Monday, 4 September 2017

August By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

August you were a tough month and it was 100% all my own doing......but somehow, I still managed to break 100km for the 6th straight month but I do see that streak in jeopardy in September. 

100.25 - km's ran in the month of August
31st - the day i reached said goal.  I was worried I wasn't going to make it so I started monitoring my distance quite closely the last 10 days or so and kept subtracting each run from the distance away from 100km.  I haven't been able to run too far so it was hit or miss if I would miss it or not. 
6 - the number of  consecutive months over 100km
13 - days ran which is about the norm for me each month
700 - the amount of km I want to run this year.
58.3 - the minimum amount I had to run each month to get to the goal by december 31st. 
752.29 - the amount of km I am already at!!!!!
52.29 - the amount of km that I am ahead of my goal
12th - the day in August when I hit my goal mark
10th - half marathon on the 12th when i broke my goal 
2:50 - the time it took to finish half marathon #10
4 - the amount of bathroom breaks I had to take (I probably could have taken more)
2:25-2:30 - where I would have finished had i not had to use the bathroom
79.92 - km's ran outside this month

3 - amount of times I had to run on my treadmill.  Mostly because Greg was gone but it kinda worked out since it was so smoky outside. 
20.33 - amount of km's on my treadmill this month 

2 - visits to physiotherapy this month with more scheduled in September. 
1 - stupid hill I decided to run up while on vacation.  I turned around at half way mark but damage was done and I knew it too.  So freaking stupid of me.  
1 - half marathon scheduled for September that might now be in jeopard because of said stupidness 

14 - days I stretched 
3 - days I did strengthening 
9 - days I rolled out 
3 - core workouts 
4  - home workouts 
0 - bootcamps since Shannon and I were never in the city at the same time for the entire month so it just didn't work out.

1 - bike ride 
5km- biked from our house to the pond to feed the ducks to the playground and home. 

August definitely had its challenges but worked hard and still made it a good month despite all that.  I am not overly optimistic going into September since my achilles seems to be getting worse and not better sadly.  Fingers crossed that I can somehow still run my race on September 23rd.  If not, I just rest it and recover and get stronger for 2018.

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  1. Holy running, batman. My sweat numbers would be embarassing compared to yours!