Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

There will be no December review this month, just a year in review instead in its place.  I beat my running goal for the year despite being injured and/or rehabbing an injury for the last 4 months. I am stil krehabbing my achilles but I have big goals for 2018 so here's hoping, that I have no more setbacks.  

124 - total days ran in 2017
6 - months I ran over 100km in each
860.94 - total km ran in 2017
700 - goal for km ran!!
160.94 - amount of km over my goal
111.31 - distance ran in May which was my highest month 
6.40 - distance ran in October which was my lowest and during my running hiatus

4 - number of races ran 
1x - 15.0 distance (Eye Ball The Wall)
3 - amount of half marathons ran in 2017
11 - total half marathons ran in my lifetime. Or since August 2014.

51 - bootcamp classes attended
3 - months I went 6x or more
1 - time i went a month without bootcamp.  August because our trips and classes didn't line up

139 - days of stretching this year
19 - times in September (my highest)
6 - times in May (my lowest)

103 - days of strengthening 
15x - September (highest)
5x - April + May (lowest)

Could you tell I was trying to get my achilles ready for a race in September? hahaha

88 - days I rolled out
15 - January (highest)
0 - December (lowest)

31 - times I did a home workout 
6x - January (highest)
0 - April + July (lowest)

33 - times I did a core workout
5 - October (highest)
1 - May (lowest)

27 - times on a bike
17 - times I meditated
14x - I went on a hike
10x - I visited Shari at Liv Active Calgary to make me better (she's the best!!)
5x - I went to see a chiropractor
3x - I went for accupuncture
3x - I went for a massage

1 - time I attempted a  headstand. 
1 - the month + day it occurred haha

284 - days I was active in 2017
81 - days I chose not to be active

I am a little disappointed that I am ending the year rehabbing an injury after having such an amazing 8 months to my year. I accomplished so many goals and worked really hard.  I had 2 great half marathons and one half marathon where that destroyed me and made me doubt myself on so many levels.  Thankfully I was able to push those doubts and finish my last race really strong.  I have some really big goals in 2018 and I know if I continue to work hard, I should have no problem meeting and beating them all.  But more on those in another post.

I hope you had a great 2017 and met all of the goals you set for yourself.  Happy 2018.

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