Wednesday, 11 October 2017


We weren't planning on heading back to Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving this year but due to other conflicting, we decided to go home for a few days.  We ended up leaving Calgary later then we had planned because Greg forgot to close the garage door and when he left for work he noticed that both of his bikes were missing.  So after the girls and I got dressed and got everything ready and packed into the journey, we drove down every single road, back alley and checked out all the pathways and green spaces looking for his bikes.  His commuter bike requires special shoes to be worn when riding it because they clip into his pedals so I thought we might find that somewhere in a ditch or something but we had no luck.  We headed to pick up something at Lush before grabbing Greg from work, who was still annoyed with himself for leaving the garage door open the night before.  

We stopped for lunch in Airdrie and finally got on our way.  It was a long boring drive and the scenery looked like this the whole way.  It was so boring.  I was exhausted but only managed to sleep a little bit before and after Kindersley.  We stopped in Kindersley for supper and it wasn't very good.  

Finally, just before 9 we arrived at Greg's mom's house.  We were all happy to be out of the car but so tired that we didn't stay up visiting too late.  Greg's brother and fiance got into Saskatoon around 1am, so I guess 9pm wasn't too bad haha. 

A traditin with Greg's mom's family is breakfast every Saturday morning and every time we visit, we try to meet them there.  It's a great chance to visit with everyone since we are almost always limited on days and time to get everyone in.  After breakfast, we headed to Greg's Granny Jane's which is his dad's mom.  She has been sick for a few months but she is looking and moving so much better then when we visited in August which was really good to see.  We stayed for lunch before heading shortly after so she could get some rest. 

We headed back to Gail's house and we all hung out and relaxed while Gail and Penelope made dinner.  As you can tell, we are all thankful for iPads and junk food.  While I was not on my iPhone or iPad, I did indulge in some starbucks and potato chips while reading a book.  After a busy start to the day, it was great to chill for a few hours. 

On Sunday morning, we were up bright and early and packed up all of our stuff at Gail's and loaded it in the car while Brad made us all breakfast.  Nothing more thanksgiving then pumpkin pie with your scrambled eggs and sausage.  We all partook in this fantastic idea.  

It took just around an hour to get to my sister's house after a pit stop at my cousins house for a portable roaster and the grocery store for all the fixings for stuffing.  It was a cold, dreary drive and was insanely windy so we decided to scratch going to the Rostern Corn Maze since it was so yucky out.  When we got to my sister's place, Abby came running out and jumped in the back of our car and moved her way into the front driver's seat.  Finley absolutely loves Abby and by the looks of this photo, the love is mutual.  Thankfully we were able to get her out with the help of some treats. 

Neither my sister nor Dan had ever made a turkey or Thanksgiving dinner so Greg was put to task as soon as we arrived.  It was all good though because Greg likes to do stuff like this haha. 

Soon my cousin Chris and his family arrived.  All of the kids went to see the horses on the neighbouring property with Dan and the adults watched TV and chatted.  When the kids came back in, Ashton wanted to do the girls' hair and make up.  This is him doing Finley's hair.

This was Penelope after Ashton did her make up and nails

And this was her hair.  No joke, he is wayyyyy better then me when it comes to this stuff.  I think he needs to come out here for a week in the summer to teach me haha

It has been hard coming back to SK ever since my aunty passed away because everything has changed and is so different and I am just not comfortable with it all.  But it was good being home and around my family for the holiday weekend since I won't be home for Christmas this year.  It is always a good time because we seem to put the fun in dysfunctional. 

After a fantastic supper from Greg, we had homemade pumpkin pie (by me) and some birthday cake for Finley.  We celebrated her birthday along with my mom's and Kristen's who also have October birthdays.  

On Monday, we woke early and headed back to Calgary.  It's only an hour to get from my sister's to Saskatoon and then about 6 to Calgary plus stops but that extra hour feels like an eternity.  We stopped in Saskatoon at a starbucks for breakfast and then at A+W in Hanna for a late lunch.  We made it back to Calgary around 3pm and as tired as we all were, we weren't able to go home just yet. 

Penelope left her glasses at my sisters and we were too far out to turn around and grab them.  She picked out 3 pairs of glasses and because it was a good sale, she picked out 2 pair.  These were the ones she didn't get.  

Finally we got home and the kids got bathed while Greg went to grab some Sushi for supper.  They had an early bed time while I tried to do some unpacking and getting things ready for back to school on Tuesday.  

We definitely had a busy weekend and there were a lot of people that we missed that we wished we could have visited but hopefully next time we come out, we will have more time to see more people.  

I hope everybody had a safe and happy thanksgiving. 

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