Friday, 1 December 2017

Friday Favorites #9: Christmas Edition

Christmas is my favourite season of the year.  I love decorating for it, I love buying presents for others, I love hosting people in my home, I love seeing how excited my girls get for it too!!  It is just such a fun time of the year for everybody!!  The first Christmas edition of Friday Favorites is dedicated to some of my random favourites.  The only theme is Christmas!!!

1.  I was so happy to finally have a good selection of all kinds of glasses.  I had a great selection of wine glasses and coffee mugs but no drinking glasses.  Last year, I found 4 tall and 4 small ones from Walmart for $5 each.  You can't see them because they are behind the super cool ones I bought at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon last Christmas.  These ones were a bit more expensive and cost me $5 per glass and that was at half price too!!  I was so excited to pull them out this season and use them.  Well Greg and the girls used 2 tall ones and a small one for some egg nog and I looked at them and the only sticker on the bottom was the price so I stuck them in the dishwasher.  When I went to unload my dishwasher, I couldn't figure out what the red sticky stuff was stuck in the filter of my dishwasher and in the cutlery section.  And then I pulled out those glasses and there was literally nothing left of the wording on them.  I was gutted but at least I have one left that says Merry Christmas Eh and of course the Walmart ones that are dishwasher friendly!!

2.  I bought this mug last October from Chapters online and I used it religiously for cold walks to school and early morning soccer games and technical sessions.  It was simple and pretty and just my favourite to use.  But on the day we were driving back to Saskatoon, I was carrying it to the car and it somehow dropped out of my hand and landed on the floor of my garage and dumped tea everywhere and even worse it had cracked my travel mug.  Greg thought we would be able to fix it so I left it and sadly made my way to Saskatoon without it.  When we returned home a few days later, it was determined that it could not be fixed and I was so sad.  A quick search online showed me that it was no longer available on the chapters website which made me sad again.  I had to return a gift to Chapters and as I was walking to the till, they had one left all by itself on a shelf.  It had been reduced down to $15 and I was happy and even better was that when I went to pay for it, it had been reduced even further to $9.  It was an after christmas miracle. 

3.  I love Christmas mugs and tend to rotate each year.  The filthy animal is been here for 3 christmases and has no chance of ever leaving unless I break it but all the others are new for this season.  I sold my old ones and purchased new ones.  I broke my disney christmas mug that I bought in disneyland so I was happy to find a vintage looking one at the disney store to replace it.  The red one I found at Chapters and it is currently $7 online and the Christmas Tree one is from Starbucks.  I searched high and low for this one and only found it at the safeway nearest to my house.  I did buy another one from Starbucks but it doesn't feel christmasy to me so i put it with my every day mugs.  The Bahumbug + Naughty ones are Rae Dunn mugs.  Naughty has nice on the other side so i ti super cute!  

4.  I really love my Christmas centrepiece.  Every year the girls and I go to Michaels and they pick out something to add to it.  This year we added the white puff ball thingy and a  blue one that is kinda pushed down.  They looked so cute and we were happy with our arrangement even if it does err on the side of tackiness.  However, it turns out Pizza also loves the puff balls and the white one was destroyed with in days.  The blue one is still kicking around but every time I put it back in the vase, Pizza manages to steal it and i find it in random places around my house. 

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