Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Penelope`s YogArt Party

Although Penelope technically doesn`t turn 8 until August, we held her birthday party last month since August is too busy with summer vacations to celebrate her birthday with her school friends.  We started doing this a few years ago but it is getting harder and harder with Penelope playing soccer virtually every day haha.  Next year we might move it to September when it is not as busy as June.  We struggled to find a Saturday where we weren`t so busy and in the end Finley had a soccer game that morning followed by the birthday party followed by a bachelor(ette) barbeque followed by a half marathon + soccer game the next morning!!

Penelope decided to have a YogArt party after I googled birthday parties in the calgary area.  I actually hate birthday parties and wish I could convince my kids not to have them anymore haha.  I also hate loot bags but this year I filled them up with a bunch of candy (not shown) and various hair ties.  They seemed to be a hit with everybody so at least I know it won`t end up in a garbage pile somewhere. 

YogArt will come to your house or community center or wherever you want to have it.  As soon as she arrived she had Penelope`s guests write birthday messages on a custom made poster.  Penelope loved this so much. Such a cool idea!

The first 30 minutes of the party was the yoga of the yogart.  Nicki was fantastic and taught them all about namaste and greeting fellow yogis. The kids really liked this. 

Then she taught them how to breathe while doing yoga.  

I can`t remember what this was called but it was like smell and kiss or something like that.  If I remember correctly,   it has something to do with calming yourself down when you are angry.  I wish I could say that my kids remembered to do this when they get so mad at each other but sadly they don`t.

Teaching them some more yoga poses....

and some more....

and some more hahaha. 

Penelope LOVED this party.  She loves doing yoga and stretching and meditating and has all kinds of natural athletic ability that Greg claims she gets from him hahaha. 

She was really patient with them even when they were too giggly or chatty to properly concentrate on the yoga move they were doing. 

Even I got in on a demonstration of a pose but I was too much shorter than her so it didn`t work out all that well haha. 

I don`t remember what they were doing with the balloons except that they all wanted to play with the balloons haha. 

All of Penelope`s friends gathered in a circle and told her something that they loved about her.  It was really sweet listening to them. 

The end of the yoga part of the party.  

Next was the art part of the YogArt.  I paid extra so that the kids could do dream jars mostly because all of the others contained paint and I don`t allow paint in my home at the best of times, let alone with 16 seven and eight year olds haha.  

The dream jars all finished and ready to go home with the guests when they leave.  They all turned out so well and the kids put a lot of effort into them.

Gluten free cupcakes were a hit.  I was worried the kids wouldn`t like them but most had seconds and even a few had thirds haha.  Yay me!!  We couldn`t find any yoga themed cupcake toppers so we did flamingo ones that we found at Michaels.  They are doing tree pose (i think it is called) so it worked haha.  We found the pandas doing yoga shirt at Justice and that worked perfectly for her party!

And finally time for presents where she made out so well.  She finally got her poop emoji water floatie so she was pretty happy haha.  

If you are interested in booking Nicki and YogArt for your party, you really should look into it.  She was fantastic with the kids during both portions of the party.  She was so patient with them which had to have been difficult because there were so many and they were crazy excited hahah.  It is reasonably priced even when upgrading to the dream jars and adding extra kids to the package.  She also is running camps and classes at the Trico center too.  

Here is how to find NIcki:




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