Friday, 25 May 2018

Year 12 + Alloy

On Sunday of the long weekend, Greg and I celebrated 12 years of marriage!  I still can't believe it has been that long. It hasn't been easy or always fun and it is a lot of hard work but we somehow always make it work.  Next month will mark 17 years of us being together.  How am I that old for this to be possible??  Hahaha

Anyways, we decided to go to Alloy which is a hidden gem basically in the middle of nowhwere.  It is just off Macleod Trail at 42nd Street and if you are not looking for it, chances are you have never noticed it.  It is very low key on the outside, hidden by trees and bushes, but on the inside it is like you are walking into Don Draper's apartment on Mad Men when he moves in with Megan.  I LOVE IT.  It definitely was very mid-century and I loved every last detail about it.  If you have not been, you need to come see for yourself. 

Because it was our anniversary, the staff gave 2 us glasses of proseco to celebrate with.  This would have been a perfect boomerang moment if I were into that app hahaha.

Greg had a wild rose beverage and I had the rhubarb mojito.  I don't typically like mojitos but I tend to love any drink if it contains rhubarb in it haha.  This drink was spectacular.

I ordered the digby scallops for my appetizer because I love scallops and these did not disappoint. They were harissa spiced (whatever that is haha) with a carrot lemon risotto and toasted pumpkin seeds.  To be honest, I was only ordering it because of the scallops and no intention of eating the risotto because I had always assumed I hated risotto.  But I tried it and loved it.  I loved the flavor so much and I think because it was orange and not white that I didn't notice the creamy texture too much.  I hate anything that has a creamy milk base to it.  i ate the entire bowl!!

Greg ordered the truffle gnocchi.  I love anything truffle but this was cream based so I knew I shouldn't order it so Greg did.  I had 2 pieces of gnocchi and I made the right call by not ordering it for myself.  Even my love for truffle couldn't make me eat this, however, Greg LOVED it so it was a good pick on his part. 

For my main course, I had the beef tenderloin.  I knew it would have to be a winner because it literally contained almost all of my favorites: house mustard, potatoes, garlic aioli and a red wine reduction.  I could have done without the broccolini but it was decent haha.  Seriously, this was so freaking good.  The tenderloin was so tender and cooked to perfection and the mustard and aiolic was the perfect compliment to both the beef and the potatoes.  I was so full when I finished but yet so sad at the same time that it was all gone.  

Greg had the brasied short rib and he really enjoyed it.  It was a tomato balsamic glaze with parmesean mashed potatoes, heirloom carrots and shallots.  He also finished his meal which is really not a surprise haha.

Despite being so full, we still ordered dessert.  We went with the caramel pots de creme and it did not disappoint.  It was maldon salt, honeycomb candy, brulee marshmallows and dulce de leche.  I hate marsmallows but these were fantastic and they had the honeycomb candy underneath the caramel so it was like a sweet surprise.  Really really worth eating dessert despite being so full that I was uncomfortable haha.

This restaurant has been consistently rated in the top 10 in the city of Calgary for so many years and after finally eating here, it is definitely well deserved.  Why it took us so long to finally come check it out, I have no idea.  But I can promise you that I will be back again soon. 

Reservations are recommended as they do get quite busy and you can easily book it using the opentable app.  And if you don't have that app, get on it because it is the greatest thing.  I won't eat anywhere without using that first!!!   

So my fellow readers, go check this place out soon and let me know what you think of it.  Trust me, you won't leave hungry or disappointed!

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