Monday, 4 December 2017

November By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

I had high hopes for November and started out really strong but my achilles injury reared its ugly face again and I didn't get the numbers I wanted.....but that being said, they are still better then October!

36.56 - km ran in November
30.16 - more km ran this month then October
9 - days ran
700 - km was my goal for 2017
832.57 - is the amount of km ran so far 
132.57 - the amount above my goal!!  (so mad that i injured my achilles)

1 - new pair of shoes broken in 
680 - approximate number of km on my previous shoes
3 - half marathons in the old shoes
8 - th pair of runners purchased since I started running back in November 2013

1 - half marathon registered for in October
2 - half marathons registered for in 2018
23 - days between the two half marathons 

5 - bootcamps attended 
3 - missed because of orthodontal + doctor appointment for Finley 
1  - missed because I was just being lazy

6 - days biked 
5 - on the bike trainer
125 - minutes on bike trainer

1 - early morning bike ride 
15 - minutes long

4 - core workouts 
5 - home workouts

14 - days stretched 
11 - days of strengthening 

Although I didn't meet all my goals for November and my achilles started hurting again the last week of the month, I am still pretty happy with what I accomplished.  December is a busy month with so many christmas parties, concerts, soccer and the holidays so it will definitely be a challenge to get all my workouts and runs in but I am just going to work hard and focus on getting 100% healthy and ready for 2018.  

Do you have any last minute goals for 2017??

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