Thursday, 28 June 2018

Last Day Of School

Today marks the last day of school for these girls!  One is happy to be done, the other is sad.  Very similar to last year haha.  When we bought this house we did research into school locations and stuff like that but all the research in the world doesn`t really help you with what`s going on on the inside.  We have been fortunate enough to be part of a school community that has been really good for the girls and for that we are grateful.  We have teachers who love their students as if they were their own children. And we have parent volunteers who care as much about your children as they do theirs and again for that we are grateful.

This morning before they left for school. I am shocked that Finley is wearing a dress.  That happens so rarely anymore. 

This was the first day of school back in September.  They have grown a lot.  

Penelope is happy for summer despite the fact that she loves school.  She thrives on routine and structure so she is usually good for the first month of vacation and not so much the last half.  Since she was diagnosed with celiac disease nearly 2 months ago,  she has struggled lot behaviorly.  Even though most days she feels better, she is struggling with the diet revamp.  She doesn`t eat enough and is hungry all the time and therefore acts out and most nights doesn`t get actually into bed until 930-10 and it is a struggle.  Our goal this summer is to find more foods for her to eat - especially at lunch time.  

FInley`s teacher is again retiring after the school year.  This happened last year too and finley was bawling after school.  I expect the same after school today.  She is such a fantastic teacher so she is really going to be missed. One of her  best friends moved to another community a few months and today is also her last day at the same school and I know that has been bothering her for awhile too.  She`s having a sleepover tonight so hopefully that helps them all out.  

Here is to a fun, lazy summer. 

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