Thursday, 3 May 2018

What I Read In April

Here is what i read in April:

  Courage Is Contagious - Edited by Nick Haramis - This is a collection of essays from girls in grade 9 to artists, designers and other walks of life.  It is all about Michelle Obama and what she has done for all women but especially black women and how she strived to live her best and most authentic life even in the public eye.  I loved all the stories in this book and it is only a short read so pick it up and give it a read!

Remodelista: The Organized Home - Didn't love this book. There were a few things we had implemented already and maybe could implement one other suggestion but overall, you had to have a certain kind of house for this book to be at all useful.  

Make Yourself At Home - Moorea Seal - I loved this book. This book was so much more then just a decorating book and the author made it so personal which I think is how your house should be.  A personal reflection of yourself.  I have worked hard to do this - especially on our main floor and master bedroom.  This book left me so inspired and I can't wait to implement some of her suggestions. Also, my coffee table that i have a love hate relationship with was featured in this book which made me kinda happy haha. I think I need a whole post dedicated to just this book hahha.  ALso, I only got it from the library so I might have to look into buying it and using it as a decor piece somewhere!  I loved it and really think if you are struggling with finding your space and making it yours (and your family's) then it is worth a read. 

Getting Off - Erica Garza - This book was about Erica's journey through sex and porn addiction and it was a fascinating book to read.  I remember watching an episode of Oprah years and years ago that was on sex addiction and it is actually one of the hardest addictions to overcome because unlike cocaine or alcohol, you need to have sex to be in a healthy relationship.  Definitely worth a read. 

Books I Tried To Read:

Molly's Game - This movie looks so good so I assumed the book would be too.  I got bored before I got to what I assume is the good stuff.  Wait for the movie IMO

The Rules Do Not Apply - Ariel Levy - This was our bookclub book this month and I never even bothered finishing it.  I didn't love it and I was not at all motivated to pick it up and even try to finish it.  Apparently I was not alone in this as the others who did finish it, said it was the worst book ever. So don't read it haha.  But if you are interested in joining our virtual book club, you can find the hosts on instagram @sliceofbrie and @thebexfactor or use the hashtag #booksandbabesbookclub.

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