Friday, 26 January 2018

XC Skiing - Mt. Shark in Kananaskis

Nearly 2 weekends ago on a Sunday after the girls finished their technical training, we headed off to Kananaskis to do some cross country skiing. While it was not the most pleasant day in Calgary, it turned out to be pretty wonderful out there.

Greg picked Mt. Shark which is in Spray Lakes Provincial Park. It has a shooting range there if you want to practice your biathalon.  There were athletes training for what i am assuming was the olympics but no gun shots were heard.

It was really busy with tons of cross country skiers taking advantage of a pretty day in the mountains.  I loved that it had such great tracks to ski on too.  This is the only photo I got of Greg and the girls skiing today because once we got through the trees ahead, all i could see was hills and hills and more hills. I don't do hills and my logic for that was and still is that if I wanted to go downhill skiing, I would go downhill skiing. I can barely control myself on flat terrain and going down hill is a huge disaster.  I lack the control and fearless attitude that Finley + Penelope seem to possess.  I am terrified of falling and hurting myself in a bad manner that will prevent from running.  Running is my thing and I refuse to do anything to compromise that since I am pretty good as it is getting myself injured. I don't know how to slow down and I end up getting faster and faster and the only way I know how to slow down or stop is by falling.  I have literally fallen down every single hill I have attempted to ski down.  It is not fun.  The alternative to not skiing down the hills is taking your skis off and walking down the hill and then because I still can't ski up the hill, I have to keep the skis off and walk up the hill.  Carrying skis and poles that are taller than you up and down the hills is not fun by any stretch.  So I had a hissy fit and Greg and the girls skied on and did the loop while I stayed back.  Definitely not my finest moment by a longshot. 

So basically I skied from the top of the hill where I should have gone and then back to the parking lot.  It wasn't so bad because I had such beautiful trees like this to look at.  We left the city just after 10:30 and got here around 12:30, so it was about a 2 hour drive.  We ate lunch in the car before we got going. We finished up around 330 and managed to beat the ski hill traffic home!

And this!!  Seriously, Mt. Shark is a beautiful place to ski or hike or just hang out.  There is a lodge at the turn off into the area and although I didn't see it, I bet it is pretty awesome.  And I can't even imagine the views that you would get looking out your window.

This was the view I faced when skiing back towards the parking lot.  The tracks aren't the best coming back this direction and kinda disappear because most people go around the trees but I know it ends with a hill so I didn't attempt it hahah.  The tracks you see all in a row is where the really good skiers and those that compete warm up and check the wax on the skis.

And here is me during one of my loops. I was way overdressed when I started and significantly reduced my layers soon after I started. When you just keep going, you can really heat up.  I ended up doing just over 7km of skiing by the time Greg and the girls finished up.  Despite me not finishing the loop with the girls, we all ended up enjoying ourselves and the nice weather.  It definitely was not nice when we got back to Calgary so I am glad we did get out of the city for a few hours.  If you are looking for a place to ski, definitely check this place out!

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