Wednesday, 2 May 2018

So Long, Old Friend

In April 2010, we purchased a large wooden play structure for Finley to play on.  

It took Greg and Jack 2 days to build it and Finley watched from the deck and had no idea really what was going on.  It was the same weekend I painted our front door red - hopefully that changes this year too. 

Finley's first time on the play structure.  It is amazing how good it looked brand new haha. 

Learning to climb at the slide.  What a dumb place for our fire pit haha.  It was moved and the bricks were relocated to the flower garden at the back of our yard. 

Penelope's first time on the swing.  She didn't like it at all haha. 

Finley's first time on the big girl swing.  She also really hated it haha. 

They loved this play structure so much.  They would spend hours swinging on the swings or hiding in the treehouse.  You can see in this photo how faded and how much the weather damaged it. 

When it was hot outsdie, they would put the sprinkler under the swings to cool off....

Or make their own water slide.  Penelope didn't love this and you can see it on her face.  Finley loved it but Penelope thought ot was the worst thing ever no matter how hot it might be outside. 

The perfect activity for before bed or early mornings.  They loved going as high as they could.  I always worried they would tip it.  

They loved the clubhouse.  It also had a chalkboard in it too.  I would find all kinds of things in there - mostly things that didn't belong haha.  Last summer, Greg took the swings off and they never went back on.  He didn't think it was safe enough for the swings so the girls spent all of their time in their clubhouse. 

The summer of 16, if you recall, we were hammered with hail storms and it was not a good thing for our playstructure.  The canopy was destroyed basically and the entire thing took a massive beating.  It was sad. 

Last spring before the girls lost the swings.  You can see all the damage from the summer before.  

A few weeks ago, I posted an ad of kijiji for our playstructure and i was really sad about it.  A lovely couple came and took it away for free and they were going to try to fix it up for their grandkids. This made me happy.  The girls were sad about the clubhouse leaving but that is about it.  It is amazing how much bigger our backyard is without it.  I am excited to mow our lawn without the constant annoyance of the structure haha.  But it was 8 full years of memories that we will have forever.  

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