Thursday, 1 March 2018

February By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

February was a really good month for me - especially running wise. Even a bout with the flu didn't hold me down although I am thinking I should have taken it a bit easier haha. 

87.99 - km ran in the month of February (Highest Feb EVER)
900 - km I want to run in 2018
75 - km is my goal to hit at a minimum each month
168.99 - km i have ran so far this year
18.99 - over my goal!!

75.89 - km ran on my treadmill 
10 - days ran on the treadmill 

2 - days ran outside
12.1 - km ran outside
0 - races ran or registered for
1000000 - times I almost fell on unmaintained sidewalks by both the city and its residents

1 - glute activation + yoga workshop for runners attended
9 - times I did my core challenge
382 - crunches
335 - seconds of plank
360 - sit ups 
203 - double leg drop with butt lift

4 - bootcamps attended
2 - bootcamp classes missed

2 - days biked indoors
51 - minutes biked

8 - days meditated
36.13 minutes meditated

8 - days stretched
18 - days I did strength training
15 - days I rolled out 

14 - days I did my workout challenge
1385 - calf raises
30 squats
610 - lunges

25 days active

In all of 2017 I meditated for 17 days and after 2 months I am at 17 already.  I mediated one day less then January but my time was longer so I am getting better at it, I just need to be more consistent.  I am happy with my running numbers as well as the amount of times I did my strengthening + rolling out  but I do need to work on my stretching especially as the days get nicer and I can be outside more then the treadmill.  I also have decided that I can't do the challenges the way I am doing them because I get bored by doing the same thing everyday so instead I think I will challenge myself to do one workout per day instead that is always different.  I am travelling for 9 days out of the month so we will see how that impacts my numbers too. 

How did February treat you? Any big goals for March?

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