Sunday, 29 October 2017

Happy Birthday Finley!!

Dear Finley,

Today you turn 9 years old and you are seemingly more older each and every day.  You are such a unique individual with such varied interests that you surprise me all the time.  

You love being outside especially if it means you are out backpacking or hiking somewhere.  The harder the hike, the happier you are.  You and your sister can out hike me any day of the week.  This summer when you want on your 5 day backpacking trip, you added more weight then you had in previous years and were so proud of yourself.  

Your dad and I are very happy that you have turned into such a great hiker and backpacker and that you look forward to doing each activity no matter the conditions.  I like it because it means I don't have to do it and your dad likes it because he has someone to do it with.  You really want to try winter camping but I am not sure you are ready for that yet. 

You love everything pink, related to science, all things Paris, the store Justice and recently have gotten into sketching.  You bedroom is almost always a disaster and I can count on one hand how many times I have seen your bedroom floor clearly since your last birthday.  You like to read and play on your iPad, cheer for Seattle Seahawks and against Tom Brady + the New England Patriots.  You love the Calgary Flames and proudly wear your jersey whenever you can.  You love converse running  shoes and emojis and unicorns and Rapunzel all things Mal + The Descendants.  You have reclaimed your love for your American Girl doll after a few years of not touching her and have renamed her Taylor Swift. You love Taylor Swift so much and listen to her music on constant repeat and her concert is still one of your happiest days ever.  

You love to meditate and do so all the time.  It hasn't yet calmed your anger towards your sister and you don't always count to 10 before reacting.  Actually you never count to 10 before reacting to your sister and it causes even more problems.  One day you guys will be friends even you both think otherwise haha. 

San Francisco was one of your favourite vacations and even if you claim to remember the first time you visited when you were just a toddler, I know that is not true haha.  You loved riding your bike across the Golden Gate Bridge but were disappointed that you and I were cruising along and missed out on seeing the whales like your daddy and Penelope did.  Your bike is almost as big as mine and it won't be long before your bike is bigger and you start stealing all of my clothes.  It makes my heart both happy and sad that you are so quickly growing up.  

You love math and science and still would like to be a astronaut when you grow up.  You love all shirts that have something science or space related or anything that says or emphasis on girls can do anything and everything.  You love converse running shoes in any color and your purple suede books.  You love pumpkin scones and hate sandwiches .  You like staying up late and not waking up early and love the book series Finley Flowers for obvious reasons.  You love wearing ripped jeans and loud leggings and hoodies shaped like animals and watching youtube kids.  You hate bathing and showering and brushing your hair and begrudgingly do it only because I insist.  I do hope this changes sooner rather than later haha. 

You love the game of soccer and play competitively for the top team in your age level for your soccer club.  You have been playing since you were 3 and get better and better each game and even more confident.  You play 4-5x per week for 10 months a year and you love it so much but a lot of the time I think it is the great group of girls you play with.  

You got braces this year and were sad about it.  You were sure that your pushed up teeth was what made you unique and thought that maybe we shouldn't fix it.  I loved that you loved that about you but we did insist that you get the braces on because we knew that one day you wouldn't like it and would be upset that we didn't fix it for you.  You only have 29 more days with them on and you are dreaming of eating blue whales and everything else I deprived you of since you got them on in May haha.  I was far more strict then any of your friends with braces but with them only being on for 6 months, I knew you would survive.  

Finley, you are the sweetest, most sensitive soul that I know.  You are smart, inquisitive, funny, friendly, and sometimes too stubborn (but you do come by it honestly) and we are all thrilled that you picked us 9 years ago to be your parents and begin our little family.  The journey hasn't always been easy or fun, but it is ours and I love every moment of it.  And the best part is that the best is yet to come.

To year nine....

Love mommy

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