Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A Halloween Birthday Party

This past Friday we celebrated Finley's upcoming 9th birthday with a halloween themed birthday party.  Despite being born 2 days before Halloween and having a built in birthday theme, she has never wanted a birthday theme until now.  

Most of the decor for her party we already had.  The only thing new was the caution tape that I had on the doors leading out to our backyard and behind the chip station.  I do have a door poster each year but I wreck it so I have to buy new each year but it is only like .98 cents at walmart so not a huge expenditure.  I really didn't think it was much but all of her friends loved it and overheard one of them say that she wanted to come trick or treating because our house looked like it would have good candy.  That legit made me LOL. 

Because the party started at 4pm and some parents had to work later then that and some just wanted to walk home with us, there were about 5 girls there right after school.  They were horrified when they saw Finley's room and even more shocked when I told them that she had spent 4 hours cleaning it the night before haha.  They all loved cleaning and had very tidy rooms and so they willingly cleaned her room for it.  I don't remember the last time I was able to see her desk hahah.  As I write this on Monday evening, her room is still clean so maybe it has changed her??  We shall see.

We ordered 6 pizzas for supper plus we had 2 kinds of cookies, rice krispie squares, fruit/veggie platter and 3 different kinds of chips.  Then we  had cupcakes for dessert and then the chips again plus popcorn for movie watching.  The cookies and cupcakes weren't the prettiest but they sure did taste good. 

Finley didn't cooperate with me very much when it came to getting sung to haha.  

I thought when the girls watched Hotel Transylvania, it would allow me time to clean up the kitchen and just maybe relax or something, but no such luck.  They watched the movie for only 20 minutes and then spent the next hour playing an epic game of hide + seek.  They had so much fun playing that.  Then after the movie ended and they were bored of hide and seek, they had a dance party in our bonus room.  Finally all the kids went home, the girls went to bed and basked in the quiet before cleaning up all the dumped out chips and popcorn in our bonus room before going to bed.  I was in bed by 8:35pm and asleep 5 minutes later.  I was so exhausted haha. 

Finley had a really good time at her birthday and that makes all the loudness and chaos worth it!!

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