Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Back in august, i visited my friend Shannon's salon for a hair appointment.  I wanted to go super short but we decided not to go too crazy because I could always go shorter but could never go longer.  At least without growing my hair out.  My hair was crazy long but almost nobody would know that because I always wore my hair up.  ALWAYS.  I don't think I look good with my hair pulled back but it was the easiest thing for me to do considering I am hair and make up illiterate haha.  

My goal was to go short enough that I could put it in a top knot for running but not pull back in a ponytail.  While this worked for awhile, my hair grows notoriously fast and it was soon back up in a ponytail.  Honestly, I have worn my hair down more since August then I probably have in years combined but it wasn't enough for me.  I made an appointment for this past Friday since Greg had his work Christmas party that night.  When I saw Shannon at bootcamp a few days before my appointment, she was like are we going short and I was no just trimming up the layers so I could eventually get rid of the layers since me and layers aren't really friends.  However, on Thursday night had me thinking about what Shannon had said about going shorter and so to Pinterest I went.  A friend of mine had gotten an asymmetrical cut a few weeks earlier and I really liked it so I was sure that was where I wanted to go but more edgier so I kept searching on pinterest before settling on a new cut.  

The top photo is how it looked when I came in that morning and the bottom photo is when it was all cut off.  We did an angled under cut on the shorter side and it is super awesome.  If you see me and look under the hair covering it you will only see a small portion of my head shaved but you would be surprised at how much hair that actually was.  I seriously have so much hair, so it feels so awesome with less hair!!  I loved how it all turned out. 

After she was done coloring and cutting it, she curled it using a straight iron and it was so awesome.  My hair doesn't really hold curl that well because it is so heavy, but by the time I got ready for the party, it still looked really good despite having fallen a lot.  I will never ever be able to recreate this look again so I had to make sure to document it haha.  One of my friends laughed at me on Saturday when I told her this and then told me to use youtube to learn how to curl my hair.  I haven't tried yet but it is on my list of things to do haha.  Hopefully I can kinda pull it off.  

Ironically enough, Sunday morning I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair while running and I can still actually get all of my hair in a ponytail still.  I am trying to forget that I can do that and keep wearing my hair down because I really like it.   Thanks again Shannon for being such a great hair stylist and friend and always working with me with whatever I need done with my hair!  You are the best!

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