Friday, 3 August 2018

July By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

 In july my numbers were way down in everything except for rolling and stretching which is a good thing haha.  This is not a surpise at all since I took 9 days off from basically everything after the Diva`s race and started my running from scratch and I was testing out a new pair of runners which led to short runs on treadmills.  Hopefully in August I can ramp things up a bit as long as my body feels good.  I want to be a runner forever so it is very important that I listen to my body and rest when I need to.

14 - run days in july 
67.4 - kilometers ran 
1 - first time this year I didn`t meet my minimum goal amount for running
10 - outdoor runs 
52.45 - outdoor kilometers
4 - treadmill runs 
14.95 - treadmill kilometers
611.14 - kilometers ran so far in 2018
288.86 - kilometers until I hit my goal 
57.77 - kilometers I must hit in the remaining months 

2 - visits to Physio for Shari to work her magic.  Thankfully she was able to get me ready for my race this month.
1 - accupuncture visit.  Starting to think that this really doesn`t work for me.  At least not in the calves.  I need to find someone who does IMS or dry needling that isn;t a physiotherapist haha

1 - race ran in Edmonton
10 - k was the distance
1 - ever 10km race I have ran (and i have another in September)
1:11 - was my finishing time - woohoo!!!
4 - races ran so far this year
2 - more left to go

19 - times I rolled with my foam roller or lacrosse ball (new monthly record!!!)
18 - times I stretched
4 - times I strengthend (need to work on this - especially with tranistioning to new shoes)
130 - calf raises completed (also need to work on)
3 - times I did a beachbody workout (this could also be improved) 

12 - times I meditated (new monthly record)
85 - minutes meditated (new monthly record)

1 - bike ride
3.75 - km distance

2 - hikes
6.2 - distance in kilometers

28 - days active 
3 - days inactive 

I have no real huge goals in August - basically just listening to my body and getting it ready for my half marathon in September.  What are your goals??

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