Monday, 19 March 2018

Local Eats: Brok`in Yolk

The Brok'In Yolk opened in Mahogany on Tuesday March 6th so Michelle and I decided to check it out a few days later.  It was really hard to find inside the plaza but eventually we did.  If you are checking it out, it is between Nando and the Mahogany Vet - both which are easy to spot. 

We got there right around 9 and it was starting to fill up.  I was instantly in love with how they  done this place up.  I loved the patterened wall paper and bricks and open concept kitchen.  The beams are spectacular and overall the place is really bright and airy which I also really like.   

So many different patterns and textures!!

I made this photo really large so you could see the tile on the kitchen bar because it was perfect.  And those stools.  Had I not just bought new ones, I would have asked them where they were from.  Whoever designed this place did a really good job.  I can't say how much I loved it.   

And now time for the food.  Michelle and I both had the Farmer's Breakfast and it was huge.  I don't think either of us even finished it.  We got to have 3 eggs done any way we wanted and I chose to have mine sunny side up so I could dip my toast in it and it was delicious.  The hash browns were cooked in duck fat and were perhaps the best hash browns I have ever had but I love me some duck fat.  We had homemade bacon and sausage too both of which were great.    I can't wait to go back and try something different.  

They did have a lot of staff on the morning we were talking here since they had just opened and were busy training the new servers.  Our service was great and I would  expect it to be the same even when not training so many servers.  The co-owner came and spoke to us when we sat down and chatted about the restaurant and how this one was laid out differently then the Symons Valley location so even though it had smaller square footage, there was actually more seating. 

They don't take reservations but they do have a wait list at both locations.  This is pretty straightforward where you call the location you wish to go to and find out what the wait-list is like.  If the wait time works for you and your family, they will add you to the list and they will text you a confirmation and a link to check your place in line.  You then wait for a second text to notify you that your table is almost ready.  YOu can confirm or cancel at that time and you then have 15 minutes to get to your table which kinda sucks if you don't live close  by.  I doubt I would come on a busy weekend but in case you do or I do, the above is good to know.   

The Brok'in Yolk family tree is located just as you walk in the restaurant.  These are all the local companies they use exclusively in their establishment.  I love this idea so much.  I I like supporting local where I can and this helps.  The Blue Star Diner in Bridgeland occasionally has their local companies on a chalkboard as well. 

We both very much enjoyed our first time at the Brok'in Yolk and both look forward to coming back again soon!  

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