Monday, 27 November 2017

A Bonus Christmas Tree

Usually the upstairs tree is the last to be decorated but since we are getting a real christmas tree this year, we did this one first.  I brought up the tree last Monday on our only free weeknight of the week to get it done.  

Finley + Penelope were tasked with the job of fluffing the tree since that is something that both Greg and I don't like or enjoy.  Turns out they don't really like it either. 

Every year the girls pick out new ornaments for this christmas tree.  This year, Finley picked Groot since she was super obsessed with all things Groot and Penelope, of course, picked a glitter poop emoji with a santa hat.  

The girls decorated the entire tree happily except for one thing that Greg insists on doing every single year.  

He got a squirrel or maybe it is a mouse that sits on top of the bonus room tree.  It is ugly and I hate it but I relent because I am very anal on our main floor tree.

Greg and I almost never ever get christmas ornaments anymore but this year, I bought a him a little yellow car with a tree strapped on it since that is what we will be doing (or already did based on when I am writing this haha) and I got a really pretty starbucks mug ornament.  Penelope was pretending to drink out of it while we were decorating it. 

Instead of using a traditional tree skirt under our tree, we, or I guess I really, decided to use a table cloth that belonged to my Aunty Sandy.  My Aunty Leslie had given it to me last Christmas but it doesn't fit on our table and want to have it displayed.  I think it is perfect and the girls really love it. 

And here is the finished product.  I love Christmas so very much and I especially love Christmas trees.  Although the random decor on this tree drives me a little crazy, I love what a reflection of our kids growing up it is.  It is fun to look back at the ornaments they have picked out each year and remember what they were once obsessed about.  Stay tuned for a post about our main floor christmas tree!!

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