Monday, 23 July 2018

Product Review: Goodr Sunglasses

This was supposed to post tomorrow but since it was already written, I decided to use it for today`s post because I am too tired as I sit here Sunday night to write about the amazing weekend that I had so I am going to enjoy my donut from the race and watch TV with Greg instead.  The race recap should be up tomorrow instead.

If you are a runner or involved in the running community, you have probably heard of goodr.  They are the most amazing new sunglasses to hit the market for runners that actually look good but they are impossible to find in Canada.  Most specialized stores order a bunch and then sell them at their stores but otherwise, you have to order them from the US and pay the exchange, shipping and probably duty too. 

 I have longed for a pair forever but I saw a post from Strides on social media that they had some in stock at their north location and would be sending some over to the south location a few weeks ago.  I hurried over to the fish creek store so I could pick out a pair.  They have limited quantities of each colour so I really wanted to get there early and I was the first person there so I could pick from any colour i wanted.  

I really thought I would get the pink ones because lets face it, I always pick the pink if that is an option.  But I felt that these ones looked better one me and I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and so I went with teal and got the pink ones for my sister.  She is not a runner but you don`t have to be because they are THAT awesome!  The color names are also very creative and hilarious.  The colour code of mine are Nessy`s Midnight Orgy and my sisters are called flamingos on a booze cruise.  I LOVE IT ALL. 

The goodr sunglasses are crazy affordable even when the retailer ships them from the us.  They only cost $35 plus tax - that is so reasonable.  You could easily justify owning multiple colours although I still only have this one pair haha.  They are impeccably designed so that they don`t bounce when you run.  They are snug and light weight and don`t move at all.  They don`t fog up when you get all sweaty and they don`t slip or move when you get all sweaty.  I have not worn sunglasses for years - especially on my long runs in the heat because I hate how sweaty I get and then they start to fall and then I have to carry them in my hand and well that is just not fun.  Trust me, if you are a runner or outside a lot and sweat profusely, these are for you.  These could be for you even if you are not.  They are that great!  

Both Strides locations in Calgary and their location in Canmore have the goodr sunglasses.  I do know that they got a shipment in last wednesday so you could call to see if they have any left.  They are fantastic about holding a pair or two for you.  The Tech shop also got some in last week but not sure if they have any left either.  If you follow the stores on their social media accounts, they will update you when they get some in.  ALso, if you are familiar with Momentum Wraps, Strides also carries them for $25!!

Happy Shopping and Happy Running!

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