Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Local Eats: The Eden

Greg had read about The Eden in John Gilchrest's article in the Calgary Herald.  It is located in Inglewood in the old Jacqueline Suzanne's spot.  As sad as we were to see Jacquiline's close, we were really excited to try out this place.  So when we decided to go out for lunch with my Aunty Leslie, we decided to see if we could get a table since they don't take reservations yet.

Lucky for us, they had a spot for 5 and we were able to try it out.  Greg and I were very excited to try out this little french restaurant.  If you ever went to Jacquline's, you can see how much a difference a coat of paint makes.  They painted it white, and got rid of the front of the restaurant and it brightens it up so much and it looks bigger then it actually is.  

The only downside was that this door brought all the cold air in every time it opened.  I don't know how they could fix it but next time i hope I sit further in the back or up on the balcony so I am blocked from the bitter cold.  

The decor is very minamalist which I really enjoy and so I loved the exposed pipe and gorgeous ceiling tiles.  I have no idea if this is new to The Eden or not but it definitely gave the restaurant some sleek, simple style. 

Greg ordered the Pork Cassoulet and he loved it.  He devoured the whole thing in mere minutes haha.  This is sausage and shoulder stewed with white beans.  It doesn't look that appetizing (to me anyways) but Greg loved it. 

We also ordered the small plate of brussel sprouts which were sauteed with butter, garllic, dijon mustard and parmesan.  It was ok, but not convinced I would order it again.  It is missing something to kick it into that epic level that I think it could be. 

I ordered the burger that is made in house and topped with carmelized onions, gruyere cheese, dijonaise and I added bacon to it.  It was cooked perfectly and so absolutely amazing.  I actually got a side of the dijonaisse to dip my fries in.  I don't eat a lot of burgers because I am pretty picky but this is probably the best burger I have ever had in the city of Calgary.  I absolutely recommend you try this when you come here.

Penelope and my Aunty Leslie had the Croque Madame.  I think it was the most htat Penelope has ever ate in one sitting in her whole life.  They both really liked it and Greg tried Penelope's and loved it too. 

For someone who is obsessed with paris and all things french, Finley certainly doesn't love the french food and settled on a large bowl of frites with a side of garlic aioli.  

They don't yet take reservations and I have no idea how busy they get in the evenings or on weekends, but if you are ever downtown or near Inglewood, I highly recommend you check The Eden out.  The service is great, the atmoshphere is very inviting and the food is phenomenal.  We all loved it and will definitely be back again. 

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