Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Florizone Family Christmas Tree

Two years ago, we started a new tradition where we would finally stay in Calgary for the holidays and that when we were home, we would cut down a real tree and have that in our family room instead of an artificial tree.  Last time, we did it through the Junior Forest Ranger program which is a really good thing they have going on.  However, this year, we printed out a permit for $5, which is good for 3 trees, and headed down highway 22 and then 66 looking for that perfect Christmas tree.  We ended up parking in the parking lot for Moose Mountain and trying our luck there.

Despite having no snow back home, which was 20 minutes away, there was tons of snow in Elbow Valley.  It was really warm though and Finley was completely overdressed for the occasion haha. 

This was the first tree we came across and joked that it would be the perfect tree for Luci and Pizza haha. 

We came across a few almost good ones but they were either already turning brown or missing big chunks of tree.

So we kept looking and climbing.

Then came back down and looked some more 

But then we finally found it.  It actually didn't take that long to find it haha.   Like maybe 20 minutes from start to finish. 

So the girls watched as Greg started to saw the tree down.  He did make the girls + me  move for safety reasons of course.

But not before I took a photo of him taking the tree down haha. 

The girls were really excited to carry the tree back to the car, which ironically wasn't very far haha. We just took the long way to get it. 

If you follow me on any form of social media, you will have noticed that this year I bought Greg a christmas ornament of a car carrying a christmas tree.  It was a similar style car to his but it was yellow instead of green.  Canadian Tire didn't have any green but the yellow was close.  I thought it was perfect considering we were staying home this year and cutting down a tree.

We made it home and got it in the house after Greg trimmed it.  It turns out it was still too tall for our house so Greg had to do some more trimming.  If you are wondering why the tree looks so differently then the photo up above a bit, it's because it was kinda attached to another tree.  We should have cut both trees down haha.

yay the star fits!!

Greg trying to get the lights just right.  We didn't have any indoor lights so Greg found some random pink lights we bought at Target years ago just sitting in the garage so we used those instead haha.  It is a good thing that I switched out all of my ornaments last year for brightly coloured ones instead of my traditional red and natural looking ones because it definitely wouldn't have worked out.  

Penelope probably did the most decorating out of all of us.  She was really enjoying doing it all too. 

I don't think Pizza remembers all of this from last year but he seems to be staying away from the tree as far as i can see.  Both cats were playing around it Monday morning and a ornament fell of the tree and scared the crap out of her haha. Hopefully she stays out of the tree this year haha.

This is our tree in the daylight.  I hate it but I can't figure out how to make me not hate it.  I have no interest in restringing the lights and you can't find matching ones to add more and so it has been really frustrating.  I told Greg Sunday night that while I liked the idea of a real tree, i hated the idea of aesthetically.  I think when we do this again in 2 years, it will be the tree for upstairs and my fake tree will hang out down here where it all looks more cohesive and consistent.  There is no tree lit up in the dark photo because I hate it even more that way.  Despite my love for the color pink, I am hating on these pink lights.  But the girls and Greg love it and that's what matters most.  Right??

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