Thursday, 16 November 2017

Your Fall TV Guide UPDATED

As you recall, back in September I listed all of the shows that I watched from last year that I was still going to watch this year and all the new shows that were coming out this fall.  If you somehow missed it, you can read about it all right here.

So now that we are a few weeks in to the new TV season, lets discuss the new shows:


Law + Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers (NBC) - As I watched the first episode, I ended up googling how this all went down because even though I was vaguely familiar with the story, I was kinda young when it happened.  So even though I have basically ruined it for myself, I will continue to watch this show because I like Law + Order and I have liked what I have watched so far.  I think there is only 8 episodes though and the last one aired this week (have yet to watch it).

Will Grace (NBC) - so I had heard a rumour that they were going to basically ignore what happened in the series finale 11 years ago and kinda start where it started at the very beginning.  While I don't really remember what happened they did say that both Will + Grace were recently divorced and the other 2 are basically the same too.  I wasn't sure what I would think I would enjoy it again, I laughed a lot in the first episode and I have been hooked.  Also, I think they have some angry democrats on their writing staff because the snide political marks are prevalent in all episodes and I love it. 

The Orville (FOX) - Greg loves this show very much.  I am usually half asleep when he watches it in bed and all I can think of is Bryan in space.  If you watch Family Guy you will understand what I mean.  It is just so hard to listen past that haha.  This has been picked up for a second season so Greg is happy.

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS) - Now they were only showing the first episode on CBS and then you had to stream it on their app which is not available in Canada.  I had heard that the Space channel was also carrying it but we don't subscribe to that channel.  However, Greg found that it was going to be streaming on CraveTV and so that is where he is watching it.  I assume he likes it but I don't ask because I don't want to hear about it. This has also been picked up for a second season.  This also makes Greg happy haha. 

Ghosted (FOX) - This is like the comedy version of X-Files meets Ghostbusters.  Greg loves this show but I am iffy on it.  The only thing keeping me interested is that it has Adam Scott and Darrel from The Office.  

White Famous (Showtime in US/CraveTV in Canada) - This show is fantastic.  It doesn't air in Canada except if you have CraveTV.  It airs in the US on Sundays and is uploaded right after on to CraveTV.  I love this show and I love Jay Pharaoh and it is only like 26 minutes long!  If you have CraveTV, you should really add this show to your cravings. 

The Gifted (FOX) - Greg hasn't watched this show yet but he is excited to watch it and is letting episodes pile up on our pvr which drives me insane.  Either watch it or delete it haha. 


The Duece (HBO) - I started watching the first episode as I was prepping supper and I kinda got bored and quit watching it.  This is the kind of show that you should not be watching while multitasking but this is when I watch the majority of my tv (yay streaming services) so not sure if this is one that I will watch later with Greg or not but leaning towards no.

Me, Myself + I (CBS) - I love Bobby Moynihan and I liked his part of the show but didn't love the other parts so it was deleted sadly.   I just read that it has been pulled from the line up so will not be picked up.  

Marvel Inhumans (ABC) - Greg says this show is bad and wasn't surprised when I told him the ratings were really bad for this show.  He actually told me to delete the recording because it was just too bad to watch. 

The Mayor (ABC) - I was done after the first episode but greg wanted to watch another and he decided he was done with it before the first commercial break.  

On The Fence: 

Young Sheldon (CBS) - I am still on the fence about this show and leaning towards not watching it much longer.  It seems like it should have been some sort of special episode or 2 of big bang theory and not warranting of its own tv show.   It doesn't come back until November 2nd so we will see how that episode is.  The series premiere drew in 20 million viewers which is quite impressive.  It will be interesting to see if that holds or  not. 

9JKL (CBS) - Greg and I watched the first episode and he hated it.  It has a laugh track which we both hate but I have kept watching it.  It is truly a terrible show and I am not sure why I am really watching it each week.  I actually quit watching the latest episode half way through because it was so dumb.  The mom is the worst!!!  I will probably quit this show. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC) I watched 2 seconds of this show before I realized it was not for me.  Greg has watched just one episode and liked it until he realized it was less fantasy and more like Touched By An Angel.  He won't let me delete it but doesn't know if he will watch it again and the ratings are bad so it will probably be cancelled soon. 

S.W.A.T (CBS) - I have only watched one episode of this show as it just started 2 weeks ago and I am not excited about it.  I think I expected Shemar Moore to be Derek Morgan like he was on Criminal Minds but he is not and I don't think I really like his character on this show.  I 

Shows Deleted Without Watching 

Seal Team (CBS)
The Good Doctor (ABC)
10 Days In The Valley (ABC)
Wisdom Of The Crowd (CBS)
The Brave (NBC)

What are your favourite new shows this season???

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