Sunday, 11 February 2018


UPDATE:  I think I am just an idiot or half asleep or something but I figured it out.  This was a becky error not a disqus/blogger error hahaha

When I purchased a blogger template from etsy several months ago, it was apparently not compatiable with the commenting platform disqus.  It took me a much longer time then I care to admit to notice that this had happened.  I kept telling myself I would get around to fixing it but I never did.  Until yesterday.

I spent hours on my laptop trying to figure it out.  I would follow the instructions for manually installing and it automatically doing it by following their steps and prompts.  I cannot tell you how many times I did this and nothing worked.  I could see it on my layout page but all the coding really confused me so that didn't help much.  Whenever I had the widget on my blog, the comment section disappeared altogether and only came back to my blog once I deleted the widget for disqus.   I have done this before so I don't know why I can't seem to figure it out now??

I know blogger has a reply feature on their comment section on the blog so I decided to try that out.  I commented on a blog post from a random email address and then replied back to the comment with the email associated with the blog.   I went to the random email account and no notification but the account associated with the blog got notifications that someone commented and then again when I replied. Why does google do this?  Why doesn't google have a built in widget for this or even why is it just not automatic??  I did leave a comment on the blogger help forum but nobody bothered to help me.  I even requested help on twitter without a single reply.  And when I google this to see if I can find my own solution, nothing comes up.  

I am very frustrated with this and find myself on many occasions wanting to reply to a comment but cannot because I know the original commenter won't get the notification that I did reply back.  And ain't nobody got time to come and look back at all the comments that they have made to see if someone might have replied back.  

If anybody knows how to fix my disqus/commenting problems, please let me know.   Or if you just want to do it yourself - send me a message and I will give you all the necessary info to get it done!!  I am desperate!!

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