Monday, 6 November 2017

October By The Numbes - Sweat Edition

October, you were tough + I am not sad you were over but at least you got better the more the month went on.  

6 - days biked
5 - days biked indoors
131 - total minutes biked 
116 - minutes biked inside
1 - bike trainer set up 

1 - bike ride outside 
15 - minutes biking to Sobeys and back

11 - bootcamp classes scheduled
5 - bootcamp classes attended 
1 - class outside in the snow cancelled ( i was the only one to show up haha)
4 - bootcamp classes outside attended 

30 - the day in October that bootcamp moved inside 
1 - indoor class in October

5 - times I did core 
4 - home workouts

1 - race "ran" - and by ran I mean walked 
8 - the distance of the race in km
4 - of us who did it (my family)
481 - where I placed in the ghost run results in Calgary
483 - participants who completed it according to Strava

24 - the day in October I was finally able to run
31 - days went without running 
2 - km ran my first time out 

3 - days ran 
6.40 - km ran this month 
2 - runs outside 
1 - run outside 

7 - days of strength
12 - days of stretching 
2 - days of foam rolling

As you can see from my numbers this month, it wasn't a big month numbers wise but not being able to run really messed with me both mentally and physically.  When you can't do something you love, it makes it really hard.  I do like riding my bike, but it wasn't the same as running.  Now that I am running again, I am hoping for a better November - both mentally and physically.  My goal is make all my bootcamp classes, strengthen and stretch my achilles most days and make it to a 7km run both outside and on my treadmill.  Here's hoping for a good month!

What did you accomplish this month?  What are your goals for this month?

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