Friday, 16 March 2018

Friday Favorites #12: Carry On Edition

My go to carry on bag is usually this mini tote from Lululemon but sometimes I do use my Lululemon Triumph Tote.  I bought this bag when we went to Disneyland in November 2016 I think it was.  I bought it on markdown and it has been released again and like almost every lululemon bag, it goes to wmtm.  So if you are looking for a new bag, it is worth stalking the wmtm section on the lululemon app or website.  It has tons of pockets both zippered and non zippered and instead of a wet bag that the gym bag comes with, this comes with a cute little wristlet shown below. And it has both the cross body strap and shoulder straps so it works a bunch of ways. 

The pink bag will be the purse that I will be using today.  It was empty when I took this photo  because my purse was en route from Kindersley to Calgary since I left it there on Sunday.  Purolator went and picked it up for me and delivered it here today for only $45.  I was so excited to have my purse back in my hands!  This bag is also from Lululemon and is called the festival bag.  I did pay full price for this bag but I got it at 25% off as part of my 40/80 challenge I did in January.  I already own this bag in black and if you are interested in a festival bag, I would recommend getting it in black or some other darker colour.  I have had my black one for like 6 or 7 years and it still looks brand new.  This one I have only had since the end of February but it already has marks and stains on it because of the light colour.  But regardless of that, this purse has so many pockets and compartments and is light weight. I love it.  It is the perfect travelling purse. 

The black pouch below it is from the black lululemon bag I am using as a carry on.  It contains our passports.  Technically it will be in my purse but still counts as carry on haha. 

The pink water bottle is also from Lululemon and I also got it 25% off with my 40/80 Challenge.  I have it in misty pink too and I love it.  It will be empty until I get throught security and customs. 

I have my word search and 2 pens becuase I love word searches.  Penelope bought me like 5 one year for Christmas and I am still getting through them. 

I have my headphones and my earbuds both in my carry on.  The headphones are for watching my ipad and the earbuds are for the running I will hopefully do once or twice while I am away.  I was worried about losing my earbuds in my suitcase so I carried them with me this way. 

The polka dot case contains my ipad on which I have downloaded season 3 of LOVE that came out last weekend.  I am excited to watch it and have been looking forward to it all week.  

The round container contains my hillberg + berk earrings.  I was worried about losing them and that being with me would be a safer option.  

I also have my sunglasses because it might be sunny when we land.  It definitely won't be sunny when we leave haha. 

Lastly I have 2 books that I probably won't read.  I got the Amy Schumer book for christmas right after it came out and as much as I love her (and trust me I do), I just can't seem to get this book finished.  The other book I have seen so many people reading on social media and I found it second hand for $1.50! Perhaps it will finally help me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life haha. 

 I also have a plethora of lip balm , lip gloss and lipstick along with some naproxen and gum in my purse all of which I am sure I will use on my flight at some point.

And that is what i carry in my carry on bag.  Nothing exciting by far but it works for me.  

What is your one travel item you can't leave home without?

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