Tuesday, 24 April 2018

New Hair Who Dis?

In late February, Finley decided to cut her hair. She came downstairs for supper and was leaning over the table and I noticed immediately. She denied it the first few times but finally admitted to cutting it off.

It wasn't as terrible as she had done years before but it wasn't pretty.  It basically looked like a bad layering job.  My friend cuts their hair so they know all they have to do is ask and I will make them appointment to get it done but she chose to do it herself anyways.  I was really annoyed by this and refused to fix it right away even though she hated it.  I was hoping it would help her learn the lesson of not to cut your own hair ever again. 

This is the chunk of hair that she cut off.  She brought it downstairs after I asked to see it. I knew she had cut a lot so I only really wanted her to bring it to me because I had fears of her bedroom floor being covered in hair and never being able to get rid of it haha. 

Over spring break, I took them to get their hair cut.  Penelope did not cut her own hair but really wanted her hair cut.  Her inspiration is her epic friend (her words not mine haha).  They now have matching hair cuts haha.

Shannon fixed Finley's hair without taking off too much length much to Finley's happiness.  I wanted her to cut more off but she did get part of her head shaved which has helped with keeping her hair not looking like a rats nest.  

Penelope was obsessed with her hair after we got home and spent all her time in front of the mirror that was being stored there while I painted our bedroom.  It is a good thing the mirror didn't stay there or it would have been impossible for her to get any meals eaten. 

A few weeks later, we finally coloured their hair.  I bought the color from Chatters for $11 each so super good deal.  This time, we did their whole head because I made Penelope's highlights not that good and needed to fix it.  They love it so that is good.  I want to try purple on Penelope next in hopes that it will show up better.  It is just wash out and doesn't last long so it is perfect for the girls!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Race Recap: Eyeball The Wall 2018

Yesterday I ran in the 4th Eyeball The Race at South Glenmore Park. I have been fortunate enough to run in all 4 and plan on running every one until I die or the race ends - whichever comes first haha.  The race was held a weekend earlier then in previous years and on a sunday instead of a saturday.  Up unitl midweek, I actually thought it was on Saturday so I am glad I double checked with Jordan, one of the race organizers, to confirm the date of the race. He told me that they had to move it up a week because the Police Half moved thier race up a week and they use the same pathways so that wasn't going to work.  They also  had to change the course for the first time this year because of the never ending but now hopefully over winter that we had been having.  Normally you run from the parking lot all the way to the end of the park, up glenmore, through some street and then through Heritage Park and the hospital and back in the park to the finish line.  However, with all the snow and ice, the weaselhead was still caked with snow and ice and deemed not safe for runners and especially not a large group of runners to run on.  This year, it was an out and back going the way we used to finish.  We ran 7.5k out and then back again.  I hate the weaselhead and was happy it was gone this year but this way wasn't any easier.  So many hills big and small that you had to run twice so it was still a challenging race for sure.  

While the forecast was to be sunny and warm temperatures on Sunday, it was calling for high winds and wind gusts. Thankfully by morning that had changed a bit but the wind was still pretty awful at times.  I knew I would be wearing running tights and a crb but I was going to wear on top of my crb was relatively unknown when I went to bed.  I decided on my dance studio jacket from lululemon since it was relatively light weight, had a hood with a drawstring to tighten and it was easy to tie around my waist if I had to do that.  It turned out to be a perfect choice. 

It was really cold waiting for the race to start and even at the beginning of the race.  I took it off just before we made it to Glenmore because I was getting warm but it was so windy running up that I needed to put it back on and with my hood on too.  It was a race of constant taking it off and putting it back on depending on the direction I was facing and if something was blocking the wind from hitting me.  I am really good with taking it on and off without stopping or it holding me back much which is really good haha. 


I never ever run well at this race.  I either feel sluggish or my time isn't great and that is usually because it is the first race of the season and we are all transitioning from treadmills to pavement and it is finally warm enough where you can run further then 10k outside.  This year was even worse then normal for the amount of treadmill runs I have ran compared to outdoor runs and I won't lie that I was a little concerned heading into yesterday's race.  I decided this year that I wasn't going to focus so much on finish times but instead celebrate the fact that I am out here running these distances and be grateful just for a good run.  That doesn't mean I won't be excited if by change I run a PR at one of my upcoming races but I won't beat myself up if I don't.  

I was slower then my first 2 eyeball the way races but faster then last years by about 4 minutes but more importantly, I felt so good from beginning to end and I don't remember the last time that has happened.  I had 2 slower km at the 10 + 11 marks but other than that, I did really well.  I was really happy with how this race turned out. 

Greg and the girls were at the 14km mark to cheer me on and Finley ran the last km with me to the finish line.  It was my fastest km of the day and I actually had to tell her slow down because I thought I was going to die haha.  She said man I am tired and I only just started running with you haha.  It was pretty fun to have her cross the finish line with me - pink dress and all haha. She definitely needed to refuel after her tough 1km race haha.

I got to run the race with 2 of my good friends which is always fun! Heather has worked so hard this winter and it definitely showed in her finish yesterday.  She took 8 minutes off of her time from last year!  That is so amazing!  2 of my next 3 races are with her and I can't wait to watch her race those and hit a bunch of PRs.

Usually we have a bunch of bootcamp girls running this race but this year it was just me and Teresa!  It was her idea to have our photo taken on the podium and I am so happy that she did. It might just be one of my most favorite post race photos ever!  Teresa had a great race and it was awesome to see her finish so strong and with a huge smile on her face.  Because that my friends, is what running is all about.  

I won't lie, when I first saw these medals in an email a few weeks ago, I was less then impressed.  But when I got it yesterday, I really liked it.  The Eyeball The Wall does such a great job on their medals, I really love them!

I am really pleased with how well the race went considering they had to change the race route only a few days ago to accomodate the snow and ice.  It was still a challenging and enjoyable race.  I love how small it is - less than 500 runners but it yet it feels like such a great community to be apart of.  I am "instagram friends" with many local runners and seriously there is no better gang that I would rather be apart of.  They are inspiring and encouraging and it is the same thing at races.  There are always people encouraging and cheering and it is such a great, positive experience.  

My only complaint for the race would be the aid stations.  For the 15k, we had one aid station at 6k and then went to the same station on the way back at 9km.  Given how windy it was, I felt more parched then usual and would have liked to have them more better spread out.  Ideally, there would be one at like the 4k mark and the turn around point but given the route change, I am giving them a pass on it.  I do love that they have bananas, dinosaurs and fruit snacks at the aid stations though.  I don't eat them but I appreciate it.  At the finish line, they have iced tea and lemonade along with granola bars, nutrigrain bars, dinosaurs and gold fish.  One year they had nachos.  It is such fun food for a fun race!

Overall, I am really happy with my race, the event itself and would recommend anyone who is a runner in Calgary and area to check it out next year.  It is a great primer for the Calgary Marathon next month!  See you next year Eyeball!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Workout Space

The walls were super hideous when we moved in so we painted them probably 7 or 8 years ago to something not quite as ugle (what were we thinking??) and then a few years ago, I bought some paint and painted over the mango and left the turqoiuse on 2 of the walls and also painted on a chalkboard wall.  When I bought paint for the bathroom reno, it was the same paint that was used on the non-turquoise walls and used the leftover paint to cover all of the walls the same colour. 

Our basement is finished as one large rumpus room or whatever you call them, a bathroom and a storage/furnace room.  Our plan in the next year or two is to convert part of the rumpus room into a bedroom for Finley.  Greg developed a few different options and I picked the one that I thought would work the best and would be the easiest.  So based on that, I decided to re-work our basement as if Finley's bedroom was actually there. That meant moving every single thing around.  The only thing that stayed in the same place was the IKEA expedit that was screwed into the wall as a divider that has been there for years.  I had to make sure my workout area still worked despite being moved.  It went from being in the little cove as seen HERE to like an upside down L for a lack of a better description of it.  

This is the long part of the L. Actually now that I am typing this, it really isn'tan L at all.  It is more like well I don't even know to be honest.  You come down the stairs, past the bathroom + storage room and turn left and that whole wall to the corner and then the wall attached to that and part of the next wall  is my new workout space.  

The longer wall ends to the left of the pink frame and then again in between the treadmill and the trampoline. 

I almost never ever use my bosu ball or my trampoline but I can't let myself part with either of them incase I one day need them.  I use the pink stool for step ups, box jumps but mostly for sitting on it while I use the red resistance band on my ankle/achilles.  I also have a TRX that is not shown in any of these photos because it is still in the old location.  I have not convinced Greg to move it yet and I rarely use that either haha. 

This shelf holds Penelope's water bottle and 4 pairs of my shoes worn for my half marathons.  I am missing 3 pairs that aren't up there.  One pair I gave to my sister because I hated them, one pair is sitting on the treadmill below and the other pair is upstairs in my bootcamp bag.  I cannot bring myself to throw out or recycle or whatever to any of these shoes.  Does anybody else have this same problem?

When the original owners finished the basement I am almost positive that they designed this little nook to fit in their old school TV and used to be a crafting nook for the girls.  Now I stick my treadmill, bike + bike trainer in there and it seems to work well enough.  

I keep most of my bibs/running race bands on this cork board but I have lost a few along the way. I am annoyed that i lost one of the seawheeze ones haha.  I keep my roller and a extra yoga mat in the corner leaned into one of my book shelves.  I had a nicer book case  but I gave it to the girls for their lego displays. On the white shelves, I have 3 baskets. One is for a skipping rope + yoga strap, one is for resistance bands that are looped and the other basket is for bands that are not looped.  I also keep my medicine ball, kettle bell on the shelves and my weights underneath them.  I don't have any fancy weight sets because I am really not into weights even a little bit.  On the white board, I have all my different strength training exercises and stretches on there as well as some other core exercises since I always seem to do the same ones over and over. On top of that, I have a letter board that shows me how many kilometers I ran the previous month and how many more kilometers I have until I reach my goal. 

One of my favorite things about my entire workout space is probably this fan followed by my yoga mat. One of my friends posted a fan like this about 2 years and I loved it and randomly Winners/Homesense got them in stock again.  They have more colours then just this now but at the time they only had this.  They had a vintage pink one that was so pretty but I still really like this one too haha.  It comes in handy for those long boring treadmill runs during this winter that never wants to end. 

This is my humble wall haha.  Here hangs all of my medals and at least one photo from every race I have ran except for my first ever race - the st patricks day race.  I know the photos are crooked on my wall and it drives me insane and I swear my kids + Greg make them uneven on purpose. I love this wall and it encourages me to keep going when i might not be feeling it.  It also reminds me how many great running buddies I have too!  I feel so fortunate to have so many fantastic, inspiring runners in my life. 

Lastly, i have my yoga mat that I got for Christmas and it is beautiful and I love it to pieces.  I just worry that my cats might like it too and claw it to death.  So far though, so good.  I have a meditation pillow that I used to use quite regularly but I have seriously fallen off the mediatation bandwagon in recent weeks haha.  The white board is used if I ever do a workout at home and need to write it down.  This also has happened haha.  Lastly, my yoga block is there and I use it simply as an additional way to stretch out my calves. 

So that is my basement workout area.  I also have a basket of stuff on my main floor and in my bedroom because you just never know where you might get that last stretch in.  My workout space is anything but fancy but it is perfect for me.  What does your space look like?

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

DIY Projects

After we painted our main floor, I realized that the photo frame and mirror that were hanging in our entry way no longer worked with our paint colours.  The walls were originally red and both pieces were this creamy antiqued colour that I loved and that worked really well with the red paint.  If I weren't so lazy, I would try to find photos of both before we started painting but I am so you will have to imagine what it must have looked like haha. 

When I bought this piece, it was this really ugly green colour that i hated.  I had my friend paint it this beautiful creamy color and it sat happy on my wall for years.  And then I painted and the beautiful antique creamy color was not gross yellow looking.  I had originally thought I was going to go bright coral with this but ended up going vintage pink because I realized that it was popping up in small doses on our main floor.  I thought for sure I wouldn't like it and was almost positive that Greg would hate it but he never said anything about it.  He really only says anything if he truly doesn't like something so he is probably indifferent to it haha.  I was surprised with how much I loved this colour and is part of the reason why our basement bathroom has this colour as an accent.  I love it. Now to print some new prints for it hahaha. 

I bought this mirror from Zellers when I was pregnant with Finley so about 10 years ago now.  It has hung in this same spot since the day we brought it home minus a few months when I bought this amazing mirror from IKEA but it fell off the wall when the door hit and broke.  Once the IKEA mirror died, I had another friend paint it the same colour as what the frame above originally was.  And as you can guess, it looked really bad on our new walls.  I did paint it dark grey in February but I felt like our main floor needed more colour and character so decided to change it when I painted the frame.  I was intending on painting this navy blue but ended up doing it in this soft green and while I love the colour, I didn't do a very good job painting it haha.  I ran out of paint and keep forgetting to buy more but it does look good from a distance so that works for this post haha.  

I love so much how the pink frame turned out and eventually I think I will love the mirror once I finish it completely.  If not, I can always buy some craft paint at Michaels and change it up quickly and cheaply again. 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Friday Favorites #13: Chicago Randoms

This was supposed to post after we got back from Chicago but I forgot to publish it and just realized that today haha

On the Tuesday that we were in Chicago, Greg was at work and the other wife that came on the trip got sick and spent her day in her hotel room so I was left on my own.  I decided to go see a movie that afternoon and the only one that interested me was Love, Simon.  I am so glad that I got to see this movie because it was probably one of the best movies I have ever seen.  It is the first time that a gay character has been the main person in a movie.  Traditionally they are usually a girls best friend so it was nice to see that change.  The part that hit home for me though was that when he spoke about having to 'come out' when straight people don't have to sit down with their parents and say they are straight.  I have long said that if either of my children are gay that I hope they just bring home their date and just say that this is my girlfriend so and so.  Also, my other favorite thing was when he said I am not so different then you and that is so true.  Who cares about sexual orientation??  My girls are 7 + 9 and don't even question it.  Maybe that is because one of Greg's cousins is and is married to someone of the same sex so they don't know that it would be considered unusual??  Sadly, I know that there are a lot of parents and people in general who don't feel this way which is why so many kids are keeping this stuff a secret.  Hopefully, these attitudes continue to change for the better.  At the end of the movie, everybody in the theatre stood up and clapped and cheered.  It was the most amazing thing.  I absolutely loved this movie and I cried through a lot of it so bring kleenex if you want to watch it.  I even bought the book afterwards even though I still haven't read it.  I think it will be a good book for both girls to read down the road. 

While in Chicago, I bought myself 2 souveniers. Well one was a souvenier and it is this mug from Starbucks.  I have a bunch of these and I love them so much.  They are discontinuing this series and have come out with a new one.  I saw one of the new mugs while in Chicago and I can't say that I loved it.  Looks like it was a good collection while it lasted. 

The other item that I bought was this Rae Dunn teapot from TJ Maxx.  It was very stressful to get back to Canada haha.  I had to buy a new carry on bag and fill it with clothes and wrap it a bunch of times.  Thankfully it made it back.  I had wanted this forever and was never able to find one here so I was so excited when I found one there.  However, that being said, it has sat on my counter  and I have never ever used it haha. 

I was looking out the window somewhere between Calgary + Minneaspolis when I spotted this.  I quickly took a photo and showed greg and was like look a bunch of lululemon symbols on the ground and he was like otherwise known as a river hahaha.

Target is my most favorite store in the world and I did buy a bunch of clothes for Finley, Penelope and Everly but nothing for me sadly.  I was most excited for the Chip + Joanna Gaines Hearth and Hand by Magnolia collection but sadly I ended up leaving empty handed.  The one thing that caught  my eye was this beautiful rustic cake stand with a dome lid that was like glass, wood and medal but it would have been even harder to get back to Calgary then my teapot was.  When I got back home, I went on to the Target website and was just gonna pay the exhange, duty and shipping to get it here but sadly it wouldn't ship to Canada,  I searched the internet for hours one day but couldn't find another one like it. 

Fruity Pebbles is one of my all time favorite cereals and you can no longer buy it in Canada.  Whenever we drive to the US I buy a few boxes to eat which is huge since I don't ever eat cereal anymore.  It was amazing to walk down their cereal aisle and see all the ones we don't have.  They even had girl guide mint cookie cereal.  I can't even imagine how awful that must taste haha.

On our way back to Calgary, we had a 4 hour layover in Minneapolis.  About an hour before our flight left, I was going to Starbucks and when 3 people basically appeared out of nowhwere at the gate next to ours.  They were ahead of me at first and then I thought I was pretty sure that was Chrissy Metz walking with her travelling companion and a security person.  Nobody seemed to notice her or didn't care too much but i quickly caught up and  was trying to take a photo without being that crazy stalker person and this was the best that I could do.  They went into the massage place next to starbucks never to be seen by me again.  It made the layover well worth it in my opinion haha. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Basement Bathroom Reno - 98% Done

We have started off 2018 with a bunch of paint and renovation jobs and so far the only one that is close to 100% done is the basement bathroom.  In mid January, Greg thought it would be a good idea to finish our basement bathroom.  We had a bathroom down there already but it only had a sink and a toilet.  It was plumbed by the previous owners for a shower and they left a bunch of stuff with us when they left but we never did anything with it. 

We went to Lowes and purchased a bathtub for it.  Surprisingly, bath tubs are quite light.  I was sure they would the heaviest thing I would ever attempt to live but that was not the case.  We also bought a pantry door which I might add, is still not installed haha. 

Before Greg started intalling everything, I decided I wanted to paint it.  It was the 10th anniversary of us buying our house in March and this was the last room in our entire house that had not ever been painted.  I hated the colour more than you could possibly imagine so I was happy to have a reason to paint it.  I chose white mountain because that is the colour in our basement.  

I also decided that that light fixture was headed for the garbage bin too.  It was so ugly and basically disintergrated when I unscrewed it to paint anyway haha. Seriously, this colour is so gross.  When we moved in, the basement stairs were this ugly light lime green, the enclave for the kitchen extension was hunter green, the tv nook or whatever you want to call it was like this tie dyed orange and i forgot what the walls were.  They might have been the ugly lime green too.  It is no longer that ugly hasha.  I did do some painting down there but that is for another post.  

Since the bathroom was plumbed already for a shower and it was going to be too much work for Greg to rework it into a bathtub, we returned the bathtub and bought a shower kit instead.  Turns out the shower kit is the heaviest thing I have ever attempted to lift.  We had to open it up upstairs and carry it down piece by piece. 

However, the shower we wanted didn't fit exactly with the pre plumbed stuff so we did have to cut a hole in the cement and move stuff around which resulted in Finley making cement with Greg and filling up the hole.  She loved every minute of it. 

Slowly but surely we were getting to the actual installation of the shower.  It was much more work than either of us anticipated.  Or at least me haha. 

Finley helped a lot with the shower installation.  This is officially her bathroom so she was pretty happy to do it.  She currently just showers in it but I am hoping she will move her teeth brushing and face washing down here too so we can cut back on the constant bathroom fighting between her and her sister.  Right now our basement is a large rec room or something like that and I think next year, we are going to build a room for Finley down there too. 

Penelope helped Greg hang the hooks for towels. She loves using a screwdriver and a drill. 

I still need a new mirror and we are missing a light bulb and the baseboards but for the most part it is done and usable.  

IKEA has new misty pink bath mats and towels so I stocked up on those to use in here and I love it with the new paint.  

Since it is a pedestal sink and doesn't have a vanity or cupboard space, I bought this inexpensive one from Walmart to store extra shelves and whatever else needs to be stored. 

My favorite thing about the entire space are these photos.  They were locally printed by a lady in Legacy and cost me $3.50 total for all 4 and the frames were on sale (or most likely being discontinued sadly) for $1.99 so it was an inexpensive project and the perfect finishing touch. 

I love that the shower is a circle like and the door is round and really nice,  I am glad we went with this one and not the standard square one that we have in our master bathroom.  This bathroom is now finished and so much brighter and whiter then it was previously.  We are very happy with the end result and we spent only about $700 to do it!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

What I Streamed In March

One of my friends recommended this documentary on her insta-story and decided to give it a watch while running on my treadmill.  It was fantastic.  I knew very little about Gloria Allred other than she seemed to represent famous women being wronged and that isn't incorrect but she is so much more then that.  She never set out to be a women's rights activist.  She did her master's on minority rights and when she finished she was asked when she was going to start fighting for women's rights and she was surprised because she didn't know that we didn't have less rights.  She fought for gender neutral toys for children long before it was a thing, she was trying to get the #metoo and #timesup movements going long before the end of 2017.  And most of the cases she takes on are done by her for free.  Truly, this documentary is worth every second that you watch it and it is currently available to stream on Netflix Canada.  Go do it now!!

I haven't watched this movie in forever and I had seriously forgotten about how funny and fantastic the movie is.  I watched it over 2 long runs on the treadmill and it made go by so fast.  Only the second one is streaming on Netflix Canada but you should watch it.  On that note, do you know where I can stream the first one?  Finley wants to watch it haha.    

I don't remember the last time I binged watched a season on Netflix the way I did this one.  Currently one season is streaming and there is only 10 episodes per season and all episodes are under 30 minutes long.  I loved every single episode and all of the characters - even the not so good ones.  I was actaully super sad when it ended.  This is not a Netflix Original series but it comes from Bravo and a second season is scheduled for release of April 9th or something.  I don't get that channel so I hope I can stream it on Netflix soon.  Go check it out, you wont be disappointed.  YOu can stream it currently on Netflix Canada.    

The third season was released in March and i downloaded it to my ipad for our trip back to Saskatoon but I never did watch it but I did watch most of it flying to and from Chicago the following weekend.  It was a great season and the ending was fantastic.  When I was searching for an image for this blog post, I saw that this was the final season of the series and my heart was so sad.  Although i took me awhile to get into the first season, it quickly became one of my favorites. I love me some Mickey + Gus.  Anyways, all three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix Canada and you should definitely go watch them if you haven't already. 

This was a quick 30 minute or so episode that was released for Easter. It was unmemorable and is currently streaming still on CraveTV. 

Did you watch any great shows this month?