Monday, 14 May 2018

Mother's Day 2018

 Gone are the days of Mother's Days spent in Banff after an amazing brunch at a local favorite restaurant thanks to the girls' soccer schedules but at the end of the day, I don't think I would have it any other way.

Late Saturday night, I woke up with a wicked migraine.  It has been quite a long time since I have had one and when I went downstairs to get some drugs to help alleive the pain, I found out that there wasn't a single tylenol or advil in our house.  I did find my maxalt prescription for my migraines but it rarely works for me and that night was no exception.  I finally was able to fall asleep but still when Penelope woke me up with breakfast in bed, the pain was still there although it moved from the right side of my head to the left.

Penelope and Greg went shopping the day before for my mother's day breakfast.  She picked out some mixed fruit and a cinnamon bun.  I think she picked the cinnamon bun because she can't have it haha.  She did eat most of my fruit though.  Finley was not there this morning because she had a sleep over the night before with some friends that she participated in science olympics with.  She also had a birthday sleepover on Friday at another friends house so I had essentially only seen her for about 5 minutes since Friday night haha.  It did make me happy to hear that she and her 2 friends made breakfast in bed for the mom of the house where they were staying.  After breakfast, Penelope and I went to Shoppers so I could get some drugs that actually worked and then we stopped at Starbucks for a treat.

Greg went and got Finley from her sleepover and she was so exhausted when she came home haha. 

Penelope had a soccer game at noon so we left for that around 11:20.  I wore my mother's day edition Toms that I got several years ago.  They only come out on this day.  Penelope's lost 7 - 1.  They are 0-2 on the season but they getting a little better with each practice and game.  

After soccer, we were trying to decide if we would go to Elbow Falls or the bike park in Fish Creek but in the end, after we finished lunch, we ended up staying home.  I still wasn't feeling great after my migraine, Penelope was tired after playing in the hot sun and Finley was the most tired I have ever seen her in my life.  We got some slurpees and Finley and I had naps while Greg and Penelope went to get groceries to cook me supper. 

This is the book that Penelope made for me.  Everything was related to food haha she made me laugh as I read it.  Penelope loves food so much that it was not surprising to see. 

Penelope decorated her easter basket with ribbon and pompoms and made my a bunch of puff balls.  It was super cute.  The card she made me at home had the song me + mommy sittng in a was like straight out of a snl skit haha.  I tried to explain to her why that song was inappropriate but she didn't get it haha. One day she will find this really funny. 

Finley's teacher went all out for Mother's Day this year.  I forgot to put the plant in here that Finley brought home too from school.  It was in a white pot (my favorite) and fingers crossed i don't kill it too soon!  Inside the tea kettle card was my favorite earl grey tea .  I cried when I read the card and again when I read the reasons why she thought I desreved to be People's Mother Of The Year.  In the cards she told me that I was a wonderful mom and that I enjoy my day and relax and drink my tea and then she finished the pink card off by saying that I was the fastest runner that she knew and hoped I won my next race.  In the People Magazine, she said I was a lovely mom and I made sure that they were always on time for soccer and school and everything and that made Finley feel wonderful which made me laugh haha. She loves that I volunteer at her school all of the time and hopes that I can do that forever.   She said I was an exceptional baker and really good at making cookies and muffins that taste good even without the gluten. And then she said that I was the most athletic person I knew (which really made me laugh because I totally am not) but she said I was such a good runner and I ran fast and was always succesful in my races and that started all the tears.  These last few weeks have been really hard for us as we transition our diet to meet all of Penelope's restrictions and so many times I have been so overwhelmed with it all that I get really upset with myself.  It has been a big adjustment for all of us.  And if you follow me on social media, you know that I had a panic attack last week on one of my runs.   I have been struggling as of late and it has got me very frustrated.  It was like Finley almost knew that I was so overwhelmed with it all and needed to hear all of the words that she wrote on this paper.  

Many years ago on Facebook, a post went viral when a husband bought his wife a journal for the kids to write in every year and Greg had bought me one and each year the girls write in it.  I love going back to read what they have written in the previous years as much as i love reading the new letters from the current year. 

I bought this Rae Dunn wine glass at Winners this week but Penelope decided she wanted to give it to me so she gave it to me this afternoon haha.  

After an amazing supper of my favorite brussel sprouts sauteed with bacon and a steak on the bbq, the girls set out on what is probably my longest 5k run ever but possibly my most favorite haha.  We ran all around our community and had so much fun.  I hope they want to run with me forever!  We came home and the kids showered and stretched with me before they went to bed.  

I ended the day with some earl grey tea in my cool mom rae dunn mug.  I will never ever call myself the world's best mom or super mom but i am down with being called the cool mom haha.  Our day wasn't much but it was exactly what I needed to reset for the week ahead.  I am so blessed to have the kids I do even if they drive me crazy almost every day and this day was no different.  I have never pretended to have the perfect kids, husband  or life because perfection is impossible but I do hope that through my blog and various social media channels that I accurately display the craziness, laziness and chaoticness that is our daily life.  Most days we are all a hot mess but its the best kinda mess to be haha. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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