Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Classroom Re-Organization

They eliminated a grade one class and a grade 3 class and 2 other older grades that I don't have kids in so I don't know what happened there.  They were merging the kids of the eliminated classes with the 2 other grade one and three classes and then there would be a grade 1-2 split and a grade 3-4 split.  I wasn't too worried about Penelope but Finley was adamant about not wanting to be put into the split.  And on Thursday and Friday when I picked them up from school, she was so relieved to hear that I didn't get any phone calls and she would stay in her class.  She had nothing to worry about on Monday other then if her best friend would get put into her class or the other classes.  

So we thought.  

Because both kids come out different doors this year, I waited in the middle so I  could see both kids come out and they could see me.  Finley was later then usual coming out but I thought nothing of it until she came running out that she was in the 3-4 split and she would be coming out the same door as Penelope now.  I was like wait, what?? One of the parents of a kid in Finley's class the last 2 years was surprised that I didn't know that Finley was being transferred.  She said she got a call on Thursday that he would be moving into the split class and then got a call as they were driving to school Monday morning that they changed their mind and he was staying in the same class.  Finley said she and 2 boys were moved to the split class and had to pack up their desks and all of their belongings alone in front of the entire class and she said she was crying because she was so sad to leave her teacher, desk and classmates.  I asked Finley if she was ok with being in the split class since I knew she didn't want to go and she said it was ok because she did have a few of  her friends from grade 2 in there with her so that made me a little happy.  

My problem isn't necessarily that she got moved into a split class but that we were not notified that this was going to happen.  This is a lot of change for kids who are only 8 years old to have to go through and I feel had we known that this was going to happen, we could have mentally prepared Finley that she was going to move.  The classroom is divided into two with grade 3 on one side and grade 4 on the other.  Greg was in splits throughout elementary and he loved it and thinks this will be really beneficial to Finley but I have never experienced this and I really have no idea how you can teach to both grade 3 + 4's when they both should be learning different curriculum.  And if you teach half the class their stuff and then the other half theirs, won't it be distracting??  Will she learn too much this year and be bored in grade 4??  If anybody has any insight on this, I would really appreciate it.  

Thankfully, parent teacher interviews are on Friday and I can discuss this with Finley's teacher and ask why things were done how they were, why weren't notified and how they picked which students went where.  Finley said that the three smartest kids were taken from her class and put into the split class.  Not sure if that is true or if Finley is just overly confident.  

Wish us luck that this is a smooth transition short term and a successful one long term. 

Penelope was mostly unaffected by the reorganization as she gained 5 kids from another grade 2 class that was being turned into a 1 - 2 split.  

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  1. That's crazy. They should have known this before school started and eliminated the need for this whole switcheroo. I hope that the girls adapt well. I'm sure they will!