Friday, 15 September 2017

Friday Favorites #5

I haven't done a Friday Favourite post in a very long time so I thought I would do one for today.

1.  I have wanted something...ok everything...from Sarah Marie Design's (you can find her on instagram) for a really long time and when I saw they were having a sale and I liked something I decided to take the plunge and purchase something.  It was a little expensive with shipping and the exchange rate and then having to pay duty when it finally arrived -  on my birthday no less!!  But so worth it.  I would love to order more but can't really justify it - I wish I could find something local or at least Canadian to purchase similar items for myself.  On an semi related note, I should make this into a possible business venture hahahahah.

I love this shirt and had plans to wear it after the Melissa's Half in Canmore next weekend but I am not sure if I am going to be able to run it although my physiotherapist still hasn't ruled it out completely (pray for me haha).  Regardless, I love it and will wear it proudly every chance I get. 

This is what was on sale and convinced me to finally make that purchase.  It fits perfectly and I do like it but my only complaint would be that when I wear it it leaves black fuzz on anything I wear underneath it which is very frustrating.  If anybody has some advice on how to make this not happen, i would be really happy!

2.  My new dishwasher is definitely a favourite!!  I got this in August and almost cried tears of joy when Greg installed it.  My dishwasher broke in May of 2016 and it was fixed for about 4 days in September 2016 and finally convinced Greg that we needed to get one no exceptions so we did.  My life just feels so much better by not having to wash dishes by hand 2 - 3x per day.  

3.  We got our compost bins at the end of June but missed the first 2 weeks of pick up when it started in the middle of July because we were gone but we used it as soon as we were home and we love it so much!  We have almost no garbage when it is picked up every other Tuesday which is fantastic and there is so much you can compost!  I purchased the larger compost bags from Walmart and can empty the litter into that each week - it's great.  We have no issue with smell or bugs and we have experienced compost in our outdoor compost bin when we went like 6 weeks with 30 degree weather.    We are very happy and obliging composers!

3.  Back in July I purchased 4 of these black chairs for $.50 and they sat in my basement for about 5 or 6 weeks.  When we bought our new set, I promised Greg no more painting but for $.50 how could I resist? especially when I really love the chair??  So I sanded them and primed them and then I went to Home Depot and bought some melamine paint in white and painted them.  

This is the finished look.  This table looks so much better with the white tables then it did with the matching birch ones.  I bought the whole thing second hand last year I think and it came with the birch chairs, I wouldn't have voluntarily done that haha. It's definitely not a perfect paint job but hands down it is the best I have ever done haha. 

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