Monday, 11 September 2017

Your Fall TV 2018 Guide

Last fall, I blogged about all the new shows that were coming out and the ones I was currently watching which you can read about here: The 2016 Fall TV Season.

And then, I blogged/reviewed all of the new tv shows here: Update on Fall TV 2016

And then when the TV season ended for the summer, I blogged about all my favourites that were both new and old and you can read that here: 2016-17 TV Season In Review

And now it is time to rehash those old favourites going into the new season and of course all of the new shows coming onto your tv's (or streaming devices) starting in the next few weeks!!

"Old" Favourites:

Shameless (Showtime in USA//The Movie Channel in Canada) -  We finally caught up with this one at the end of the season months after this show ended and it ended in such a perfect way that if it never came back on air, you would be happy with.  I am excited to see what antics the Gallagher family get up to and you can watch starting on November 11th!!

Brooklyn 99 (Fox) - I love Andy Samberg so I continue to watch mostly for that only reason.  Some episodes are so fantastic and others are the same things rehashed over and over and over and it gets old quick.  The cliffhanger on the end of the last season was good but if it isn't resolved in the first episode of the current season I don't see it being a good thing.....

Criminal Minds (CBS) - Last year was a tough season to watch with Reid being in jail and I am not sure how the new season will be given the cliff hanger ending car crash and the whole scratch or whatever his name is plot.  It needs something exciting to breathe some life into it. 

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - This show is so hit and miss but I still watch it and I was so excited with how last season ended and hope that it is a happy season premier.  Although I am still boggled why Sheldon + Amy moved into Penny's place and Penny moved into Leonard + Sheldon's place.  I get the one month trial so Sheldon wouldn't have bad memories in his own apartment but when he realized that living with Amy was a good thing why didn't he move back to his own place and Leonard into Penny's??  Does this bother anybody else or just Greg and I??

Hell's Kitchen//MasterChef//MasterChef Junion (Fox) - still watch these shows religiously too.  Good time fillers for when making supper or cleaning up as I can watch on my iPad downstairs or when I am working out too.  The girls really like watching MasterChef but I don't let them watch Hell's Kitchen because it is too mean for them haha. 

This Is Us (NBC) - I am still undecided on this show.  I thought I loved it when it first debuted last season but as the season went on, I loved it less and less.  I have never cried in a single episode which is unlike anyone of my Facebook friends based on their social media feeds.  And I don't like that Jack is going to die either.  I do have my pvr programmed to continue recording it but it will be something I watch when I run out of things to watch haha. 

Lethal Weapon (FOX) - I thought I would watch one episode and just quit altogether but it turned out to my favourite show on tv all of last season.  I loved the movies growing up and although it isn't very similar to them, it is still a great show to watch.  

New Shows Coming To TV 2017

For Sure Shows I am PVRing

The Deuce (HBO) - This new series stars James Franco, whom I love, and is a pre-giuliani porn heyday in Times Square.  Given James Franco and his weird roles, this doesn't surprise and I am hoping it is really good.  This one is for sure on my must watch list. ** This actually started last night but if you have a streaming service or on demand, you can catch it again before the second episode airs this coming sunday.**

Clinical Migrantes (HBO) - This show will bring out all of our privileged guilt from what I have read.  It is about a voluntarily ran clinic that treats undocumented immigrants in Philadelphia.  I don't believe that this is anything more then a documentary but it is still something that I am interested in watching. 

Me, Myself + I (CBS) - This new series stars Bobby Moynihan formerly of SNL.  I am a huge fan of his and am very much looking forward to this new sitcom.  It is basically about one character through different points in his life and the best part is that it also has Urkell in it from Family Matters fame!!

Law + Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC) - I miss regular law and order very much and quit watching SVU shortly into last season so I am looking forward to this one.  I am interested to see how it will all play out and since I don't remember much of their trial, it should good to watch. 

Ghosted (FOX) - Both Greg and I are very excited for this show to come on.  It is basically a comedy version of the X-Files but it stars Adam Scott (Parks + Rec; Big Fat Lies) and Craig Robinson (Darrel From The Office).  I hope it is a great show and makes it though a season!!

SWAT (CBS) - I am excited for this one only because it stars Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds) because I really like him.  He heads up a specialized tactical unit for the LAPD.  Hoping it is good.  Apparently, this is a reboot but no idea from when. 

The Mayor (ABC) - Some guy runs for mayor of a small town against the out of touch incumbant in an effort to boost his music career when he accidentally wins.  I hope this is a good one!

White Famous (Showtime) - currently this is only scheduled to appear on an american network but I am hopeful that CraveTV picks it up or The Movie Channel does.  It is about a struggling comic Jay Pharaoh (formerly of SNL) and Jamie Foxx who helps guide him.  It should be a good one if we get to see it. 

Shows I Might Like But Doubtful:

Young Sheldon (CBS) - This show of course is a prequel to the Sheldon we see currently on The Big Bang Theory.  I think this show is going to be completely terrible but I am willing to watch at least one episode just to see. 

Will + Grace (NBC) - This is a reboot and stars the same characters that it did when it aired back on NBC like 10 years ago.  Interestingly enough, they are pretending like the series finale has never happened so they can move forward in today's world similarly to where they were then but just older. I don't like that idea but am intrigued none the less.  I will commit to the first episode but I am not sure I will be sold beyond that. 

Wisdom Of The Crowd (CBS) - This show stars Jeremy Piven from Entourage fame...Ari Gold anyone?  I actually saw him at the Saddledome many years ago watching the Flames game.  He is a tech innovator who develops an app to help find the murderer of his child in San Francisco.  Reviews say that everything is tied up in the first episode and nothing is explained and nothing to keep you wanting to watch the next episode so I am assuming it will not be great.  

10 Days In Valley (ABC) - This show is about a tv show producer who is getting a divorce and her daughter goes missing during this time.  At first I was like nah this sounds awful but then I saw a preview for it during the Patriots game and I am now intrigued by it.  It stars Kyra Sedgwick who apparently has been on tv for a very long time. 

9JKL (CBS) - This is a show about a guy who lives between his parents and his brother and is based loosely on the writers and creators lives.  I have no idea what to think of this one. 

Shows I Think Greg Will Watch

The Gifted (FOX) - Based on the X-Men comics and is full of superheroes kinda.  Basically ordinary parents who discover their kids mutant abilities.  This is right up Greg's alley. 

The Good Doctor (ABC) - this is about an autistic doctor who is also suffering from Savant Syndrome.  He is a super genius and knows everything but there are people who think he shouldn't be a doctor because of his condition.  Another show I think Greg will like. 

Marvel's Inhumans (ABC) - Greg watches all the Marvel tv shows so I assume this will be no different.  All I know it is about superheroes and Black Bolt is the ruler.  Whoever he is. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC) - This is a fantasy drama about a self centred man who is recruited to save the world by his guardian angel.  I think Greg might be into this one but not too sure. 

The Orville (FOX) - This is Seth MacFarlane's live action dramady of Star Trek.  Greg is into Star Trek and he likes Seth MacFarlane so I think he will like this show.   ** This actually started last night but if you have a streaming service or on demand, you can catch it again before the second episode airs this coming sunday.**

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS) - The first episode is only be shown on CBS and the rest of the episodes will only be streamed on the paid CBS app which I assume will only be available in the US so probably not an viable option for Canadians. 

Shows I Don't Think Any Of Us Will Watch But Maybe You Might Want To:

The Brave (NBC) - This stars Anne Heche and Mike Vogel and is a military special opps show that goes undercover all over the world trying to work together to complete secret missions.  I might record this for Greg but I don't think he will be into it.

Seal Team (CBS) - This stars the guy from Buffy The Vampire Angel, Dave Boreanaz or something like that.  All I know it is a military drama and not much else.  

I thing that is all of the new shows coming to TV this fall.  Greg watches every tv show no matter how bad it is until it goes off the air mostly because he is too lazy to delete the recording so he suffers through them.  For me, most have one episode to capture me and I will usually know right away if I will watch another episode or not.  I have been known to quit tv series after years of watching them though (The OC, Greys Anatomy + Modern Family) because I get tired of them or they just aren't as good as they once were.  

How long does it take you to decide on a TV Series??  What new series are you looking forward to the most??


  1. Star Trek airs on Space in Canada, IIRC, but you will have to check with Keith. I never remember but I do record!

    1. ahhh good to know, i will tell greg and he can check it out. I am not sure we even get that channel haha.