Wednesday, 28 March 2018

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

I had heard that Chicago died its river green on St. Patrick's Day randomly a few years ago on Instagram but I had absolutely no idea it was such a huge occasion.  Greg and I were originally just planning to walk down to the river at some point that Saturday to see the green river and take a few photos. However, the night before we were met one of his colleagues and his wife at a piano bar and they had found out that it was a big deal to be there when it actually happened.  Someone told them that they officially died it around 9am but you had to be there by 8am to get a good spot.  We googled it when we returned to our hotel later that night and found out that it was indeed a huge deal to watch the river turn green and that over 200,000 attended this event!!

After a very long travel day and late night the night before, Greg and I were soooooo tired when our alarm went off at 7am but we got up and headed to our closest starbucks before heading down to the river for the river dying.  We got to river right around 8am and went down to get as close to the water as we could.  It was not very busy and we were soon doubting what we had heard about his event.  They had multiple police boats and this massive fire boat going up and down the river to keep an eye on things and to keep my entertained haha.  This fire boat was amazing and was a legit fire truck but in boat form.  It was designed to fight fires on buildings directly from the water.  I thought it was crazy at first but made sense once you remember that Chicago burnt down in 1871. 

While we were waiting, we got free samples of pedialyte.  The packaging made us both laugh.  It was also very cold while we waited.  Chicago is a very windy city whcih should have been a given since its official nickname is the windy city but I just never thought that it was as cold as it was.  The problem is that on top of the wind, it is humid so it literally always felt cold.  I honestly don't think i was warm the entire 6 days we were there.  Being right by the water didn't help the warmth situation. 

The dying of the river is done every year on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day (unless it actually falls on the Saturday) by the Local Plumbers Union.  It started back in 1962 by then Chicago Mayor who wanted to dye Lake Michigan green for the holiday.  He is also credited with bringing back the St. Patrick's Day Parade to Chicago as well.  His friend who happened to be the Chicago Plumbers Union business manager suggested dyeing the Chicago River instead.  The river is dyed green with the help of 2 small boats (as seen above)  donated by volunteers and a larger boat that is about 18 feet long. 

This boat uses flour sifters to dump about 40 lbs of an environmentally friendly orange powder into the river.  The formula for the powder, which turns the water bright green when it hits, is top secret.  All I could find online that it was a proprietary dye that the plumbers used to detect leaks in buildings but not sure how accurate that is or not. 

The other little boat comes behind and helps churn the water and that then helps disperse the powder throughout the river.

The largest boat is spraying out what I think is the same thing that the first boat was also releasing but I am not too sure.  It was really cool watching this all happen. 

A photo of the Chicago River around 9:22am, apparently it takes about 45 minutes to see the full greenness of it, but we wer not waiting around for that.  By this point, I had no feeling left in my hands or feet and was literally convulsing because of how cold I felt.  But Greg and I both agreed that it was worth the lack of sleep and hypothermia to see this. By the time we left our area, there were about 5 rows of people behind us and it was crazy busy so they weren't wrong when they said that over 200,000 people came down for the river dying,  It took forever to get up the stairs and back on the main roads and sidewalks. 

We were told more than 800.000 people come downtown for the St. Patrick's Day parade and they weren't exaggerating.  It was crazy!!  This was the crowd of people truing to get to one of the parade viewing spots.  It was cold and we were still cold 3 hours later when the parade started so we skipped it and went to the Art Institute of Chicago instead.  

After we finished at the art institute, we realized that we were now in parade central and decided to head to Grant Park since I wanted to see the space where Barack Obama held both his victory speeches when he was elected President in 2008 + 2012.  Apparently this was a herding space for food trucks, drunk people and alcohol.  It was so crazy that I still have no real understanding of what it actually looks like haha.  This was as close as we could get to the Lincoln statue and this was zoomed in. 

We continued to make our way towards Milennium Park from Grant Park and so part of the parade.  They don't allow any chairs and you are barricaded from sitting on the street.  The complete opposite of the Stampede Parade.  Also, any streets that intersect with the parade route are blocked off with garbage trucks and trucks full of salt to prevent cars from driving into the crowds.  And on these roads, they have swat vehicles with swat officers standing outside their vehicles with massive AK15's or whatever they called (forgive me for not knowing any gun).  This was kinda scary to see.  They also had locks on all the garbage cans forcing you to litter to prevent any bombings like what happened at the Boston Marathon in 2015.  Such a crazy world we live in right now. 

This was a shot of the Chicago River around 220 on our way to the Navy Pier.  It was definitely a gorgeous shade of green when the sun hit it the right way.  I honestly had no idea that St. Patrick's Day was such a huge deal in Chicago.  To put it in perspective, it was like a week of the Calgary Stampede rolled into one day.  So many people, so much booze, pubs were opened at 9am and lined up around blocks by 930am.  I am not sure I have seen so many people throw up downtown like that in my entire life.  This all being said, I am so glad that Greg's company sent him here during this holiday weekend so that we could witness it first hand because it really was so cool.  I don't know if I would ever come back during this weekend in the future but defiintely happy to experience it. 

Monday, 26 March 2018

Chicago Eats: Girl And The Goat and so much more!!

 So here is my first post about our trip to Chicago and it is allllllll about the food we ate.  I am going in order of the days we were there but starting with what was the highlight meal of my trip - if not my entire life.  After that, everything is randomly ordered.

One crazy thing about Chicago is that every restaurant whether in downtown Chicago or suburbia is freaking huge.  Every place we went into was like significantly bigger then any restaurant I have ever been in here in Calgary. 

When Greg mentioned that he might be going to Chicago and I said very quickly that I was going with him, I went to Open Table to make a reservation for us to eat at Girl and The Goat.  I knew it was popular, but I had no idea that you had to book at a minimum a month in advance to get a decent supper reservation.  I did manage to get one for the Sunday evening at 8pm though and I was super excited.  Fast forward a week or so later when Greg came home from work and told me that we had tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks game for that same Sunday night with the company that Greg was coming to do some testing or something for.  Colour me disappointed.  However, Greg kept checking for cancellations and on Saturday night at like 11pm, he found 2 spots had opened up at 10 + 1030pm for the following night.  I was half asleep so I agreed to it but the next night at the hockey game, I was so tired that I wasn't sure if I was up to going but I got a second wind and we decided to go.  It worked out because the restaurant is on the way home from the United Center to our hotel.

It was mind boggling to walk into a restaurant at 10pm  - on a Sunday night no less - and see how packed it was.  The kitchen does close at 11pm Sunday - Thursday but as long as you have your food ordered before then, you will get all the food.  They will do dessert after that but not any of the other items.  They will stay open until the last table leaves.  Our table wasn't quite ready yet when we arrived so we had a drink at their bar which was also packed.  Greg had a beer of some kind that came in the cutest goat glass.  I loved all the touches of their goat logo on everything.  Even the back of the menu had it. I loved it.  I got a cocktail called thyme is honey which was old forester bourbon, cynar, apple, pear, honey, lemon and thyme.  It was really good but it did not have the cute goat on it.  

We started with the roasted beets salad which was green beans, white anchovy, avocado creme fraiche, and bread crumbs.  It was so delcious - the bread crumbs were such a nice touch.  I really loved it but i love almost anything with beets in it.  I was surprised I liked the avocado creme fraiche because I don't like avocado but it was really good.

Next, we had the seared diver scallops which was toasted miso-brown butter aioli, blood orange, smoked beet and pistachio.  It was literally the most amazing scallop I have ever had in my entire life.  I don't know if anything will ever top this. 

The third and final plate we ordered was the wood roasted pig face.  Yes pig face.  I did ask the server before we ordered it that it didn't come out looking like a pig because I would probably be a vegan if that ever happened and then I would die since I don't like the right vegetables or protein to survive.  She assured me it was a patty so we went ahead and ordered it.  It was a sunny side egg, tamarind, cilantro, red wine maple and potato stix.  Because a pig face is pretty fatty, the patty was a bit more tender or soft then I would have liked but it was still really flavorful. 

Here is another photo of the pig face patty.  Seriously wayyy better then I anticipated.  I had tried to convince Greg that we should order the confit goat belly which was served with bourbon butter, lobster and crab and fennel.  Greg doesn't like goat and didn't think i would eat it and he is probably right, I just wanted to say I ordered it haha.  

The crazy thing about the girl and the goat's popularity is that it opened like 7 years ago and it is still almost impossible to get into.  Stephanie Izard is the executive chef and owner of the restaurant  and was the first female winner of Top Chef on the Food Network.  She is amazingly brilliant and talented and it was such an honor to eat at one of her restaurants.  She also owns Little Goat across the street which is a more diner feel but it still super busy. 

The first night we were in Chicago, we tried to go to the downtown location of Malnati's.  Apparentlly Lou Malnati's has the best chicago deep dish in the world.  We got there at like 630 and the wait was like 2 hours and so we left but we did end up going to a different location on Sunday before the Blackhawks game.  We were there at like 4 or 430 so we didn't have to wait but when we left around 6, it was crazy busy with a line up.  Greg and the 2 guys that came with him from his company loved their pizza but me and one of the wives who came did not.  She had a gluten free pizza and she said her crust was amazing but the rest of it not so much.  I ordered a personal pepperoni with no cheese which i know is weird but it is how i roll.  There is way toooo much sauce and it is really tomatoey which I don't like at all.  It was boring.  I didn't eat much which worked out since we went to the girl and the goat later that night.   Apparently authentic Chicagians don't like chicago deep dish pizza and i totally get it. 

The one positive thing about Lou Malnati's was this beautiful twisted lemonade or something like that.  It was like blueberry lemonade with vodka in it and so good.  I had 2 of them and it made up for the gross pizza. 

We spend a lot of time on the west coast and we are avid in n out burger lovers but we really wanted to try Shake Shack which apparently is the east coast version of in n out.  We found one downtown so we headed there for lunch on Sunday.  It was fairly busy but as per most chicago restuarants it was fairly big for a fast food joint.  I just got a basic burger with mustard, a chocolate milkshake and french fries.  I didn't love the fries and my shake was too thick that I had to wait forever to drink it but it was really tasty.  The bun on my burger was a hot mess but the burger itself was pretty good.  I don't know what greg had but he liked it but agreed that his milkshake was too thick.  Overall we enjoyed it but we still prefer in n out to shake shack and in n out is like half the price too.

In the second period of hockey games at the United Center, they have a dessert cart that comes around to all the suites and offer you something from there.  It is amazing!  Greg got an ice cream with caramel sauce and a side of actual cookie dough which was so good.  I had a hard time choosing but I finally settled on the rainbow layer cake because I knew the kids would appreciate my choice and it was ridiculously sweet and delicious.  Such a cool feature for the United Center to offer to their suite guests.

On Saturday night, we went to this place called Beatrix before we went to Second City.  Again, it was this huge restaurant but I loved that it felt very cozy and I loved how all the tables and chairs were different.  It was definitely a cool place to eat.  We had these kung pao brussel sprouts that were amazing.  They were like the kung pao shrimp at the earls but wayyy spicier and so good.  Greg and I have this rule where if there are brussel sprouts or beets on a menu, we have to order them.  These did not disappoint.  For supper, I had the pot roast filet mignon was was served with carmelized pearl onions, mushrooms and yukon gold potatoes.  Usually when servers bring my meal and it is all on top and fancy looking, I take it apart and eat it separately because I am weird that way, but this time I couldn't because individually my meal wasn't exciting but amazing when it all mixed together.  This was tough for a girl who hates her food touching.  Greg had the bourbon glazed pork shank which was served with japanese and red garnet sweet potatoes and rosemary.  Greg said it was delicious.  

On Saturday after the river dying for St. Patrick's Day, we went to Rosebud for brunch and it was so good.  It was good to feel warm again mostly.  Greg had eggs benedict and I had maple french toast topped with berries and whipping cream.  So good, it definitely hit the spot.  We ate so late that we didn't have lunch anywhere and just waited until supper at beatrix. 

Our first of many alcoholic beverages in Chicago.  This was after trying to find a restaurant to eat at on our first night there and in the largest restaurant we had ever been in.  It was insane in size.  The food was alright but the drinks were on point and after a long travel day, it was just what we needed but I had only had starbucks and a burger from burger king when I devoured this drink so it hit me pretty hard.  Thankfully I had a appetizer and a large meal coming soon after. 

At Second City, I had a long island iced tea with blue curaco and that might just be my drink of choice when going out.  It was the perfect amount of sweetness and deliciousness.

Friday night after supper, we met up with one of the guys who came from Greg's company and his wife.  I had never been to a piano bar and I loved it.  I need to go the dueling piano place here like yesterday haha.  I had 2 martinis which I drank but I didn't like.  Martinis were their specialty it seems but martinis are not mine haha.  It  was a super fun night. 

We had some other meals that were ok but this post is getting really long and I don't want to bore you any longer haha.  Our last night in Chicago, we had dinner with Greg's aunt and uncle who live outside chicago.  They are actually in the process of moving back to SK after 8.5 years here and we finally made it out here to visit just before they left.  We went to a seafood house and it was amazing.  Probably the best crab I have ever had. So good!  Thanks again for dinner M + K!!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Home Sweet Calgary

We made it home late Wednesday night after a great 6 day trip to Chicago.  It was the first time either of us had been there so there was lots of exploring done in the Windy City.

While we absolutely loved our time away, there is seriously no place like home.  There is something to be said about sleeping in your own bed and being back to your routine and kids and cats.  I am hoping to be back to normal soon but when i woke up yesterday morning, I could feel a cold coming on and it just got worse as the day went on.  This is my first cold in probably a year so I shouldn't complain too much. Hopefully a lot of rest this weekend helps me rocover quickly.  

Before I close out for the weekend, a special thank you for Greg's dad Don, my sister Kristy, my mom and the parents from both of the girls soccer teams for making it possible for us both to head to chicago for a mini get away, it was much appreciated!!

I have a few blogs on our trip coming up soon - hopefully next week so check back to see them. 

Happy Friday!!!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Local Eats: Brok`in Yolk

The Brok'In Yolk opened in Mahogany on Tuesday March 6th so Michelle and I decided to check it out a few days later.  It was really hard to find inside the plaza but eventually we did.  If you are checking it out, it is between Nando and the Mahogany Vet - both which are easy to spot. 

We got there right around 9 and it was starting to fill up.  I was instantly in love with how they  done this place up.  I loved the patterened wall paper and bricks and open concept kitchen.  The beams are spectacular and overall the place is really bright and airy which I also really like.   

So many different patterns and textures!!

I made this photo really large so you could see the tile on the kitchen bar because it was perfect.  And those stools.  Had I not just bought new ones, I would have asked them where they were from.  Whoever designed this place did a really good job.  I can't say how much I loved it.   

And now time for the food.  Michelle and I both had the Farmer's Breakfast and it was huge.  I don't think either of us even finished it.  We got to have 3 eggs done any way we wanted and I chose to have mine sunny side up so I could dip my toast in it and it was delicious.  The hash browns were cooked in duck fat and were perhaps the best hash browns I have ever had but I love me some duck fat.  We had homemade bacon and sausage too both of which were great.    I can't wait to go back and try something different.  

They did have a lot of staff on the morning we were talking here since they had just opened and were busy training the new servers.  Our service was great and I would  expect it to be the same even when not training so many servers.  The co-owner came and spoke to us when we sat down and chatted about the restaurant and how this one was laid out differently then the Symons Valley location so even though it had smaller square footage, there was actually more seating. 

They don't take reservations but they do have a wait list at both locations.  This is pretty straightforward where you call the location you wish to go to and find out what the wait-list is like.  If the wait time works for you and your family, they will add you to the list and they will text you a confirmation and a link to check your place in line.  You then wait for a second text to notify you that your table is almost ready.  YOu can confirm or cancel at that time and you then have 15 minutes to get to your table which kinda sucks if you don't live close  by.  I doubt I would come on a busy weekend but in case you do or I do, the above is good to know.   

The Brok'in Yolk family tree is located just as you walk in the restaurant.  These are all the local companies they use exclusively in their establishment.  I love this idea so much.  I I like supporting local where I can and this helps.  The Blue Star Diner in Bridgeland occasionally has their local companies on a chalkboard as well. 

We both very much enjoyed our first time at the Brok'in Yolk and both look forward to coming back again soon!  

Friday, 16 March 2018

Friday Favorites #12: Carry On Edition

My go to carry on bag is usually this mini tote from Lululemon but sometimes I do use my Lululemon Triumph Tote.  I bought this bag when we went to Disneyland in November 2016 I think it was.  I bought it on markdown and it has been released again and like almost every lululemon bag, it goes to wmtm.  So if you are looking for a new bag, it is worth stalking the wmtm section on the lululemon app or website.  It has tons of pockets both zippered and non zippered and instead of a wet bag that the gym bag comes with, this comes with a cute little wristlet shown below. And it has both the cross body strap and shoulder straps so it works a bunch of ways. 

The pink bag will be the purse that I will be using today.  It was empty when I took this photo  because my purse was en route from Kindersley to Calgary since I left it there on Sunday.  Purolator went and picked it up for me and delivered it here today for only $45.  I was so excited to have my purse back in my hands!  This bag is also from Lululemon and is called the festival bag.  I did pay full price for this bag but I got it at 25% off as part of my 40/80 challenge I did in January.  I already own this bag in black and if you are interested in a festival bag, I would recommend getting it in black or some other darker colour.  I have had my black one for like 6 or 7 years and it still looks brand new.  This one I have only had since the end of February but it already has marks and stains on it because of the light colour.  But regardless of that, this purse has so many pockets and compartments and is light weight. I love it.  It is the perfect travelling purse. 

The black pouch below it is from the black lululemon bag I am using as a carry on.  It contains our passports.  Technically it will be in my purse but still counts as carry on haha. 

The pink water bottle is also from Lululemon and I also got it 25% off with my 40/80 Challenge.  I have it in misty pink too and I love it.  It will be empty until I get throught security and customs. 

I have my word search and 2 pens becuase I love word searches.  Penelope bought me like 5 one year for Christmas and I am still getting through them. 

I have my headphones and my earbuds both in my carry on.  The headphones are for watching my ipad and the earbuds are for the running I will hopefully do once or twice while I am away.  I was worried about losing my earbuds in my suitcase so I carried them with me this way. 

The polka dot case contains my ipad on which I have downloaded season 3 of LOVE that came out last weekend.  I am excited to watch it and have been looking forward to it all week.  

The round container contains my hillberg + berk earrings.  I was worried about losing them and that being with me would be a safer option.  

I also have my sunglasses because it might be sunny when we land.  It definitely won't be sunny when we leave haha. 

Lastly I have 2 books that I probably won't read.  I got the Amy Schumer book for christmas right after it came out and as much as I love her (and trust me I do), I just can't seem to get this book finished.  The other book I have seen so many people reading on social media and I found it second hand for $1.50! Perhaps it will finally help me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life haha. 

 I also have a plethora of lip balm , lip gloss and lipstick along with some naproxen and gum in my purse all of which I am sure I will use on my flight at some point.

And that is what i carry in my carry on bag.  Nothing exciting by far but it works for me.  

What is your one travel item you can't leave home without?

Thursday, 15 March 2018

A Whirlwind Trip To Saskatchewan

Last weekend, we headed back to Saskatchewan for my niece's baptism.  It was a lot of driving for a limited amount of time spent in SK haha. 

We left our house at 3:23pm and then I went to get gas and wash our car and then we had to stop at London Drugs to pick up a photo I had printed. We got downtown to Greg"s office just before 430 and then after taking forever to get out of the city and stopping for supper at McDonald's in Airdrie, we didn't officially get on the road until 6pm and the roads were awful.  The highways were ice covered basically until Oyen and to make matters worse, our car starting being all weird too.  We saw a few cars upside down in the ditch  but thankfully everything was better when we crossed the border into Saskatchewan.  Around 130am, we finally got to Greg's mom's house and we were all extremely tired.  

Normally, Greg's family has breakfast every Saturday morning but we decided the night before that we weren't going to go because we got in so late and wanted to get some of our sleep back.  As it turns out, every single dealership and service place is closed on weekends in Saskatoon except for Canadian Tire.  So we took our vehicle there to see if they could fix it. While we were waiting, we wandered through what is the saddest mall  in Saskatchewan. Except for the gateway mall in PA - that is the saddest mall for sure.  Anyways, they had an urban planet and a kids section full of animal bunnyhugs. 

Penelope got the bunny rabbit one that she is wearing here and a pink giraffe one.  

Finley picked out the panda bear one as she has been eyeing it forever.  After I took this photo, I literally stared at it forver because she looks so grown-up up in this photo - it's crazy!  She will be 10 in October and I still really can"t believe it. 

It turned out that Canadian Tire didn't want to fix our vehicle because they were worried about messing stuff up and playing around with codes or such.  Or something like that. We decided to go for donuts and picked Robins since I didn't even know it existed anymore.  Turns out I don't think they are very busy because our donuts were about 4 days old I swear. But it was a nice trip down memory lane haha.

We had a nice afternoon at Gail's house where we napped and tons of rounds of skip Bo were played. We had supper there before we headed to my sister's place near Batoche.  Thankfully, our car seemed to have fixed itself and it was a nice drive there. 

On Sunday morning, we got ready and drove into Prince Albert for Everly's baptism.  The quickest way to get there is to cross the Frozen river.  In the summer time, you can take the ferry across the river.  The people who live in the area keep the road clean so that residents can back and forth between here and PA. It was kinda cool  driving across the lake. 

We got to the church early, so we drove a few blocks to my grandparents house so I could show it to the girls.  I am pretty sure I have showed them  before but they don't seem to remember it.  So much has changed on this house but the most amazing thing to me is that the same curtains that hung my entire life in their front room are still there.  And my family sold their house in 1992 I think so that is an incredible amount of time for these curtains to still be there.  And they aren't even that nice a curtain either so not too sure how they are still there hanging.  Clearly they have never been washed becasue they would have absolutely fallen apart if they had.   

This is the church where Everly got baptised on Sunday.  It is also the church were Finley was baptised and both my sister and i.  This church has hosted so many of our family's most precious moments. They don't have a lot of people attending any more and it makes me sad to think that this church may not be around for much longer.  

Greg and I were honored to be 2 of Everly's Godparents along with Dan's sister named Becky.  It made me wonder how many other babies had 2 Godparents named Becky haha.  Even crazier, our birthdays are one day apart although in different years haha.  I think this is one of my favorite photos of the day because she had been screaming her head off when the water hit her head, which is completely understandable but then as soon as they were drying her head, she realized that when you are getting hair washed or head massaged, it is the best feeling in the whole world haha.  

After we had cake and coffee in the church basement, we met my sister, Dan + Everily at Montana's for lunch before we started at the long drive back to calgary.  Kristy saw someone else celebrating their birthday and since it was Greg's birthday last weekend, she thought we should celebrate it again. The kids thought it was fabulous. 

The ride home will go down as one of the most memorable drives home from Saskatchewan but not for any of the right reasons.  We stopped at the Taco Time in Kindersley for supper.  I gave Greg the fob for our car while the girls and I went inside and ordered.  Why I am telling you this, because it will be significant in a few seconds.  Greg went and got gas and then met us back at Taco Time for a quick supper before carrying on our drive.  We finished and got in the car and drove for like 3 or more hours when we stopped at a gas station so the girls could go to the bathoom.  I was hungry and wanted a bag of chips so I went to grab my purse and it wasn't there.  My stomach started aching so as I was waiting for the girls to finish, I quickly found the number for Taco Time and they still had my purse.  They had looked through it to find my phone numnber but of course that wasn't in there.  They agreed to hold it unitl Thursday when my sister was coming through on her way to Calgary.  The whole who had the fob thing is important because we have a push button start and had it still been in my purse, the car would have detected that the fob was not in the car and I would have ran in to get my purse.  But such is life right?  And then, 20 minutes after we left the gas station we hit the worst fog I have ever experienced.  It was so bad that we couldn't see at all.  Sometimes it was bearable but most of it was horrid.  It was a tense 30 minutes before we escaped it and made it home.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed my favorite dessert from the co-op in PA.  I only ate half of it but it was really good.  I ate the other half for breakfast the next morning hahaha. 

It was not the best end of the week or start of a new week that I was hoping for but we would do it all over again so we could be there for Everly's special moment.  

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What I Read In February:

Here is what I read this month: 

Nasty Women - Edited by Samhita Mukhopadhyay + Kate Harding - This was a collection of essays on feminism, resistance and revolution in Trump's america.  This book had some really good essays that were well written and provided a good perspective or in some cases, a different perspective.  And there were some that were so boring that you had to skip through.   Overall, I would recommend this book because the good parts were really good. 

Books I Tried To Read But Couldn't FInish:

1.  The Party - Robyn Harding - This book was terrible and knew it wasn't going to be good.  Just to be sure I skipped ahead in the book and my predictions rang true.  Don't read this book. 

2.  Single State Of Mind - Andi Dorfman - I really wanted to like this book and thought for sure I would.  But seriously I just couldn't finish it.  I don't know if it was because I don't watch the bachelor series or because she could have solved a lot of her problems if she just practiced law again??  I have no idea if she has found true love yet or if she is going to write new boosk or what but this book just wasn't for me but I do have friends who do watch the bachelor series religiously who loved it so maybe it is just me??