Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Product Review: Yeti Rambler 20

I was in desperate need to kick my starbucks habit and thought the Yeti Rambler might help me do that. While I was great at drinking tea I made in the morning, I was struggling with getting it after bootcamp running errands or running errands on other days.  I always craved a snack or something and that was always my first choice.  I needed to turn Starbucks into a treat not a daily necessity. 

MEC sold these locally but they were all the way downtown and I was here in the south and they charged for shipping since I wasn't at their minimum for free shipping.  So I went onto my best buddy Amazon Prime and there it was and it was like $2 cheaper then MEC and it would be delivered to my house for free in 2 days!  Gotta love Amazon Prime! Amazon didn't have a pink one so I assumed it didn't come in pink so I ordered it in seafoam which I truly do love but when I was on their website to try to register mine, it showed in pink and it was so pretty.  I don't think I can justify buying another one though haha.

It fits perfectly in my cup holder beside a water bottle and while I was worried it would be too big around for my hands, it seems to be doing the job perfectly.  One of my favorite things is the packaging that came with it.  They said it is good for palomas, coffee (tea), cold beer and arnold palmers.  Aside from using to transport my tea with me, all I could think about was how handy this yeti would be this summer camping and hiking hahaha.  It also says that it is good for on the go activities like deer leases, all of arizona and dry counties hahaha.  

My favorite feature is the lid and how it fits into the rambler but pushing it in and so it never leaks!!!.  There is probably a technical term for it but I have no idea what it is.  I have a Kate Spade one but the lid never goes on right and it leaks everywhere and I hate it.  I also have a gorgeous ceramic one from a starbucks in los angeles that I love but I worry constantly about dropping it and the ceramic gets hot when the tea is hot which I don't really like.  

It keeps my tea super hot for about 2 plus hours.  It might be longer then that but I am usually done by that point.  I took it to tech training on a Sunday morning and I made it around 8:15 and when I finished it just before 1030, it was still hot.  I also make tea before I leave for bootcamp and it is still hot when I finish class and have something to nourish me while I am out running errands.  

Yeti Ramblers are made with durable kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel and it has a double wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold and hot to the last sip and so far, this has proven to be true. I have not tried the cold drinks though because I have more then enough water bottles to fill that need haha. 

I haven't had any starbucks since I purchased this rambler so that alone has more then paid for this purchase.  It also comes with a 5 year warranty which is pretty impressive, or so I thought. Unfortunately, even though I was on the international site, it only let me enter a USA address so I don't get the warranty.  Pretty disappointing.  

 I have wanted a yeti cooler for like forever but they are pretty expensive and Greg is frugal so he hopes that this curbs my want for one of those. It doesn't but I still love my yeti rambler just the same.  Go get yours now!!

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  1. I love mine as well! I find it weird that it doesn't get warm on the outside. Usually I am using mine at the rink and I want to keep my hands warm by holding it but it is not hot! Some may consider this a good thing.