and lost my balance and need up going foot first into the cold water and that ended my exploring of the creek.  My foot was so cold and so wet that I could feel the squishiness of the water in my shoes.  It took days for these shoes to dry. 

The campground offered family meditation a few nights a week and we were lucky enough to be there on one of those nights.  Most of us enjoyed it.  Some of not so much......

This was our campsite.  Or at least part of it.  You can see that our tent is partially cut off but you can also see how clearly you can see into your neighbours site too.  So we went from ultra privacy at our first campground in the redwoods to absolutely no privacy in our last one in the redwoods. 

As we left the Redwoods and made our way to the California coast towards San Francisco, we drove through the Avenue of Giants which was giant redwoods and then we drove through a redwood tree.  The opening looks so tiny but we made with our roof rack carrier and all.  The girls loved this!!

It is really hard to get to the Redwood National + State Parks without doing a lot of driving from somewhere but they are so cool and neat to see since we have nothing remotely like this here in Calgary or in Canada for that matter.  But that being said, if you ever get the opportunity to somehow to do it, then you should really do it.  You won't be disappointed. 

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