Thursday, 28 December 2017

Christmas Not In A Nutshell

Christmas is a very busy time of the year for us - as it is most people.  We start getting ready mid November and it is usually a full swing of activities, decorating, parties + everything in between.

The first thing we did was set up our inflatables outside.  Mickey was our first one and we have had it for probably 5 years.  It has been through a lot but somehow it still works.  Olaf we got 2 years ago after a year of trying to get it haha.  Greg went for a haircut this year and came home with Christmas BB-8 for the yard.  Greg never buys anything and when he does it, it is rarely something like this haha but the girls were super happy to see it especially Penelope since he is her favorite.  

Since we were planning on staying here for Christmas the nice fake tree was in the bonus room this year.  This is the fun tree according to Greg and the girls.  It was our first tree to be decorated.  It looks so pretty all lit up in the dark.

On November 25th, our elves Peppermint + Johnny Hockey arrived at our house.  They came one whole month before Christmas.  I always have a solid plan for each night they are here but I never ever follow through with it because I get too lazy or I have to think quickly as I can hear the kids getting up.  

Finley had her soccer Christmas party at the beginning of December and for the second year in a row, we were stuck inside.  Last year it was too cold to go tobaggoning or sledding and this year it was too warm and we had no snow haha.  Regardless, all the girls  had a great time and it was nice for them to be able to hangout outside of the soccer field or practice facilities. 

We went and checked out Chinook Centre's amazing Christmas displays and hung out with Santa Claus.  We also finished all of our shopping - at least I thought I did haha.  Christmas at Chinook is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season and do it all on a monday because it is so not busy hahah

Pizza had generally been pretty good when it came to the christmas decor this year but a week or two before Christmas, she was obsessed with this bowl of ornaments, the tree and the mini colored christmas village trees I had on display and most recently a little christmas gnome.  She is lucky she is cute haha. 

I made 3 batches of shortbread and while they might not look the prettiest, this is probably my best year of whipped shortbread in my whole life.  My sugar cookies turned out well but my butter tarts weren't that great and the gingersnaps were garbage and I only made one pan of my peppermint ones before tossing them and the rest of the dough.  You win some, you lose some I guess.  

Our main floor Christmas tree was one we cut down and brought home to decorate.  It was originally decorated with pink lights but I hated them so I bought new ones at Home Depot and re did the lights and ornaments.  It looks a lot better then it did but as I said previously, I still love a fake tree more any day of the week haha. 

The winwin mom's had their annual Christmas get together this month and for the first time it was held at my house.  It is a group of fab moms who have been together for several years now.  I feel very fortunate to have them in my life!!

We had Penelope's soccer party at the bowling alley inside the Glencoe Club.  They had the gutters blocked off so the girls did really well.  Penelope got 4 strikes and was very happy.  Not having gutters and balls bouncing off the sides definitely helped this haha.

Finley had her christmas concert on a Monday night.  It was supposed to be on Thursday but it got moved because of the provinicial by-election in our area.  Finley is still in grade 3 but she is in a 3/4 split and so she was the division 2 kids instead otherwise her and Penelope would have been on the same night.  The concert was 90 minutes long and so well done.  The kids and teachers did such a great job.  Finley did the music from the Sound Of Music which is one of my all time favorite movies.  Myself and another mom were wondering why this movie was always on at christmas time despite not being a christmas movie.  Does anybody know why this is?

My sister had her baby a little early so I spent an entire morning trying to find matching pajamas.  I finally found them at Carters on 130th.  I didn't realize until after I took it that it looks like we are announcing a new addition to our immediate family which is definitely not the case haha. I am excited that I was able to find these as we have a very short window where this can happen haha.

Penelope's concert was on a Tuesday night and just over an hour long.  This concert is so cute because it has so many cute little kids who are so excited to perform for their parents.  I told Penelope that this photo looked like she was waving to her fan club haha.  Also, can I have this dress in my size please??

My good friend Steph brought me a poinsetta and I am happy to report that it is still alive.  Mostly because Greg is good at remembering to water it.  I have only ever had one before and it died within days.  Maybe even hours.

Greg had his Christmas party at the Fairmont Palliser and we had a great time.  The food was great, company even better and I had a fantastic new hair do that you have already read about but I loved it so much I need to show it again haha

While we were out Christmas partying, the girls were at home with Uncle Brad and soon to be Aunty Kari.  They ate pizza, watched a movie and built this Starbucks gingerbread cafe.  I have been advised to get a second one next year to limit the fighting haha

This is our year to stay here which is why we have a real Christmas tree but since my sister had her baby we decided to go home which meant we had to have Greg's Calgary family over for supper.  Here is the only photo I took the whole night haha.  

We told Santa in our original Christmas letters that we were staying home this year for the holidays and that he should come on Christmas Eve to drop off their gifts like everybody else but then we decided to go back to Saskatoon after my sister's baby was born so they had to write new letters to leave with the elves to take back to Santa so he would know to come a few days early.  FYI, we don't have a cat named Lice, her name is Luci but Penelope didn't know how to spell it apparently haha. 

I am not a huge fan of snow - especially when it falls in large quantities in a short amount of hours.  I was happy knowing that if I wanted to enjoy the snow, I could hop in my car and drive to Lake Louise and be transformed into a winter wonderland.  However, many were unhappy with the idea of a white Christmas but after shoveling 3x on Tuesday and for 2 hours Wednesday morning, I was quite content with a brown christmas.  Or even snowing on the 24th and melting on the 26th haha.  Greg did manage to dig his car out and get to work on time but our inflatables had a rough go.  Olaf + Mickey are buried and while BB8 is still standing, he is covered half with snow and leaning more then he should be.  As I type this portion of the blog, it is starting to snow again and I am worried that we will get a bunch of it and that I will have no place to put it.  I honestly don't think my arms can lift as high as they need to to get rid of the accumulating snow!!

Thursday was their last day of school before the holidays.  We have no school for 19 days and while I am excited for the break, I doubt the excitement will last all 19 days haha.  They both loved their christmas shirts and antlers and their christmas themed poop emoji socks that they were wearing that day.  They both were having Christmas parties in the afternoon which also made them happy.  Also, on this same day, we had our last soccer technical training session until the new year!!

A full plate of all my Christmas baking this year.  Well at least the ones that turned out hahahaha

Finley came home from school on Thursday and told me her thumb was swollen and sore + that her friend had to do her jacket up for her because she couldn't.  I looked at it and it was twice the size it should be and black from the knuckle down.  I texted Greg who said I definitely needed to take her to urgent care and so we quickly made our way there.  We were there for more then 3 hours before we were told that it wasn't broken but she definitely sprained all of the ligaments in it and has to keep it taped up for 1 - 2 weeks.  Greg came and grabbed Penelope and took her to soccer so she wasn't stuck there the whole time which was a good thing haha.  Definitely not the way we wanted to start Christmas break!!

Michelle and I have this tradition where we go to late movies all of the time and we always seem to hit up a move right before Christmas.  This year it was Pitch Perfect 3.  While it wasn't as good as the first 2, it was still really good and if you are a fan of the series then you should really go watch it.  I got a little teary eyed at the end because I was sad it was over but Fat Amy was a mess too so I mean how could you not be hahaha.

Friday morning was our last bootcamp until the new year when the kids go back to school.  Every year we do this workout or at least the 12 days of Christmas but I think the exercises are different.  It is hard and I definitely felt it the following day but it was a great way to end of the winter portion of bootcamp.

While I was at bootcamp, the girls wandered around Cardel Rec looking at all the inflatables.  They have tons of them all around the facility and the girls love them!

Friday night we left out milk and cookies in hopes that the elves let Santa know that we decided to go to Saskatoon this christmas instead of staying home like we had originally planned.  Thankfully it all worked out and the kids woke up happy to see that Santa made a special visit to our house. 

The girls were excited to see that Santa brought them all 3 things on their lists: Finley got the ski lift lego, a circuit board and a dream catcher.  Penelope got Belle's Castle Lego, a unicorn poop pillow and a new soccer ball.  They were also excited to see all the fun things in their stockings, even the toothpaste they get every year was a hit haha.

The christmas ornament that Penelope made for us at school.  It has lights colored all around it. 

Finley made us this christmas tree and it came with three fake candles so that it glows when they are turned on.  It turned out really well.  She also made us a snowflake ornament 

I don't rememnber where I found these candy canes but I bought a package because they reminded my of the flavored ones that were around when I was younger.  I did not have one but the girls said they smelled just like an oreo and the chocolate part of the candy cane tasted like oreo but the white part was gross.  Overall,  I don't think they cared too much for them.

We love Christmas movies and tv specials.  We have watched numerous times: Elf On The Shelf, Trolls Holiday Special, Home Alone, Home Alone 2 and Home Alone 3, The Grinch (cartoon), The Grinch with Jim Carrey, Christmas Vacation, Elf, A Charlie Brown Christmas, the claymation Rudolph, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Olaf's Frozen Adventure and probably others that the girls have watched that I don't know about.  

Along with Christmas movies, Christmas music is a must.  I love all of it!!  

Our elves left us on Christmas Eve but left a surprise for the girls before they went back to the North Pole.  The girls were both excited for the book and the divided up the m+m's for the car ride back to Saskatoon.  They were mint flavored and stunk up our whole car and made me gag.  Must remember to be milk chocolate flavor next year. 


We left for Saskatchewan on the 24th of December.  It was cold in Calgary but not too bad but man did it colder the closer we got to my sister's house.  It was not a pleasant experience to get out of the car once we got here.  We had a plethora of appetizers for supper and my favorite was hands down the shrimp my sister's boyfriend made.  They were the best shrimp I have had outside of a restaurant.  

And of course the whole reason we decided to come back to SK for Holidays this year.  We were all excited to meet the newest member of our family Everly.  She decided to come 3 weeks early because she wanted to spend the holidays with us haha. 

Everly was having no part in the matching Christmas pajamas haha

Christmas Eve can be best described as the night of bad tv.  We watched Home Alone 3 and then the Trolls Holiday Special + Home Christmas special both streamed from Netflix.  Trolls was not bad, the other 2 were absolutely terrible.  

Christmas morning waiting for everybody to wake up.  The girls slept in until 845 which is the latest they have ever gotten up on Christmas morning.  But they were still awake at 11 the night before.  The baby also cried a lot and so that kept waking them up too. 

Soon enough, everyone was up and all the presents were open.  Everly slept through her first Christmas but that was to be expected since she was up a lot the night before.  I made some monkey bread for breakfast and we watched TV since it was really cold outside.  The girls got some LOL dolls so they enjoyed playing with them too.  

Eventually Dan, Greg and the girls got stir crazy being inside all day because of the cold and decided to go outside anyways and go tobaganning down a hill that Dan had built behind his house on some property.  It was like -27 and -34 with the windchill.  They stayed out longer than I thought they would hahaha.  Dan made most of the supper and it was quite good except for the stuffing.  It was not good haha but it gave us something to talk about for Christmases to come.  Just like Nancy's ambrosia salad haha.

I did enjoy the fact that we never left the house on Christmas day and that I could spend the entire day in my pajamas. That never happens!!!  These are very warm and fuzzy and I got them from winners for $9.99.  The perfect winter pajama bottom. 

Boxing day morning we were up early to head back to Saskatoon for Christmas with his mom and her family.  It was freezing cold out, -34 to be exact and -42 with the windchill.  Our vehicle hadn't been driven or started since we got there on Christmas Eve and boy was it unhappy with us. It had never been in temperatures that cold before and it lives happily in our garage when it gets a little cold here in Calgary.  It was so cold that when you opened the back it was too cold to stay open and kept trying to shut on us when we were trying to load in all of our bags.  It took a long time to warm up despite us letting it run before we left for longer then normal. 

Normally, Greg's Grandma hosts Christmas at her place, but this year his mom hosted it at her new condo and it was perfect for it.  The girls especially loved the christmas punch as they do every year haha.

There were several games of skip bo and uno played and Penelope + Dylan were accused of spying and espionage on numerous occasions haha.

After Greg opened up his gifts from his mom for Christmas, I went online to MEC and ordered the other items on his Christmas list for his gifts.  I had told him to pick some stuff out and order it but he assumed I would have checked with his mom prior to find out what she bought.  I didn't so now Greg will most likely have a gift to open on the eastern orthodox christmas hahaha.

The girls ended the day by doing some crafts with Grandma Gail's craft supplies. 

Yesterday we loaded up the vehicle again and made the journey back to Calgary.   It was a great little trip home for the holidays and get to meet Everly who looks just like Finley did as a baby.  The similarities are crazy haha.  I hope you guys had a great Christmas wherever you celebrated it. 

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