Friday, 20 July 2018

Calgary Attractions: Skyline Luge at WinSport

Since we were staying in Calgary for the July portion of our vacation, we decided to do some fun things and yesterday we did the Skyline Luge located at WinSport.  

It is a 40 minute drive from our house but since we went on a weekday and not during rush hour, the traffic wasn`t too bad at all.  On their website (, they have all of their prices and different packages based on individuals and family sizes.  You have to use all of your rides in one visit and cannot carry them over to another week or anything like that. We chose the Family of Four 3 rides each package for $86.50.  The great thing about their pricing is that they are expensive enough that it`s not very busy but cheap enough to make it an annual summer event. 

To get to the start of the skyline luge, you have to take the ski lift up to there.  Penelope loved it and Finley was terrified each time.  This is a photo I took of Finley and Greg on the lift behind us. 

Penelope clearing living her best life haha.  This was her favorite part of the whole thing haha. 

Watching the lugers fly on down underneath us.  The chair lift is extremely slow so you were able to take in everything haha. 

Why it is called the Skyline Luge.  The views were absolutely amazing.  It felt like you could see the entire city and beyond.  

Getting the luges ready for us.  They have instructors at the start who are very helpful in what to do and how to sit and hold your arms to make it easier.  Once they see you can go and more importantly stop, they let you go down a little hill and you do some turns and curves and then you get checked again and then you are good to go.  They do supply you with helmets but you can bring your own as long as it is not face covering. 

Finley was a little cautious and conservative the first time she went down but she was full of confidence her other 2 runs and got faster and faster each time. 

Penelope really surprised us with the luge because the kid typically has no fear.  I don`t remember the last time she was scared of anything haha but she was terrified of this.  I stuck with her the first time and it took us forever to get down to the finish.  She said she wasn`t doing it again but after a break in the coffee market she was ready to go again.  The second time she went down, Greg went with her and one of the instructors helped her a little better so she was using her back and legs instead of just her arms.  Once she figured that out, her speed increased.  By the end, Greg was yelling at her to break as they finished haha.  The third time, I went with her again and she was much faster.  A couple times she got a little shaky which worried me but she finished all 3 runs without incident.  She is already looking forward to doing it next summer haha. 

You can kinda see Greg in the background and he loved it.  He flew down the first and last time and then went slow with Penelope in the middle.  

I was totally terrified to do this but it ended up being a lot of fun.  My only complaint was that there was like no suspension and the whole thing vibrated which made your hands vibrate on the steering wheel haha.  My second lap was definitely my fastest and the third time I stayed with Penelope which was ok by me because my arms were sore.  I would imagine my arms and shoulders will be a little sore today when I wake up haha. 

If you are looking for something fun to do in the city this summer, check this place out.  It was so much fun.  There is no cafeteria though which sucks so bring snacks or go before or after lunch.  We found that 3 runs were perfect and anything more than that would have been overkill.  Kids have to be a minimum of 110cm to ride along otherwise they have to ride with a parent.  We cannot wait to do this again next summer for sure!!!

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