Tuesday, 17 April 2018

DIY Projects

After we painted our main floor, I realized that the photo frame and mirror that were hanging in our entry way no longer worked with our paint colours.  The walls were originally red and both pieces were this creamy antiqued colour that I loved and that worked really well with the red paint.  If I weren't so lazy, I would try to find photos of both before we started painting but I am so you will have to imagine what it must have looked like haha. 

When I bought this piece, it was this really ugly green colour that i hated.  I had my friend paint it this beautiful creamy color and it sat happy on my wall for years.  And then I painted and the beautiful antique creamy color was not gross yellow looking.  I had originally thought I was going to go bright coral with this but ended up going vintage pink because I realized that it was popping up in small doses on our main floor.  I thought for sure I wouldn't like it and was almost positive that Greg would hate it but he never said anything about it.  He really only says anything if he truly doesn't like something so he is probably indifferent to it haha.  I was surprised with how much I loved this colour and is part of the reason why our basement bathroom has this colour as an accent.  I love it. Now to print some new prints for it hahaha. 

I bought this mirror from Zellers when I was pregnant with Finley so about 10 years ago now.  It has hung in this same spot since the day we brought it home minus a few months when I bought this amazing mirror from IKEA but it fell off the wall when the door hit and broke.  Once the IKEA mirror died, I had another friend paint it the same colour as what the frame above originally was.  And as you can guess, it looked really bad on our new walls.  I did paint it dark grey in February but I felt like our main floor needed more colour and character so decided to change it when I painted the frame.  I was intending on painting this navy blue but ended up doing it in this soft green and while I love the colour, I didn't do a very good job painting it haha.  I ran out of paint and keep forgetting to buy more but it does look good from a distance so that works for this post haha.  

I love so much how the pink frame turned out and eventually I think I will love the mirror once I finish it completely.  If not, I can always buy some craft paint at Michaels and change it up quickly and cheaply again. 

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