Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!  

Today is also Ash Wednesday so the girls celebrated both Shrove Tuesday + Valentine's Day yesterday. I also volunteered at the school in the morning handing out pancakes to 900 students and faculty members.  

Finley + Penelope going through their Valentine haul.  Finley got heart shaped sunglasses from her teacher.  They were excited to see all the different valentine cards they got.  Finley handed out cards that said Valentine You Rule that came with a little ruler.  Penelope handed out LOL valentines.  

I surprised Greg and the girls with donuts for breakfast and a little treat for each of them. Finley just finished Wonder last week and was really excited to get the next book to read.  Penelope just started Wonder but I knew she would love these Cupcake Diaries chapter books. I got her 2 of them since they were cheaper then Aggie + Me. I can't believe I got books for her in the 9-12 section of Chapters when she is only 7!  She loves to read that girl.

When I was at Sobeys yesterday replacing the 4L jug that leaked in my fridge yesterday morning, they had heart shaped cookies in the cooler section so I bought a package to bake so the girls could have a fun treat in their lunch today. 

Penelope has soccer tonight so no big Valentine plans for us though I am meeting Greg for lunch downtown after Finley's liturgy today.  I assume that while I am at soccer with Penelope, Greg + Finley will be upstairs watching the Olympics haha. 

Hope you have a great day filled with love!

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