Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Happy Easter April Fool's Day 2018

It was a pretty quiet weekend around here but we really enjoyed not doing a lot and having very few plans.  We started Good Friday off with a sobeys stop + a starbucks date with Penelope.  We were going to a friends house for dinner that night and Penelope wanted to bring dessert and originally had found this recipe that I thought was easy but when i looked at it early Friday morning, I realized it was more complicated than I felt like dealing with.

I convinced her we should do cupcakes instead and she picked out a rainbow chip cake mix and sugar jujube rabbits for the top.  I also colored shredded coconut with green food coloring to make them look like rabbits on grass.  They turned out great and were a huge hit with all of the kids at the good friday easter dinner. 

On Saturday we had a pretty low key day where I went to Winners and the mall for a bit of shopping and Greg and the girls played skip bo and rode the scooters around the block despite the cold and snow.  We made a stop at MEC for some bike supplies before heading to Greg's dad's house for another easter dinner.  This time he provided dessert and it was some pumpkin pie and it was so good.  

A few gifts for the girls from Greg and I. We bought them a dress, a tooth brush + paste, a season 3 lol doll and a hula hoop.  They were annoyed that we yet again got more snow and couldn't take the hoop outside to play with.  They are currently being stored in our basement in hopes that one day all the snow will melt and we can be outdoors again. 

Since Easter fell on April Fool's Day, I decided to play a prank on the girls.  Instead of chocolate and jujubes in their easter eggs I replaced them with something less fun. 

I accidentally fell asleep after I turned my alarm off and barely made it downstairs to fill the eggs and hide them before they woke up. They actually did wake up before I was finished but I said they couldn't come down until Greg was awake and at the time they were playing a april fool's day prank on him. 

They thought he was asleep and decided to color whiskers on his face as a joke.  Greg was pretending to be asleep because the girls were so excited to do something.  They get too excited and tell you what they did before they think you figured it out first haha. 

It didn't take them long to find all the eggs.  I had 46 eggs to hide and I did a really bad job at doing it haha.  It didn't take too long at all for them to find them all.  They started emptying them and noticed that some were empty and that the others had carrots in them.  Finley was like what not a single candy in these eggs?  i mean i like carrots but no candy. Penelope hates carrots and was not thrilled with a basket full of carrots by any means haha.  

As soon as they finished opening all the carrot filled eggs, they went and found the secret baskets full of  chocolate and jujube bunnys and were much happier haha. 

Easter breakfast is always monkey bread and this one turned out really well haha

We were heading to Red Deer for Easter Sunday dinner and so we made a stop at CrossIron Mills. Penelope got 2 shirts including this one. How could I not buy it? Haha. Greg had the most success shopping which never happens haha. 

We had a delicious supper and enjoyed some really tasty gluten free cupcakes for dessert. I feel very lucky to have family so close to us to spend the holiday with.  And you know we all really love each other when we come up with insulting descriptors using the first letter of our names and we all laugh about it haha.   We headed back to Calgary after supper and the girls were asleep half way home after a low key Easter Weekend. 

 We are all very grateful to have such great friends and family to sepnd the holiday with. Hope you all had a safe and happy Easter weekend. 

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