Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Family Day Long Weekend

The girls had 5 days off from school thanks to two days of teacher conferences across the city and family day yesterday.  My mom and my sister, along with her baby were visiting also so it made for a busy weekend with visitors and birthday parties. 

Our Thursday started out with some birthday shopping at Mastermind Toys for 2 birthday parties the girls were going to this weekend followed up to a trip to a community that I had never been before to pick up the two pen holders from a friend who had found them for me.  It was a long drive from my house but it was nice to see part of the city that the girls and I had never seen before.  

We picked up my mom from my aunty's house after lunch and then went to walmart before coming home and getting the girls ready for soccer.  Greg took them to tech and then went cross country skiing while they were there.   When they all got home Kristy had arrived with Everly and she was a little grouchy from being in her carseat all day and being in new surroundings so Uncle Greg tried to calm her down.  We ended up having to turn all the lights off to calm her down and then she adjusted fine after that. 

Friday morning I woke up early and got in a run on my treadmill.  I wore my scarlet speed up shorts from lululemon since the olympics were on and felt like showing some canadian pride. 

Later Friday morning, we headed to the mall for Everly's first trip to Chinook Centre and most likely not her last haha.  Penelope loved pushing the stroller around although we are not quite sure how she was able to see over it haha.  Eventually Kristy took over because we don't think Penelope could see haha. 

My haul from Friday's shopping trip - not too bad.  On our way home from Chinook, we stopped at Southcentre so the girls could spend their gift cards that they had got for Christmas at Justice and they both left very happy with their huge bag of goodies. 

I had bought these dresses for the girls when we were back to school shopping. I had found them at Walmart for $5 each and then around Thanksgiving, I found some in baby sizes so I bought Everly one too although hers is a little different. 

Friday night, the girls and I left Greg and my mom and sister at home and headed to the Flying Squirrel for one of my best friends youngest daughters.  The girls had a great time and H loved the present we got her and I was right - it was a cat haha.  I just wish one of these places would open in South Calgary or Okotoks or something so I wouldn't have to make the long trek to the airport.  

On Saturday, my mom, sister, Everly + Finley went to Red Deer to visit some family but Greg and I hung back since Penelope had a birthday party to go to.  The party had a balloon sculpturist and she came home with a pretty cool giraffe.  It was a snowy day so we spent it for the most part inside watching tv although Greg did manage to get his passport photos taken. 

On Sunday, I went shopping again with my mom and my sister and managed to score 2 pairs of Adidas runners from Winners for $40 each.  Yay for having small feet and being able to fit into kid sizes.  I have messed up my feet, ankles, achilles and many other tendons and ligaments from running and so my days of flip flops and toms are over and therefore cool running/walking/lifestyle shoes are a must.   Finley's soccer team was supposed to play in a soccer tournament this weekend but not enough girl teams registered in their age group + tier and so we were left with a free weekend.  Our team managers decided to have a team bonding get together and the girls voted on seeing Peter Rabbit.  Siblings were allowed to come and both kids loved and to nobody's surprise, Finley cried through the movie.  Greg stayed home and made supper since we were having some family over for dinner to meet Everly.

Another matching outfit for the 3 - this time courtesy of Aunty Kristy - again $5 Walmart dresses for the win!

Me trying to get a photo of Everly smiling haha. 

On Monday we were planning on going to Banff for the day but it was a little too cold for the baby so we stayed home and just hung out. Finley wasn't feeling that well anyways so it was a good day to do nothing and get ready for the week ahead.  

Finley + Penelope got the book Wonder for Christmas from our elves and Finley finished it earlier last week and as luck would have it, it was released on video as well so we rented it from Shaw later Monday afternoon. I don't think there is a movie in existence that made me ugly cry from the beginning to the very end.  It is very difficult for me to grasp that people like Julian's parents exist in this world and are actively trying to pass on their hate and pettiness onto their child.  I just hope that Greg and I are able to raise the best little humans we can, who are willing to choose kindness over anything else and will make change the world in a positive way no matter how big or small.  

Finley + Penelope put on a production for us on Monday evening. Penelope wrote a song about cats who are chillin' and Finley is supposed to be the cat who is currently chillin'.  Finley wrote a song about shaking her butt while going down a hill while cross country skiing. Ironically enough, that is exactly what Finley does when going down a hill haha.  Penelope pretended to cross country ski around the bonus room.  Some video footage is currently on my insta stories until about 6pm tonight if you want to check it out. 

We ended our family day long long weekend by watching Tessa Virtue + Scott Moir win gold in PyeoungChang and become the most decorated Olympic figure skaters in history.  I still can't believe they are not a real life couple but apparently they did date previously.  I still secretly hope they announce their engagement today though hahaha. 

Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend?

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