Friday, 1 September 2017


In honour of my birthday tomorrow, here are 38 fun things about me.  I did this last year and there might be repeats because I didn't look but if you want to reflect, you can look HERE
  1. My middle name is Lynn, after my Aunty Sandy.
  2. Both my sister and I were born on Sundays and both of my girls were born on Wednesday.  Even M was born on a wednesday.
  3. I like dogs but don't wish to ever own one.  Unless I am  old and can push it around in a pink stroller like a couple who live near Starbucks. 
  4. I love to sweep my floors and do it constantly.  I wish I could say the same about mopping haha. 
  5. I hate getting gas and if I know Greg will be driving my car, I won't get any so that he has to do it
  6. I hate pepsi but love pepsi slushes.  I love coke but hate coke slushes. 
  7. I have no games on my iPhone or my iPad.  
  8. I still think Uggs are the best shoes in the whole world even if they are not as cool as they once were.
  9. I hate being late so I make sure I am never late unless it's because of traffic and that infuriates me even more 
  10. I take out tons of books from the library but hardly read most of them.  Either I forget about them and then can't renew them or they just are not that interesting to me. 
  11. I rarely buy books but I am always at Chapters scouring the shelves for books to request from the library. 
  12. I am finally going to be a real aunty come late this year/early next year 
  13. I would rather do burpees then pushups 
  14. I don't like dark chocolate.  It's like drinking diet pop.  Just don't.  Go for the real stuff. 
  15. I won't sleep with my bedroom door closed.  It gives me extreme anxiety and makes me very uncomfortable. 
  16. I still sleep with my teddy bear that I got when i was like 5 or 6.  
  17. I don't quite understand the game of soccer and all of its terminology and positions despite spending 11 months a year watching my kids play  (yay for august)
  18. I always feel that because my birthday is the second day of the month that I don't really have a birthday month per se 
  19. I wish I drank and liked coffee.  Someone recently told me that it is a lot like alcohol, the more you drink it, the more you can tolerate the taste.  No idea if that is true or not but it kinda made me laugh.
  20. I love eating at local restaurants and love that Calgary has such a great foodie scene.  I am even trying out a new place tonight with Greg and the girls. 
  21. My favourite food is probably crab legs since I get to eat them so seldomly. 
  22. I hate anything that is cream based or has a creamy texture except for mushroom soup.  But not any mushroom soup - Campbell's is the only kind I will eat.  Once when I was little, my Aunty Leslie and Aunty Patsy took me to Grandma Lee's for lunch and I ordered mushroom soup.  When I got it though, I refused to eat it because the mushrooms were too big and it didn't come from the Campbell's can.
  23. I used to love eating at the Zellers restaurants.  They had some fantastic fries and gravy and hot dogs.  Same goes for the original co-op in PA. 
  24. I don't eat much ice cream because it makes me really sick but I would have to say that Toasted Coconut from Village Ice Cream is my favourite. 
  25. Mars Bars are my favourite chocolate bar in the whole world and if I could somehow make it work, I would eat one daily. 
  26. I like mint and chocolate but not mixed together.  
  27. I don't like the colour brown.
  28. I have ran 10 half marathons and have been happy with the results of 8 of them.  I am due to run number 11 in 3 weeks but that is currently in jeopard due to tendonitis in my left achilles because I was dumb while on vacation
  29. I have the best physiotherapist in the whole world.  If you need one, I can hook you up.  I will forever be indebted to my good friend, Heather, for hooking me up with her. 
  30. I love Taylor Swift and I think her new song is fantastic no matter what the haters say. 
  31. I have see Our Lady Peace in concert more then any other band or musician.  Next on that list is Taylor Swift who we have seen 4 times.  
  32. I hate long sleeved t-shirts.  No idea why or when this occurred but I hate them.  I don't mind short sleeved shirts or ¾ length ones but I hate long sleeved shirts.  The long sleeved hating doesn't pertain to running shirts or sweatshirts or  bunny hugs or sweaters.  Just t-shirts. 
  33. I share my birthday with Keanu Reeves which has always been kinda disappointing to me since I have never been a big fan of him or his movies. 
  34. Brian Littrell from The Backstreet Boys was married on my birthday although I don't remember which year that was.  He was always my least favourite member of BSB but I always remember the day he got married haha.
  35. I love the show Fixer Upper and all things Magnolia.  I watch it religiously on HGTV and am trying to convince that we should take a summer vacation to waco, texas.  Give me all the shiplap!!!!!!
  36. I recently started listening to podcasts.  So far I have only listened to The Bill Simmons Podcast because I love him but I also have Anna Faris is Unqualified, Happier with Gretchen Wilson and FiveThirtyEight Politics.  I have listed to 538 on road trips with Greg and it is a really good one.  I just struggle to find the time to listen to them all and keep up. 
  37. I have struggled to find an interesting fact for this one for many many minutes and I can't come up with anything else interesting to say sooooooo believe it or not, my favourite colour is pink hahah. 
  38. The number I am turning tomorrow!!!