Tuesday, 8 May 2018

What I Streamed In April

With most of my running coming outside, there wasn't a lot of tv being streamed this month, but I did watch some fabulous shows that I think you all should really watch haha.

The first thing I watched was season 8 + 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race and I am now absolutely obsessed with RuPaul. I want the first 7 seasons to be put on netflix and hope they add season 10 which is currently airing.  I am also listening to her podcast and I want all her books.  I hate reality tv but I loved this series so much.  One of the lines she used during one of the episodes was about how important it was to stay true to your own unique frequency and I really loved that.  It is something I try to encourage in my kids each day.  These 2 seasons are currently streaming on Netlfix Canada and is worth the watch.

The third season of Angie Tribeca started streaming in Canada in April and it is a funny, ridiculous series and I love every second of it. Lots of celebrity cameos this season.  There is only 10 or 12 episodes that are like 23 minutes long or something like that so it is an easy quick watch.  All three seasons are currently streaming on CraveTV

I binge watched this series in like a day and a half.  There is currently only one season streaming and I have no idea if there will be another.  It is probably the best, most relatable tv show or movie ever made on having babies and being a mom.  It is currently streaming on Netflix Canada and is an absolute must watch. 

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