Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Shop Local YYC: Crew Collective

My friend Christy and her husband started an online family apparel business selling the most amazing onesies and unisex shirts.  Earlier this month, they debuted their baseball tee with the mountains printed on the front and I knew that I had to have it.  I was so excited when I saw them post it on their instagram page and as soon as I received the email that it was live on their website, I ordered it immediately.  If you are local, you can pick up for free and if you live outside the city, their shipping rates are really good too.  

I tried taking a photo of me wearing it but I just have zero selfie skill so decided to do this instead.  

If you are interested in finding out more about this great local company, you can find them on their website here: the crew collective.  If you sign up with your email you will get 10% off your purchase!  They also have a instagram and facebook page that you can check out as well.  

Monday, 26 February 2018

2018 PyeongChang Olympics

We are huge Olympic lovers in our house.  We pvr all the coverage overnight when it is live and then watch it in the evening. A few mornings, Greg and Finley were up early watching live medal events before getting ready for school and work. 

One of my favorite things about the Olympics is how they light they flame on the Calgary Tower between 6 + 7pm everytime we won a gold medal.  It was lit a lot during the 16 days of the games.  While I never made it downtown to actually see the flame lit myself, I do appreciate all the photos shared on social media, like this one, showing it off.  The first night they did this, the Fire Dept was inundated with calls that the tower was on fire haha. 

I absolutely loved the medals this year.  They were so cool and modern looking.  I never remember the medal from one games to the next, so I will just say that this is my favorite medal even if it really isn't haha.

I know a lot of people have a negative view of the games and think everybody and everyone is a sell out and they are too commercialized and too many other complaints that I cannot remember probably because they too are ridiculous. But these athletes do some pretty crazy shit and the risks they take are insane.  One of the ski cross guys broke his pelvis when he collided in the air with another skier.  Another athlete, I think it was a skier, broke her arm in a training run earlier in the day and still went on her final run.  I have no idea if she won a medal or not but seriously, that is dedication to your sport and your country.  

It was cool to see Mark McMorris come back and compete after nearly dying a year ago.  One of the first thing he asked when he came to after his accident was if he would be able to compete in PyeongChang.  Kim Boutin won 3 different medals in short track speed skating - only the second female or maybe even person from Canada to do this.  We got to see Scott + Tessa win their second individual olympic gold and fifth medal to become the most decorated olympic figure skaters in history.  Now can they just get married? Hahaha.  

Since the four of us are all new cross country skiers, we really enjoyed watching this event this year.  It blows my mind how fast they are at skiing.  These xc skiers are like 3 - 4x faster than me on skis.  Most are able to ski faster then I can run haha.  Finley loved this and now wants to add competing in the winter olympcs for Canada in this sport. She really loved the biathalon too.  Penelope didn't love any of it as much as we did and said she still intends to play for the national soccer team in the summer games.  Now I know that 1% of 1% of athletes actually make it to this level and there is a higher probablity that my kids won't make it to this level then they will but I will never ever discourage them for dreaming that they might.  Instead I encourage them to work hard and maybe one had it will happen.  

Congratulations to all of the medal winners, athletes, coaches, trainers for entertaining us these last 16 days and allowing us to come along on your adventures.  And to all the parents, I don't know you do it - I was stressed out immensley watching some of the medal events haha.  

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Local Eats: MARKET Calgary

Since we are usually so busy with soccer most weeknights and week day days, the last couple years, Greg and I have gone on lunch dates on Valentines Day instead of dinners.  It seems to work well for us and the menu is normal and it is usually not too busy. This year, Greg booked Market on 17th for our lunch date and I was definitely looking forward to some fun things on their menu. 

Market really emphasizes the market cuisine - hence the name - and was the first restaurant in Calgary to have its own internal home garden, the urban cultivator, where they grow more then 16 different varieties of heirloom seeds year round.  They change their menu to culminate with the changing seasons so that everything is fresh and local.  They make their own cheese, cure their own meats and so many other cool little things that make eating here so wonderful. 

As soon as I walked in, I was in absolute love with the decor and atmosphere.  If you ever watch Fixer Upper, you will recognize a lot of elements in here that Jo would use in a house reno or even in her own restaurant Magnolia Table. I loved the exposed pipes on the roof and the ones in the contrasting black dividing up sections, the eiffel chairs, the white wooden planks for tables, the shiplap on one of the walls.   Seriously, LOVE.  I also love the open kitchen concept where you see all the magic happen and go down. 

How awesome is the black bar they did to contrast the white dining area????  The boldness they have in this place is phenomenal.  I think this was Greg's favorite part of the place. 

I treated myself to The Edie Sedgwick which was delicious.  It was like drinking juice although sometimes that can be a bad thing haha.  It was Stoli Vodka, St Germain Elderflower, Homemade Blueberry Puree, Fresh Pressed Apple Juice + Soda. I only had one since I had to drive home and pick up the girls and take Penelope to soccer but I could have had many more.  

I was really looking forward to two things on their lunch menu and one of them was this popcorn.  It is made on the stove with bacon fat and truffle.  If heaven came in a bowl, this is what it would like.  I loved that it came in a pioneer woman bowl and that all bowls and appetizer plates were different.  So cute and it works really well with their vibe too.  And at $5 a pop, you can have more than one bowl if you choose!!

These crab corn dogs were the other thing I was really excited to try when I had glanced through their menu earlier that week.  These were absolutely amazing.  It was basically like a deep fried crab cake but better because it was on a stick!!  The aioli was really good with the corn dog and while both Greg and I enjoyed the flavor and heat of the fish sauce, neither of us thought it worked well with the corn dog.  I absolutely recommend that you try these next time you are here.  You won't be disappointed. 

The third thing we got was the Sticky Saskatoon Berry Wings which was Greg's pick.  I don't love saskatoon berries so wasn't sure if I would like these but man were they fantastic.  These are Fried Chicken Wings from Lethrbridge and topped with a sweet and savory saskatoon berry sauce.  I can't believe how good these were, I am drooling just thinking about them now.  And to think I didn't think I would like them haha. 

After devouring three starters, we shared the Duck Confit Pot Pie. This consisted of Brome Lake pulled duck confit, tarragon truffle cream and farm fresh peas and carrots.  I didn't like this at all and I was disappointed that I didn't because I really wanted to and I really thought I would.  Greg ate the whole thing and while he didn't love it and probably wouldn't order it again, he said it was ok.  I think it was the tarragon flavor that ruined it for me because I don't think I like tarragon haha.  

For dessert, we shared the Chef's Feature which was smores in a jar.  It was graham cracker crumbs, delicious brownie and marshmallow fluff.  The brownie was probably one of the best, if not the best, brownies either if us had ever had in our entire lives.  So good.  My only complaint was that while the marshmallow fluff worked perfectly for what they were creating, it was so super sweet that I would have preferred ice cream or something.  But either way, still really good and I would have it again.  It was actually really tough to pick a dessert because they all looked so delicious and that is really hard to come by in a restaurant these days.  They also sell bonbon's so I bought 2 for the girls and one for me for an after school treat and they were freaking delicious. 

This was our first time to Market but it definitely won't be our last.  I really want to try their brunch menu and bring the kids because I know Penelope would die for their banana bread french toast topped with chocolate sauce and it all looks amazing.  Plus their dinner menu looks really spectacular too.  

They are really easy to find on 17th ave with lots of free parking around the block.  They take reservations which is always fantastic because really who likes waiting for a table??  Not this girl.  Go make your reservation now, you won't regret it. 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Family Day Long Weekend

The girls had 5 days off from school thanks to two days of teacher conferences across the city and family day yesterday.  My mom and my sister, along with her baby were visiting also so it made for a busy weekend with visitors and birthday parties. 

Our Thursday started out with some birthday shopping at Mastermind Toys for 2 birthday parties the girls were going to this weekend followed up to a trip to a community that I had never been before to pick up the two pen holders from a friend who had found them for me.  It was a long drive from my house but it was nice to see part of the city that the girls and I had never seen before.  

We picked up my mom from my aunty's house after lunch and then went to walmart before coming home and getting the girls ready for soccer.  Greg took them to tech and then went cross country skiing while they were there.   When they all got home Kristy had arrived with Everly and she was a little grouchy from being in her carseat all day and being in new surroundings so Uncle Greg tried to calm her down.  We ended up having to turn all the lights off to calm her down and then she adjusted fine after that. 

Friday morning I woke up early and got in a run on my treadmill.  I wore my scarlet speed up shorts from lululemon since the olympics were on and felt like showing some canadian pride. 

Later Friday morning, we headed to the mall for Everly's first trip to Chinook Centre and most likely not her last haha.  Penelope loved pushing the stroller around although we are not quite sure how she was able to see over it haha.  Eventually Kristy took over because we don't think Penelope could see haha. 

My haul from Friday's shopping trip - not too bad.  On our way home from Chinook, we stopped at Southcentre so the girls could spend their gift cards that they had got for Christmas at Justice and they both left very happy with their huge bag of goodies. 

I had bought these dresses for the girls when we were back to school shopping. I had found them at Walmart for $5 each and then around Thanksgiving, I found some in baby sizes so I bought Everly one too although hers is a little different. 

Friday night, the girls and I left Greg and my mom and sister at home and headed to the Flying Squirrel for one of my best friends youngest daughters.  The girls had a great time and H loved the present we got her and I was right - it was a cat haha.  I just wish one of these places would open in South Calgary or Okotoks or something so I wouldn't have to make the long trek to the airport.  

On Saturday, my mom, sister, Everly + Finley went to Red Deer to visit some family but Greg and I hung back since Penelope had a birthday party to go to.  The party had a balloon sculpturist and she came home with a pretty cool giraffe.  It was a snowy day so we spent it for the most part inside watching tv although Greg did manage to get his passport photos taken. 

On Sunday, I went shopping again with my mom and my sister and managed to score 2 pairs of Adidas runners from Winners for $40 each.  Yay for having small feet and being able to fit into kid sizes.  I have messed up my feet, ankles, achilles and many other tendons and ligaments from running and so my days of flip flops and toms are over and therefore cool running/walking/lifestyle shoes are a must.   Finley's soccer team was supposed to play in a soccer tournament this weekend but not enough girl teams registered in their age group + tier and so we were left with a free weekend.  Our team managers decided to have a team bonding get together and the girls voted on seeing Peter Rabbit.  Siblings were allowed to come and both kids loved and to nobody's surprise, Finley cried through the movie.  Greg stayed home and made supper since we were having some family over for dinner to meet Everly.

Another matching outfit for the 3 - this time courtesy of Aunty Kristy - again $5 Walmart dresses for the win!

Me trying to get a photo of Everly smiling haha. 

On Monday we were planning on going to Banff for the day but it was a little too cold for the baby so we stayed home and just hung out. Finley wasn't feeling that well anyways so it was a good day to do nothing and get ready for the week ahead.  

Finley + Penelope got the book Wonder for Christmas from our elves and Finley finished it earlier last week and as luck would have it, it was released on video as well so we rented it from Shaw later Monday afternoon. I don't think there is a movie in existence that made me ugly cry from the beginning to the very end.  It is very difficult for me to grasp that people like Julian's parents exist in this world and are actively trying to pass on their hate and pettiness onto their child.  I just hope that Greg and I are able to raise the best little humans we can, who are willing to choose kindness over anything else and will make change the world in a positive way no matter how big or small.  

Finley + Penelope put on a production for us on Monday evening. Penelope wrote a song about cats who are chillin' and Finley is supposed to be the cat who is currently chillin'.  Finley wrote a song about shaking her butt while going down a hill while cross country skiing. Ironically enough, that is exactly what Finley does when going down a hill haha.  Penelope pretended to cross country ski around the bonus room.  Some video footage is currently on my insta stories until about 6pm tonight if you want to check it out. 

We ended our family day long long weekend by watching Tessa Virtue + Scott Moir win gold in PyeoungChang and become the most decorated Olympic figure skaters in history.  I still can't believe they are not a real life couple but apparently they did date previously.  I still secretly hope they announce their engagement today though hahaha. 

Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend?

Friday, 16 February 2018

Friday Favorites #11

1. This first one is like a 2 for 1 haha.  First, on the left is Prairie Garden tea from the Tea Traders in Inglewood.  The whole shop smells like what I think heaven should smell like - if you are a tea drinker haha.  I had this tea when I was at The Eden (located conveniently across the street) in December and again when I was there last week and loved it so much.  I asked them what it was and where it was from because i was certain it was local and I was pretty sure it was from the tea traders but wanted to make sure.  So after lunch, I went across the street and bought 100g of it.  The Tea Traders has the best prices for the best teas by far.  On the right, this mug I bought from Starbucks is another favorite. I love the pink handle and the design on the mug.  It looks so basic but really it is quite pretty.  My sister was the one who told me about this mug and I was able to find it at my local starbucks the next day.  I am pretty sure they still have them if you are wanting to purchase one for yourself haha. 

When I saw how huge fingerlings were and how hard they were getting to find, I bought 2 unicorns on the when I had heard on the radio that they were back in stock.  I wasn't sure if either kid wanted one but I figured if they didn't then I could help out a friend by selling it to them at the cost that I paid.  Soon after,  Finley said she really wanted one after seeing a classmates one day and she specifically wanted the unicorn - score!  Penelope wasn't really into it so I just kinda played it by ear. A few weeks after, we were walking home from school and she said that she wanted a fingerling but not the unicorn because she doesn't like unicorns but the teal monkey with the purple hair. My heart sunk because I had already purchased the unicorn and all others were near impossible to find.  That same day, my friend Terra texted me asking about unicorn fingerlings because it was on her daughter's christmas list too.  I looked on various facebook bst sites and kijiji but both Terra + I were refusing to pay more than face value for the toy so we had no luck.  So I posted on my facebook account hoping that a friend overbought or something so we could find another fingerling so Terra could have the unicorn I already purchased and Penelope could something else. I was just hoping for a monkey at this point and wasn't too worried about colours. Thankfully, my friend Tara had bought some extras and had 2 monkeys left and one was Zoey - the one Penelope had wanted.  She sold it to me at face value and all 3 girls got the fingerlings they had wanted for christmas!!!  Penelope was obsessed with hers and it goes everywhere with her.  So when we finally went to Mastermind so she could spend her gift card from her cousins Easton + Ashton she was excited to see that they had glitter fingerlings there and even more happier that it was named Quincy.  For those who don't know why Quincy made her happy, he was my cat that I had had for 15 years before he got out one afternoon in May and was never seen again.  It still makes me sad just thinking about him.  So needless to say, Quincy came home with us and all three have been inseperable ever since.  These are the most annoying toys in the world and I have banned them from being turned on in my car because they make me want to lose my freaking mind!!!

Justin Timberlake is coming back to Edmonton and I have got tickets thanks to my good friend Stephanie!  She somehow managed to get 10 tickets during the presale on Wednesday through a bunch of people and so we are all going!  I saw him when he was in Edmonton a few years ago on the suit and tie tour and it was fantastic.  I am loving the whole man of the woods theme this time round and am very excited to see him again!!!  Is it November yet??

One day I was perusing the Simons website looking at something completely unrelated to what you see below but it popped up and caught my eye - kitty cat bathroom accessories and they were on sale with free shipping.  I have noticed that bathroom accessories are way more expensive then I think they should be so I was happy to see these at such a good deal,  I ordered them right away and was super excited when they arrived. I opened them up and set them on the counter eagerly awaiting the school day to be over so I could show them to the girls.  The girls loved them but asked why it said miaw and not meow and I was like what are you talking about and it turns out they are in french which makes total sense considering where i bought them from hahah.  I actually didn't even know they had writing on them at all but it worked out well since Penelope loves all things cats and Finley all things french.  They think I planned it like this on purpose and i let them believe i did haha. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  

Today is also Ash Wednesday so the girls celebrated both Shrove Tuesday + Valentine's Day yesterday. I also volunteered at the school in the morning handing out pancakes to 900 students and faculty members.  

Finley + Penelope going through their Valentine haul.  Finley got heart shaped sunglasses from her teacher.  They were excited to see all the different valentine cards they got.  Finley handed out cards that said Valentine You Rule that came with a little ruler.  Penelope handed out LOL valentines.  

I surprised Greg and the girls with donuts for breakfast and a little treat for each of them. Finley just finished Wonder last week and was really excited to get the next book to read.  Penelope just started Wonder but I knew she would love these Cupcake Diaries chapter books. I got her 2 of them since they were cheaper then Aggie + Me. I can't believe I got books for her in the 9-12 section of Chapters when she is only 7!  She loves to read that girl.

When I was at Sobeys yesterday replacing the 4L jug that leaked in my fridge yesterday morning, they had heart shaped cookies in the cooler section so I bought a package to bake so the girls could have a fun treat in their lunch today. 

Penelope has soccer tonight so no big Valentine plans for us though I am meeting Greg for lunch downtown after Finley's liturgy today.  I assume that while I am at soccer with Penelope, Greg + Finley will be upstairs watching the Olympics haha. 

Hope you have a great day filled with love!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

My life has been so boring as of late that I actually had nothing to blog about this week until Friday's post so I googled some blog ideas so be prepared for some interesting topics to come haha. Or maybe they won't be interesting.....who can be certain??  One of the topics I came across that was easy to do from sitting on my couch while watching the olympics was my favorite kitchen gadgets that I use on a daily basis.  I did the few I use daily plus a couple that I love but that we didn't use daily.  All photos were found from google searches so I didn't have to go downstairs and take photos and upload them to my computer and then my blog hahaha. 

  1. a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one.

    "a state-of-the-art kitchen with every conceivable gadget"

    synonyms:applianceapparatusinstrumentimplementtoolutensilcontrivancecontraptionmachinemechanismdevice, labor-saving device, convenienceinventionMore

I have two gadgets that I use every single day and I am assuming everyone uses a version of one thing also on a regular basis:

1.  Is my keurig. I use it every day, usually once or twice a day.  Sometimes more but not usually. I bought my own reusable k-cups on amazon right after I got it for christmas a few years ago and fill them with my own tea.  I usually get my tea from steeped tea or locally at Totalitea which has a booth at the Calgary Farmers Market or at The Tea Traders located in Inglewood.  Although if I am using green tea, I just dispense hot water from keurig and use my tea steeper to steep it in my mug.  I don't know why I do this but I do.  

2.  The second gadget that I cannot live without is my Tupperware Breakfast Maker. I bought this a few years ago and use it every day for either breakfast or lunch or sometimes both.  You can do a bunch of things with it but I use it 99% of the time for poached eggs.  You put one egg in each cup along with 3 tbsp of water and put it in the microwave for 75 seconds.  The other 1% is for scrambling eggs for egg salad sandwiches. I cook the eggs without water for about 90 seconds.  I let it cool and then mix with miracle whip (NOT mayonaisse) and put on my bread.  Easy peasy!  If you search for them on the tupperware website you can find them and more things that you can do with them like brownies, omelettes and french toast!

Some of my other favorite kitchen gadgets but I don't use everyday is my blender which I purchased at Sears a year ago.  It is basically a vitamix but wayyyyyy cheaper. A former blogger and fellow instagrammer friend recommended it to me and it has not disappointed.  

I use my kitchen aid mixer a lot.  In fact, I used my first one so much I wore it out.  This one I have had I think for just over 2 years now. I wish that it was white and not black but costco was sold out of the white and it was a good deal and in right in the middle of christmas baking so I couldn't be too picky.  I love mine so much, I can't imagine not having one!

Greg would add to this list his sous vide thing that I bought him for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I have never used it myself but for the most part it makes us fabulous meals on the weekends in the winter.  It is a weird looking machine and even weirder when you know how it cooks the food but it really does work.  You can buy sous vide eggs at starbucks right now and many local restaurants also have sous vide machines that they use.  Offhand, I know that the Blue Star Diner uses one for sure.

I really want an instantpot but greg has not given in to that request.  He claims my crockpot does the same job but after watching This Is Us, I have no urge to ever use mine again hahaha.   I hope that one day I convince him to get one. 

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget that you absolutely cannot live without??

Sunday, 11 February 2018


UPDATE:  I think I am just an idiot or half asleep or something but I figured it out.  This was a becky error not a disqus/blogger error hahaha

When I purchased a blogger template from etsy several months ago, it was apparently not compatiable with the commenting platform disqus.  It took me a much longer time then I care to admit to notice that this had happened.  I kept telling myself I would get around to fixing it but I never did.  Until yesterday.

I spent hours on my laptop trying to figure it out.  I would follow the instructions for manually installing and it automatically doing it by following their steps and prompts.  I cannot tell you how many times I did this and nothing worked.  I could see it on my layout page but all the coding really confused me so that didn't help much.  Whenever I had the widget on my blog, the comment section disappeared altogether and only came back to my blog once I deleted the widget for disqus.   I have done this before so I don't know why I can't seem to figure it out now??

I know blogger has a reply feature on their comment section on the blog so I decided to try that out.  I commented on a blog post from a random email address and then replied back to the comment with the email associated with the blog.   I went to the random email account and no notification but the account associated with the blog got notifications that someone commented and then again when I replied. Why does google do this?  Why doesn't google have a built in widget for this or even why is it just not automatic??  I did leave a comment on the blogger help forum but nobody bothered to help me.  I even requested help on twitter without a single reply.  And when I google this to see if I can find my own solution, nothing comes up.  

I am very frustrated with this and find myself on many occasions wanting to reply to a comment but cannot because I know the original commenter won't get the notification that I did reply back.  And ain't nobody got time to come and look back at all the comments that they have made to see if someone might have replied back.  

If anybody knows how to fix my disqus/commenting problems, please let me know.   Or if you just want to do it yourself - send me a message and I will give you all the necessary info to get it done!!  I am desperate!!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Books Read in 2018 - January Update

Here is a list of the books I read in January:

1. Behind Closed Doors - B.A Paris - It is a fast paced book and I finished it in one sitting which is super rare for me.  I did like how it went back and forth between past and present and kept you guessing what he was doing to her because you knew he was but I never would have guessed what he was up to ever.  Some reviews said it was another gone girl but it was nothing like that imo.  

2.  The Hating Game - Sally Thorne - I loved this book and I spent an entire Friday night in a bath tub reading it until my water went cold and I was forced to get out.  Even though this book was super predictable from the beginning to the end, I still really liked it.  It is the perfect light hearted novel to curl up to read. 

3.  The Good Girl - Mary Kubica - I appreciated how each chapter was from a different person's perspective and it was either before or after the event.  I thought the book overall was a lot on the boring side, but the last chapter was mindblowing!!  I still can't believe what I read and I honestly cannot stop thinking about it.  Go read if if you have the chance, the ending will make it well worth your time (and money if you buy books as opposed to using the library).

4.  Namaslay - Candace Moore - this is all about yoga and meditation. I only got it for the meditation chapter as I am working to enhance my meditative ability.  It was a fantastic and informative chapter on the subject and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you are looking to develop your yoga and meditation abilities, then I would definitely suggest this book. It was very detailed, had great photos and there is something about Candace's writing that I love.  It had chapters on all levels of yoga. 

5.  Do Your Om Thing - Rebecca Pacheco - I didn't read the whole book but it is in this section because I wanted it for a few chapters that it had on meditation. I am trying to up my meditation game and this book was really good!

Books I Tried to Read But Couldn't Finish:

1.  Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman - Everybody I know seemed to be reading this book.  I had requested it from the library but I was wayyyyy down the list.  However, one day I walked into the library and there it was on the shelf of notable reads.  I was so excited that I couldn't wait until bootcamp was over and I could go home and start reading it.  That is wear my excitement ends.  I am currently on page 83 with zero interest to go any further.  

2.  Bitter Is The New Black - Jen Lancaster - This book was a memoir and Jen is so awful I had to stop reading it.  I don't mind bitterness, I mean I think we all have a little of it inside of us for some things - but this was on a whole new level. I took it with me to soccer practice on a sunday morning but I couldn't make myself finish it if I tried.

3.  Adulting - Kelly Williams Brown - This was 468 ways to become a grown up.  By the 11th way, I came to the realization that I was fully functioning, successful adult and through the book back in my bag for it be returned from the library.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

What I Streamed In January

Here is what I streamed in January:

I actually started watching season 2 of Easy in December on our drive back from Saskatoon. I downloaded all 8 episodes onto my ipad and got almost 6 episodes done and finished the last 2 and a bit towards the end of January.  This is an interesting series because each episode is unrelated in any way.  Some of the episodes in season 1 were back in season 2 but some were brand new in season 2.  I really like this but it is one where you have to pay attention to each episode and not really be doing much else.  There are 8 episodes in each season and they are only about 28 minutes long I think.  Both seasons are currently streaming on Netflix Canada and is definitely worth watching.

I had no idea what the Black Mirror was about.  In fact, all I knew about it was that the 4th season came out over the holidays or around there and people were excited by this.  Greg and I watched the first 2 episodes of season 1 and while I didn't really get into the first episode, the second one kept me thinking about it for days.  Even now, nearly a month later, I still don't think I would want what they have.  I can't really say much else without giving too much away.  Like Easy, it appears each episode is unrelated to the next.  Hopefully we will get more episodes on sooner than later.  All four seasons are currently streaming on Netflix Canada.

Season 2 of The Crashing came out in January.  This show is actually on HBO but I never did set a recording for it, so I watch it on my ipad.  You can stream it on the movie central app and I think the shaw free range app.  I am not sure if it is on Crave TV or not.  The main guy Pete Holmes was recently on a podcast that I like and he was asked why he struggles so badly and he said that it was because most shows about comedians are success stories and more often than not, comedians struggle and it was based loosely on his life.  It is only about 30 minutes long and I really enjoy watching this show.  New episodes are uploaded to the movie central app every monday after a new episode.  I definitely recommend watching this show. 

This is my treadmill running show but since I have been running a lot outside in the month of January, I have only had a chance to watch a few episodes of season 3.  I know I say this every month but I forgot how funny this show really is.   All seasons are currently streaming on Netflix Canada. 

Season 4 came out on CraveTV this month and this made me very happy.  This show is only aired in the US on Comedy Central and I love it.  It took me awhile to get into it and while I don't think I would want to be friends with either of them, it is still an enjoyable show.  All 4 seasons are currently streaming on CraveTV go watch it now!  Shania Twain was on episode 2 and was wearing a lululemon define jacket.   Episode 4 was terrible.  It was animated and I didn't like it so I watched like 2 minutes and skipped to episode 5.  I still maintain season 3 is their best season but there were some good moments in this one too.  Episodes are short so it is an easy, quick watch.  All 4 seasons are currently streaming on CraveTV now!

What shows did you stream or watch this month?