Monday, 2 October 2017

September By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

September was a tough month no doubt about it. An Achilles injury I had been dealing with since mid July on vacation hit full force and with it came the end of running for the most part. But that does not mean I didn’t work hard. In fact, despite the low kilometres ran, I probably worked harder then all 8 previous months. Well that might be an exaggeration, but I did work really hard to overcome the pain and try to get my Achilles as healthy as I could so I could run my half marathon in Banff, the second last weekend of the month. 

So here goes my month in review. 
37.32 - the amount ran in km, which was my lowest total in a month since last September when I sprained my ankle. September’s are not good for me it appears haha 
6 - days ran in the month 
700km - my goal for km ran in 2017
789.61km - where I am at as of September 30

3 - number of appointments I had with Shari. Once per week up until my race. She did everything she could to make my Achilles better and without her I wouldn’t have been able to run my half as planned. 
1 - accupuncture appointment to see if that worked. It did, but not as much as I had hoped. 

1 - half marathon ran in Banff.
1 - Achilles’ tendon professionally taped
2:28:45 - time it took me to cross the finish line
3rd - fastest half marathon 
11 - total number of half marathons ran 

10 - times I rolled out my calves, quads + it bands 
19 - times I stretched my calves 
15 - times I did strength training to strengthen my calves, Achilles, other heel muscles + hips

5 - times I went to bootcamp. It’s been modified which means no jumping, no high impact exercises and no running. I do a lot of deadlifts and squats, so if nothing else, my bum is benefiting from my injury haha 
3 - classes missed because of discomfort in my Achilles. 

1 - time I rode my bike trainer that Greg set up in our basement since I am on a month long running hiatus. 

26 - days of September that I was active. This means some sort of bootcamp, stretching, strengthening, working out or running all in an attempt to get me strong enough to run. 

4 - days I did nothing. 
3 - were the last 3 days of September. After working so hard the first 27 days of this month I needed a break - both mentally and physically. 

How did you guys do in September? Any big goals in October?? 

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  1. My goal in October is more yoga...currently doing Yoga with Adriene's 31 day revolution thingy.