Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Vacation At A Glance

I was so excited when I saw this shirt. I loved this show.  I also bought the pink yoga strap to stretch out my achilles at target.  The new running belt was actually bought in San Francisco at a souvenir shop but it is not a souvenir haha.

Campground in Crater Lake.  

Junior Rangers at the Lava Butte National Monument

Lady Bird Johnson Grove in Redwood National Park

The number one thing I wanted was a Steph Curry t-shirt jersey and they are far harder to come by then I thought haha.  I also bought 2 other tops from souvenir stores in San Fran as well as 2 mugs.  I didn't buy the Starbucks San Fran mug because it was was boring and ugly so I got this one instead.  

    1 pound: queen crab ate by me on 1st night in San Francisco
    2 pounds: dungness crab shared by Greg and I at Boudin Bistro

    7: alcoholic drinks consumed on trip
    6.5: of those drinks were consumed by Greg 
    2: of those drinks were served to us in trash cans (thanks Joe's Crabshack)

    2: sundaes purchased from Ghiradelli's 

    4: runs on vacation

Running amongst the Redwoods in California

    29: total km run (not really that great)
    18.125: when converted to miles
    1: run in Oregon
    3: runs in California
    27,000: participants in the San Francisco Marathon that I wish I registered for but ran beside
    9: days I stretched 

    3: days I did strength training with my resistance band
    9: days I foam rolled
    4: bike rides
    1: family meditation at campground

    20: crunches
    90: bicycles

    180, 639: steps taken over 14 days 
    5,189: less steps then I took in Disneyland over 8 days in November

    6: more things checked off our summer bucket list


  1. OMG the golden girls shirt. Sara and I religiously watched that show every night in university at like 11pm. I would have bought one, no two! Good find!

  2. it was the best show for sure!!! i wish i could stream it somewhere and rewatch it again