Saturday, 18 August 2018

Happy 8th Birthday Penelope

Today Penelope you are 8 years old.  It seems like just yesterday that I was being prepped for your delivery and now you are growing into a sweet but stubborn girl.  You have a personality that is second to none and are the goofiest kid I know.  You love life and live it to the fullest each and every day.  You always make us laugh even when we shouldn't be.

You love to sing and right now you are still obsessed with uptown funk and the greatest showman soundtrack.  You love listening to music and using your sister's karoke microphone to sing along with them.  You also love to make movies with your sister and they have been funny to watch and we have loved seeing your imagination come to life like that.  

You love to roll, stretch and strengthen your muscles.  You are always asking for your own stuff and have quite the little workout area you have in your bedroom.  You love all things related to cats and you especially love Pizza.  I sometimes worry that you are going to grow up to become the crazy cat lady.  You love watching youtube kids - especially videos of kids opening up lol dolls and other surprise bag toys.  You are a sucker for commericals and will only wash your hair with pantene, insist that we should buy everything from wayfair and you love to sing the sleep country canada song.  I think it is funny but it drives your daddy crazy.  

Always the entertainer haha.  Math and science are your favorite subjects at school and are constantly wanting to do math homework all the time at home.  You have no idea what you want to be when you grow up but whatever you decide I know you will be good at it.  You love to help all your friends at school and make sure to make them feel better when things don't go their way.  You are loved by all of your classmates and friends alike.  You love drawing and reading and writing stories.  Your favorite books right now are Judy Moody and Archie Comics haha.

You have insisted on cutting your hair much to my dismay and plan on keeping it like this.  You have been begging for the side to be shaved and although your daddy is on board with the idea, I have not yet jumped on that. You love Justin Beiber and anything related to cats on clothes.  And when both those worlds collide, well it is just the best thing ever.  

I always thought that your sister had the worst fashion sense when she was younger but you make her idea of fashion look normal hahah.  You crack me up some days when you come downstairs and only occasionally will I make you go back upstairs and change before school much to your protest.  This might have been one of my favorite outfits.  And yest those are cat socks.  They also have tails on the back.  They are her favorite and she wears them ALL the time. 

This year has been a tough transition for you as you were diagnosed with celiac disease in May.  You love to bake and eat all the gluten free muffins and don't seem to mind when I insist that the muffin are loaded with fruits and vegetables.  Our journey into the gluten free world hasn't always been easy and there have been a battle or 5, but overall you have adapted well and I think that is because you are finally starting to feel better after being sick for so long. 

You continue to grow your love for the game of soccer.  You still play in a age group higher then you should be and despite being the shortest and  youngest kid in your tier, you never ever back down from anyone or any situation.  You never ever get fouled even when you should and girls get fouled on you even when it is your fault.  It drives your dad crazy.  You were the leading scorer on your team this year and worked hard every single game so that would finally get to take the game ball home.  

You have also taken a love for goalie which your dad really really really doesn't like and tries to discourage you from doing it.  You are the third goalie on the team so you don't play too often.  You are good at it because you have zero fear when it comes to the game and will do whatever it takes to get the ball.  If you have come a long way in terms of your goalie play but we both thing you should stick to forward haha

And another photo because I really liked it.  On an unrelated note, how awesome was it that we had a dad on the team who likes to take photos and took photos of the entire outdoor season??  I loved looking through them after each game.  Shout out to Ben at Blarg Media!

Penelope, i have no idea what the future holds for you, but I do know that you are going to change the world.  You are such a unique, smart, compassionate, stubborn, witty, strong, fierce and fearless inidividual that I just know that you will do good things. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

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