Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Finley got a Pinnovate gift card for her birthday last year and had been dying to use it. But with soccer every weekend and most evenings, it was really hard to get over there to use it.  But Penelope spent a week at soccer camp and we made a day date to go hang out at Pinnovate so she could create some art. 

They have two walls of different projects that you can choose from ranging from $17 - $90.  With that comes all kinds of embellishments, glitter and paint.  You do have to pay .50 for each wooden letter that you want for your project.  The idea behind Pinnovate is that it is a DIY craft shop.  They supply you with everything you need and the space to do it in and then you get to work to finish it.  It took Finley forever to decide on something and in the end, she decided on 2 projects.

They also have a cafe area where they serve gelato, jones soda pop and pizza.  They don`t have any gluten free options at all outside of gelato and soda. 

The space is nice and bright and very clean.  The tables are all laid out with lots of space to move and walk around and they are all covered in paper which serves as a way to both protect the table underneath and as a way to do a blueprint of what you want to do with your project. 

Finley was so excited to get started.  And as a bonus, we were the only people in there the whole afternoon so we had the place to ourselves. 

Finley had to sand down the wood for her first project so that it was all smooth with no splinters or anything.  Then she traced out the first of her projects.

Finley got a ice cream float with birthday cake gelato and bubblegum soda.  She was seriously on cloud 9 and definitely living her best life. 

Starting to transition from paper to her piece of wood.  

Picking all the colours and shades was the hardest part. They literally had everything you could possibly imagine.

Multitasking by working on both projects at once. 

Blowdrying her projects so she could get started going through all the embellishments.  I wasn`t kidding when I said they have literally thought of everything to make this as fun and as efficient as possible.

So many embellishments to choose from!

She loaded up her tray with all the embellishments she thought she could fit on her projects plus more.  It was a great way to make it hers. 

Finley with her two finished projects that now hang proudly in her bedroom.

Unknown to us, we came at a really good time as all projects were 20% off!  Not sure if this sale is still on but maybe check it out if you are looking for a break from the heat this week haha. It was a great way to spend some time with Finley and we both enjoyed it.  And I enjoyed that she got to be crafty without destroying my house!!

Go check them out in Mahogany!

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