Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Blogging Break + Walking To School For The First Time

We tried to fix it via Shaw Help's twitter feed which is usually the best way to talk to someone from Shaw but it didn't work.  Greg and I were both pretty sure that it was our modem that was done and needed to be replaced.  It was the same modem that we had since we got wireless for the first time and I think that was either right after we moved to Calgary or after we got married.  I just can't remember which.  Regardless, it was old. 

Shaw sent out a technician to fix it yesterday and our time was between 8+10.  This meant 2 things: 1) I would have to miss bootcamp and 2) my kids would have to walk to school.  Alone.  I was not ready for this.   We walk to + from school every day together and they bike around the block alone all the time so I knew they would be fine with it. 

But they were ready.  And so excited.  I was worried about Penelope not listening to Finley and taking off.  I told her that if she was bad on the way to school and didn't listen to her sister then she would lose her ipad for a month.  I think she was just so excited to walk to school alone that she was very well behaved.   I took several photos of them  before they left and knew exactly what they were wearing from their head to their toes incase something bad happened.  I knew nothing would but you just don't know. 

I walked outside in the driveway and saw them walk away.  I was worried that they wouldn't make it which is ridiculous.  The school usually has electronic phone calls and emails that go out to missing students around 9:40 and I swear my stomach hurt until then.  Thankfully at that time, Shaw's technician showed up and distracted me from it for the rest of the day.

So it turns out that Greg and I were right and our modem was toast.  The technician was surprised to see how old it actually was haha.  He said he could probably get it working but decided to give us a new one instead.  Yay!!  We also moved it out our basement storage room and into our bonus room.  We were going to ask him to do that because our wifi connection in our bonus room and bedroom is not great.  but he suggested it because he was like your best wifi connection is wasted in the storage room haha.  He did say that because the modem was in the bonus room, there may be some dead spots in our basement.  I went for a bike ride yesterday and I was able to use my ipad but it cut out a few times and if I got any kind of notifications on my iphone then it also caused the ipad to stop streaming.  The technician also said that we could hook up our other router in the basement and it wouldn't interfere with the bonus room set up and would provide us with internet in the basement.  Just another project to do.  Hopefully this solves all the internet problems we have had for the last few years.  

I picked the girls up from school on Monday and they were disappointed I was there.  They were hoping that they were going walk home alone too haha.  At least I know i have options to send them alone should something ever come up.

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