Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Workout Space

The walls were super hideous when we moved in so we painted them probably 7 or 8 years ago to something not quite as ugle (what were we thinking??) and then a few years ago, I bought some paint and painted over the mango and left the turqoiuse on 2 of the walls and also painted on a chalkboard wall.  When I bought paint for the bathroom reno, it was the same paint that was used on the non-turquoise walls and used the leftover paint to cover all of the walls the same colour. 

Our basement is finished as one large rumpus room or whatever you call them, a bathroom and a storage/furnace room.  Our plan in the next year or two is to convert part of the rumpus room into a bedroom for Finley.  Greg developed a few different options and I picked the one that I thought would work the best and would be the easiest.  So based on that, I decided to re-work our basement as if Finley's bedroom was actually there. That meant moving every single thing around.  The only thing that stayed in the same place was the IKEA expedit that was screwed into the wall as a divider that has been there for years.  I had to make sure my workout area still worked despite being moved.  It went from being in the little cove as seen HERE to like an upside down L for a lack of a better description of it.  

This is the long part of the L. Actually now that I am typing this, it really isn'tan L at all.  It is more like well I don't even know to be honest.  You come down the stairs, past the bathroom + storage room and turn left and that whole wall to the corner and then the wall attached to that and part of the next wall  is my new workout space.  

The longer wall ends to the left of the pink frame and then again in between the treadmill and the trampoline. 

I almost never ever use my bosu ball or my trampoline but I can't let myself part with either of them incase I one day need them.  I use the pink stool for step ups, box jumps but mostly for sitting on it while I use the red resistance band on my ankle/achilles.  I also have a TRX that is not shown in any of these photos because it is still in the old location.  I have not convinced Greg to move it yet and I rarely use that either haha. 

This shelf holds Penelope's water bottle and 4 pairs of my shoes worn for my half marathons.  I am missing 3 pairs that aren't up there.  One pair I gave to my sister because I hated them, one pair is sitting on the treadmill below and the other pair is upstairs in my bootcamp bag.  I cannot bring myself to throw out or recycle or whatever to any of these shoes.  Does anybody else have this same problem?

When the original owners finished the basement I am almost positive that they designed this little nook to fit in their old school TV and used to be a crafting nook for the girls.  Now I stick my treadmill, bike + bike trainer in there and it seems to work well enough.  

I keep most of my bibs/running race bands on this cork board but I have lost a few along the way. I am annoyed that i lost one of the seawheeze ones haha.  I keep my roller and a extra yoga mat in the corner leaned into one of my book shelves.  I had a nicer book case  but I gave it to the girls for their lego displays. On the white shelves, I have 3 baskets. One is for a skipping rope + yoga strap, one is for resistance bands that are looped and the other basket is for bands that are not looped.  I also keep my medicine ball, kettle bell on the shelves and my weights underneath them.  I don't have any fancy weight sets because I am really not into weights even a little bit.  On the white board, I have all my different strength training exercises and stretches on there as well as some other core exercises since I always seem to do the same ones over and over. On top of that, I have a letter board that shows me how many kilometers I ran the previous month and how many more kilometers I have until I reach my goal. 

One of my favorite things about my entire workout space is probably this fan followed by my yoga mat. One of my friends posted a fan like this about 2 years and I loved it and randomly Winners/Homesense got them in stock again.  They have more colours then just this now but at the time they only had this.  They had a vintage pink one that was so pretty but I still really like this one too haha.  It comes in handy for those long boring treadmill runs during this winter that never wants to end. 

This is my humble wall haha.  Here hangs all of my medals and at least one photo from every race I have ran except for my first ever race - the st patricks day race.  I know the photos are crooked on my wall and it drives me insane and I swear my kids + Greg make them uneven on purpose. I love this wall and it encourages me to keep going when i might not be feeling it.  It also reminds me how many great running buddies I have too!  I feel so fortunate to have so many fantastic, inspiring runners in my life. 

Lastly, i have my yoga mat that I got for Christmas and it is beautiful and I love it to pieces.  I just worry that my cats might like it too and claw it to death.  So far though, so good.  I have a meditation pillow that I used to use quite regularly but I have seriously fallen off the mediatation bandwagon in recent weeks haha.  The white board is used if I ever do a workout at home and need to write it down.  This also has happened haha.  Lastly, my yoga block is there and I use it simply as an additional way to stretch out my calves. 

So that is my basement workout area.  I also have a basket of stuff on my main floor and in my bedroom because you just never know where you might get that last stretch in.  My workout space is anything but fancy but it is perfect for me.  What does your space look like?

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